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***6th [moira hawthorne]***

Bob's Winter Stop Home

Bob Took a brief break from his whirlwind world travels at home to tell tales and drop off stuff.
returne to Bob Zombiee's World Travels

Bob Arrives Wed Jan 28th
and Unpacks to Show Off his New Stuff!

Bob Arrived During a Snow Storm
Moira Helped Bob to Stand at the Top of The Snow Mountain
<img0*400:stuff/P1280004.JPG> * <img0*400:stuff/P1280003.JPG>

Bob Shows Off the Butterfly Tat He Got

Bob Shows Off his Valentine Sweater

Bob Shows Off his Organization 13 Jacket
<img0*300:stuff/P1280010.JPG> * <img0*300:stuff/P1280011.JPG>


Bob Shows Off his Yule Sweater
with his New Santa Scarf and Hat

Snow Mountain
Any Similarity to Bob climbs Mt. Warning Is Just for FUN!
At the Very Top
<img0*400:stuff/P1280015.JPG> * <img0*400:stuff/P1280018.JPG>

Ski Avalanche Mountain
No Bob... Just Havin Fun

Moira and Bob

Bill & Bob
<img0*300:stuff/Bill%20%26%20Bob%201.jpg> * <img0*300:stuff/Bill%20%26%20Bob%202.jpg>

Just 2 Boys Chillin Watchin Some TV

Eirikr & Bob

Loki & Bob
<img0*250:stuff/Loki%20%26%20Bob%201.jpg> * <img0*250:stuff/Loki%20%26%20Bob%202.jpg> * <img0*250:stuff/Loki%20%26%20Bob%203.jpg>

Bob Finds Niege-neige

Moira's Gifts to Bob
Bob and I have Some Fun
I Sew Him a Top and Made Him a Troll Bead Necklace
Aswell as Pierced his Eyebrow Ear and Nipples!
<img0*350:stuff/my%20gifts%20to%20Bob.JPG> * <img0*350:stuff/Bob%20shows%20off%20jewelry.jpg> * <img0*350:stuff/nipples%21.JPG>

Bill Fell asleep watchin TV... Bob is Just Too Cool
and Afterwards Bob Crawlin INTO Bed with Bill
<img0*400:stuff/Bill%20%26%20Bob%20on%20couch%202.jpg> * <img0*400:stuff/Bob%20crawlin%20into%20bed.JPG>

Bob Wearing his Skulley Shirt I Made Him
<img0*400:stuff/skulley%20shirt.JPG> * <img0*400:stuff/me%20%26%20Bob%202.JPG>

Bob Hangs Out with My Boys
While Waiting for his Trip to HongKong

All Ready To GO!
<img0*300:stuff/all%20ready%20to%20go.JPG> * <img0*300:stuff/Bob%20ready%20for%20Hong%20Kong.jpg>

and a Final Farewell... ZombieeLove

returne to Bob Zombiee's World Travels

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2009-01-29 [moira hawthorne]: well thats it Bob is on his way to Hong Kong

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