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Betrayal (The Descendants #1), by Mayandree Michel review

As a long-time fan of anything Greek mythology, the concept for 'Betrayal' really appealed to me, but fell a little short of my hopes and expectations in the end.

There's quite a bit of teen-romance-angst, which I could have lived without, plus, of course, a... love triangle? A love square? Something like that. The way all of the children of the gods are paired-off pretty much from birth with their one true mate is also kinda unsettling.

The book's not all complaint-worthy, though, as the main mystery (although I had it figured out some time before the reveal) is pretty well-paced as the main character, Cordelia, daughter of Zeus, is sucked back from modern times to the 1800s and works to figure out and make sense of who she really is and what powers she truly possesses.

I do enjoy a lot of YA lit, usually because the stories can be very engaging, but there isn't all of the extraneous crap from 'adult' novels that I could do without. If this book contained a little more mythology and a little less schmaltz, I might have enjoyed it a little more.
/ [Ms. Steel]

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