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   The spirit sleeping inside me has existed since well before the dawn of any type of mankind on this planet, and perhaps since before the planet existed itself. People call me a Berserker, though I have been given many names over the thousands of years, most of them meaning something akin to hate and/or rage. Yes, they call me a Berserker, but they can't understand. The raging hellfire in my mind is not my own, but of the acursed spirit. I am not in control. Not even now as I walk down this street, pretending I'm normal, like the people I pass.

   Yes, I know. I'm moving my legs under my own power. I'm telling myself where to go. For now I reign over my senses. But I know it can rear it's ugly head at any time. That fact alone makes it the one in control. And it knows it. I don't know what will trigger the change next. I fear it may happen soon. For something is in the air, and that something is blood. It is only faint, but it is enough.

   It begins to change me. My muscles tear and expand, my bones enlarge by means I do not understand, and the people around me run away screaming. In this modern age, the police come most of the time. They never make it in time, though. Other than that, it is the same as all the other times I can remember, and just as painfull. But the spirit in me knows no pain, and begins to run to it's victim. I truly wish that I didn't have to see what I was about to see. Or hear it, or smell it, or most of all, taste it.

   The spirit in me is like a flash of lightning, weaving through buildings and traffic, sometimes even jumping over them. The people near me don't know how much danger there in, the spirit moves my body too quickly for their feeble senses to detect it. For the better I suppose.

   The target was reached quickly, it was not too far away.
When I saw that my body was headed into a dark alleyway, I prepared my self for what I thought could be the worst. A drunk. Someone mugged, or rapped. Perhaps someone settling an argument with the latest weapon of choice, the gun. I should have known better by now. What I was preparing for, I did not see. What I saw was a little girl of maybe eight that had fallen of a bicycle. Scrapped her knee, and now it was bleeding. One look at her face, and I knew that this was one of those berserks I'd have nightmares about, and I don't say that lightly.

   But just as I was about to tear her limb from limb, I stopped. This was new. The beast controlling my body had never stopped before. Never. And more than that, I feel something.

   I hear a voice inside my head say,"You shall find peace."

   I turn my head. Me. I turned the head of the berserk body. Me. In control. With me in control of the body of the Berserker, I saw the little girl get up despite her injured leg. I see her smile at me. I'm falling over, and every thing fades away...

   I'm waking up, still in berserk. I don't feel the spirits presence. Am I free? I look around to find that I'm still in the alley, but the girl is gone. And I'm in the berserk? Apparently the spirit also changed me back along with making me go berserk. I now have real power, all under my control! Now, what to do with it...


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