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2008-07-30 22:42:42
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Black Listing for Cyberers Members

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[Elftown Guards Specifically Dedicated to Smiting and/or Destroying Sexual Predators]

Do NOT put your name here

1. [Warpath] ZERO Tolerance
2. [Rennie]
3. [TheRogue]


The Cyber Hunters (Members)

[Put why you hate cyberers!]

* [ Creator ] *
regular member
[~Saraneth~] They are a disgrace to all of what Elftown stands for!

1~[ Owner ]
<to be decided>
*Their will is law here.*

2~[ Cyber Hunter Captain ] Second in command!
Has stepped down.
*She has the most authority on the decisions made upon this wiki besides the owner. Heed her advice and if you have any questions on what to do ask her.*

3~[Kelaria] Elftown is NOT about cybering people! Get that through your thick skulls and, if you must, make your own website! This is OUR home and we want it kept clean!!
4~[Lord Asriel] It's simply disgusting. Plain and simple.
5~[Randirianna] Ugh! Sex should be left OUT of cyberspace and kept at home. I hate it when people try to play cyber-sex with me and I would thuroughly like to beat them in the head with a huge rubber mallet! (after knocking them off Elftown of course.)
6~[nokaredes] Cybering is nasty, and not what I came here for.
7~[x-xVanityx-x] Cybering is NOT decent, and should be kept out of Elftown.
8~[Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós] It's just disgusting, esp coming from jailbait or grandpas.
9~[You deserve each tear that falls.]
10~[Giganto Coconuts]
11~[Tanka] Just sick and tired of it all some people need to get a life.
12~[Blaze the Nameless] It's digusting, it's immoral and it's something the world could do without.
13~[Morgan le Fay] These kind of people just really irk me. They are pointless and disgusting.
14~[abandonedhouse7 7] Fantasy should only go so far - cybering is just sick.
15~[AbLam] There's nothing more annoying than getting the message 'im horny wanna cybr'. These people just clog up elftown.
16~[Thunder Cid] I believe cybering should stay in the gutter where it belongs.
17~ [Morrigon] There are places built for cybering, Elftown isn't.
18~ [lenardo] People who cyber should be banned on the spot.
19~ [Leelo] People who cyber should just go in a lame chattroom and not clutter up elftown!
20~[dribilie] these people are sick and i dont want to be asked to cyber or stumble across a page covered in ill just help get rid of it
21~[Sidhe Todd] I think cyber sex is a personal choice, but definitely shouldn't be advertised publicly, and is definitely not for me. It also had no place here on ET.
22~[Zab] (while not truly a 'cyber hunter' persay and likes to argue our position on this wiki, she is well liked here and is our wiki 'hangaround') XD
23~[sequeena_rae] It's just disgusting
24~[Tehrror] It degrades them when they ask 'u wanna cyber'. It just shows that they don't get any in their town, and if they do, they're likely to get some form of STDs.
25~[Ria Sagura] Cybering is wrong, and people are going to hear that!
26~[Metalelf] Cybering is disgusting, perverted, stupid, degrading, and most definately NOT what Elftown was designed for.
27~[bullet with your name] Cybering is just wrong...i mean if they're that desperate they should just go out and find a REAL person
28~[Elisha Kelly] If you have to do it, do it elsewhere.
29~[Riggs] opk kids it's cool that you do what ever you do on AIM or whatever but lets keep your own private not in my face
30~[POG]After being the prey of a malicious lesbian cyber weirdo, i supposed i should join....
31~[Duke Devlin] THEY SHOULD DIE. Its so wrong.
32~[Kiddalee] - Seeing as I've gotten into the habit of reporting losers here, I thought I might as well put my name up.
33~[Cenyre] I think cybering's pathetic, but whatever it is, it doesn't belong on Elftown.
34~[Danboo] cyber is the center of all evil, evil must die. bring elftown back to normal.
35~[orchidflame]cyber is disgusting and revolting,and all that do this should be banned from elftown!I mean I guess I can understand doing it with that special someone,but not some random person you found on the internet!that's just sick!
36~[Once upon a dream] Cybering is icky
37.[HardRockAngel] They are ruining Elftown and they need to be stopped!


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