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2005-01-08 20:44:45
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Can you see the blue monkeys?
please tell me if you can.and if you see any blue monkeys that arent on here tell me their name and story and i'll put them on here.


   If you dont belive in the blue monkeys
they will kill you. so BELIVE!

Blue monkeys are 3FT tall with blue fur and white mohawks. They live in tribes of at least 10 and they carry around swords,knives,spears,guns,broken glass,anything they can kill with.

If a blue monkey starts chaseing you run to my house [x13] And I will call them off.Cause you cant kill them.

Blue monkeys are real!

If you see any message me [x13]

STITCH - tribe leader named stitch because of the stitches on her cheek from an encounter with a dog.she found a dagger one day and started the killing spree.

JojO - stitches little brother. he was once owned by an indian boy who tought him how to use a boa and arrow. He killed the boy one day and found his way back home.

VODOO - the verry small but verry deadly new girl she uses poison to kill her victoms. noone knows where she came from but their glad she came.

LEAH - she seems nice and she is untill she gets mad then she scratches your eyes out then sits there lughing hystericaly as you bleed to death. 

DIAPY & SOPPY - the twin babies . diapy and his twin sister soppy are orphans found by stitch who took them back to her tribe and is now raising them as her own. their babies but they still kill with guns. their sooo cute!

RAZOR - razor is the one who is really in to cutting himself (not to kill himself just to scar)he kills with a razor (thats how he got his name) he has a cut for every kill and he has killed ALOT!

MEOW - meow has a pet black panther that she rides and she kills her victoms with a spear.

NAILZ - nailz is the quiet one no he doesnt kill with nails he hits you in the head with a hammer while you sleep.

ZIP - zip has a mini sword and he knows how to use it

TIGER - tiger has spots so I dont know why his name is tiger anyways he is the one who doesnt really have a permanant weapon he uses broken glass bricks syuff like that.

CHAIN - chain's weapon is a chain with a lock on the end of it. he is kinda the outsider of the tribe.

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2005-01-05 [x13]: yes I am bored! what are you gonna do about it make me have fun?

2005-01-05 [night night]: I saw a blue monkey it tried to bite my finger off!

2005-01-05 [x13]: yep what did it look like?

2005-01-05 [night night]: it had a black streak on its back

2005-01-05 [x13]: I dont know that one.

2005-01-05 [ArchangelGabriel]: Have you thought of trying some HTML here?

2005-01-05 [blonde chick]: I llike Meow thats my kitty's name! :)

2005-01-05 [x13]: no why?

2005-01-05 [ArchangelGabriel]: Well you could really ake it looks much more intresting. just by giving it a title and putting things in bold.

2005-01-05 [x13]: yeah

2005-01-05 [hot girl.]: hi OZ!

2005-01-05 [ArchangelGabriel]: There are some very basic tags: <i>, <b>, <u>, <center>, <h1>, <h2>. You must rember to end the tag with </*> (* = what ever the tag being closed was)

2005-01-05 [night night]: ?!

2005-01-05 [x13]: ?! haha

2005-01-05 [ArchangelGabriel]: you write that and it will effect the writing. try haveinbg a look at guide to wikis, its only really just started but i should give some info

2005-01-05 [x13]: ok

2005-01-06 [Poizn]: HI!

2005-01-08 [x13]: HI! poizn

2005-01-08 [night night]: im lost

2005-01-08 [x13]: HA HA now your found!

2005-01-08 [midnight 13]: How did you get lost?

2005-01-08 [night night]: I dont know

2005-01-08 [hot girl.]: wow!

2005-03-02 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: I saw blue monkey's running around the television when i was high.....

2005-03-05 [x13]: yeah thats usualy when you see em

2005-03-08 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: yea...

2005-03-15 [zeratul199]: hey whatsup a;;

2005-03-19 [x13]: Yeah

2006-05-09 [mildrid]: hey i saw a blue monkey the other day when i was sitting at the computer and then, at that moment i knew i had to seek out others who have seen .... THEM!   can i join?

2006-07-09 [VODOO]: well blue monkeys are never around anymore they run away crying because you have to pop them in the ass (amy)

2006-08-28 [x13]: Fuck you in the EAR with my dick on a 10 Ft pole AMY!

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