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2005-07-11 13:29:38
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Hello fellow blondes!

Welcome to the place where we can be blonde and proud of it!

Come in and talk about the color of your nails or how that guy in the hall was sooo hot!

The Beauty Parlor: come in and tell us about that new hairstyle or lipstick
The Gossip Corner: got some good dirt? do share! don't be selfish!
The Catwalk: fashion diva? tell us your favorite store
The Dance Floor: want to meet a blonde? or you are a blonde and you just want to get your groove on? c'mon in, we take music requests
Back Parlor: let out your claws, ladies! post your gripes and complain about the things you hate!


[Flight of the Butterfly]: Madame and guardian of the wiki
[Sademaru]: Bouncer
[ShiftySkillet]:Blonde at heart
[black lilly]a girl can have a blonde moment, can't she?
[♥popsikle princess♥]
[Call Me Irresponsible]
[ShadowSong00] 'tis a lovely blonde boy ^^
[This Profile No Longer Exists!]
[~lil cutie~]

Want to join? Just ask the Madame!

Username (or number or email):


2004-12-05 [sterrr]: i wanna join im the blondest blonde ever:)

2004-12-06 [Flight of the Butterfly]: cool, I'll put you up ^^

2005-03-02 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: can i join....pwease....I'm just blonde and blondes together is one crazy ass

2005-03-02 [Flight of the Butterfly]: up you go ^^

2005-03-02 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: sweet...ha i snuck on the computer at skool to get on here...

2005-03-02 [Flight of the Butterfly]: meep! well, don

2005-03-02 [Flight of the Butterfly]: meep! well, don't get caught! lol

2005-03-02 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: i didn't get

2005-03-02 [Flight of the Butterfly]: very good then lol

2005-03-04 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: i kno....

2005-03-04 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: me n my boyfriend got suspended for a day because of PDA....I just got back to skool from being suspended for Tardies.*sigh*

2005-04-06 [Nostradamia]: i'd really really like to join this wiki. may i?

2005-04-06 [Flight of the Butterfly]: certainly, new members are always welcome ^-^

2005-04-17 [Pink_Pixie]: Hey every1 whats the password

2005-04-18 [Flight of the Butterfly]: password is kept by the Madame (me) to keep people from messing with my wiki. However if you wish to join, just let me know.

2005-04-18 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: lol, i had to do that with my wiki's.

2005-04-21 [Indie~Panic!]: Hi, I'm the knew blond

2005-04-21 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: HI "KNEW" BLONDE!!!!!!

2005-07-10 [~lil cutie~]: i want to join

2005-07-11 [Flight of the Butterfly]: Hi [~lil cutie~], an' welcome to the land of the Blondes! lol

2005-07-12 [~lil cutie~]: lol thanks

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