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Welcome to The Blonde Jokes Page

If you haven't noticed, here is where you submit all your blonde jokes.

Or see the Smart Blonde Jokes

At the store

A blonde walks into an electronics store and sees a TV she wants. She asks the employee how much it costs but he answers "I'm sorry, but we dont sell TV's to dumb blondes". Frusterated, she leaves, and returns an hour later disguised as a red head.
-"May I please know the price for that TV?"
-"No, I'm sorry, but we dont sell TV's to dumb blondes"
Even more frusterated by the fact that he saw through her disguise, she left in a huff only to return another hour later with black hair instead.
-"Sir, would you please tell me the price of that TV?"
-"No, I keep telling you, I dont sell TV's to dumb blondes!"
The blonde couldnt take it anymore.
" Can't you see my hair? Its not blonde its black! How do you keep finding out I'm blonde?"
"Because ma'am, thats not a TV. Its a microwave."

submitted by: [The all powerful Midori]


At a stand-up comedy show, a ventriloquist was performing on stage with his dummy. His speacialty was dumb blonde jokes and he kept cracking a whole bunch of them through his dummy, making the crowd laugh. About halfway through his presentation, a blonde woman stands up and starts berating him about how unjust and degrading to blondes and women he was being, that not all blondes are stupid and it is sexist and disgusting at how people were always saying blondes were dumb solely because of their hair color. The ventriloquist felt guilty so he stood up and started to apologize. But the blonde interrupted him and said "Sir, please stay out of this! This is between me and the short guy on your lap!"

submitted by: [The all powerful Midori]

The mirror

There was this magic mirror that, if you lied in front of it, it would swallow you up. A red head came before the mirror and said: "I think I'm beautiful"
Nothing happenned.
The brunette stepped in front of the mirror and said: "I think I am intelligent"
Still, nothing happenned.
Fianlly, the blonde stepped in front of the mirror and said" I think..."
and the mirror swallowed her up.

submitted by: [The all powerful Midori]

Two blondes walk into a building. You would have thought one of them would have seen it.

submitted by [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead]

The Male Blond Joke

Three construction workers were sitting on top of a 3-story building opening up their lunches. There was a blond, a red head and a brunette. The red head got salami,
"Damn, I can't stand salami, If I get it one more time I'm going to jump off this building."
The brunette got tuna,
"Crap I hate tuna, if I get tuna one more time I'm gonna jump off this building."
The blond got a ham sandwich,
"Damn I hate ham, if I get ham one more time I'm gonna jump off this building."

The next day, they all got what they hated and jumped off the building.

At their funerals, the red head's wife was crying,
"I wish I knew that he didn't like salami."*sob*
the brunette's wife cried,
"I wish I knew that he didn't like tuna." *sobs*
The blonds wife was just shaking her head, she said,
"Hey, don't look at me, he packed his own lunch."

Submitted by [anime manga luver]

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