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NAME: Bobby Styles

ALIAS: Eagle

MUTATION (POWERS): Has fully working bird wings which protrude from his shoulders, and hand talons, both of which are unable to retract without excruciating pain. Along with this, he has very strong eyesight. He also heals slightly faster than a normal human.

AGE: 18

DESCRIPTION OF BODY (BUILD, HEIGHT, UNIQUE FEATURES, ETC.): 5’10”, and very skinny. Clad normally in a white tee and brown short jacket and dark trousers, looking much like the eagle he is named after.

HAIR COLOUR AND STYLE: Long and white feathered hair which flicks up slightly at the back, but is otherwise superbly straight.


RELATIVES: Doesn't like to talk about his family, but he has a confirmed living mother, divorced from his father, and unaware of what has happened. His father died attempting to save Bobby from his fall.


HISTORY: Bobby was a happy child, with not a care in the world. But one day, he awoke to a severe pain. He, in a daze, blind from the pain, fell from his bedroom window, and sequentially, a nearby cliff. His father, having awoken due to the sound of glass as Bobby leapt from the window, tried to save his son, diving from the cliff, a insane reaction to protect his son. He missed. Fortunately one might say, at that moment, Bobby sprouted wings, which stopped a lot of the momentum of the fall, but still left him with broken legs on impact. When he awoke, he found himself still with wings, along with talons for hands, on the rocks he had landed on. It had been 3 days. Seeing the corpse of his father, he panicked, with no idea of how he got there, or what his powers were, until he was found by the Xavier's school staff.

ANY SERIOUS PHYSICAL OR MENTAL CONDITIONS: Due to the severe fall, his legs were broken, and though they have long since healed, they are still somewhat of a weak point. He also blames himself for his father's death, which has developed into slight trust issues, but tends to hide that from others, along with much of his true feelings, usually hiding behind a veil of happiness.

HOBBIES: Art(He carves with his talons), Math.

PERSONALITY: Bobby hides behind a happy face, but some people can see the fear and pain in his amber eyes. He has accepted the idea of mutants, but is still highly interested in them. He somewhat has a mild fear for certain animals, like dogs and cats.

WEAKNESSES: Hiding his powers causes great pain, and he has yet to learn how. If wings are torn, he is pretty much powerless. Not the strongest fighter, despite his intentions.


Username (or number or email):


2010-09-08 [ZeoOfFire]: Present List:
Victor - A wooden carving of a dragon on a pedestal, with a " ;P " kind of face on the base
Del - Feathers. Lots of feathers. As in, open the present and POOF! Feathers!
Nick - A Golden plate, With a smiley face carved into the top, and a rainbow carved on the base
Louise - A talon-carved light bulb in the shape of an eagle

Seeing as those are the only characters Bobby would really know at all well, yeah, that's it.
Also, yes, a lot of carvings. Read his hobbies.

2010-09-22 [Chel.]: Does he have a beak?

2010-09-22 [ZeoOfFire]: Nope

2010-09-23 [Chel.]: Good good... Jake wouldn't like that!

2010-09-23 [ZeoOfFire]: Dah! I'm scared now

2010-09-23 [Chel.]: "You got a purty mouth..."

2010-09-23 [ZeoOfFire]: I'mma back away now... O~O

2011-07-29 [Evolution X]: Talking of purty mouth...

2011-07-29 [ZeoOfFire]: For a colour version <img220*200:stuff/Bobby_coloured.jpg>

2011-07-31 [Ravenclaw]: <img100*0:stuff/aj/8995/1312119785.png>

Since when the F did he have white wings? I thought he was like a bald eagle?

2011-07-31 [ZeoOfFire]: Since I became stupid. Yeah, they should be brown... :S
Also, no idea how I put that image up into the bio...

2011-07-31 [Ravenclaw]: there ya go.

2011-07-31 [ZeoOfFire]: danke

2011-08-22 [ZeoOfFire]: So, recoloured!

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