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All Hail the Darkside!!!

The Dark One is [Bonedust], an evil jester, a mage of the dark arts with a blackened soul... He lives in an age where dragons roam heedless, where night is longer than the day. A place where evil is rife and flames consume souls.

You can visit him in bonedust's_boneyard or walk the catacombs and test your courage and luck.

If you have something that you would like to add to this page and you believe it fits the DarK theme then feel free to contribute! (Note: Please add your poem at the bottom of the page! Thanks)

For older submissions see:

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<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> cobwebbed Bonedust

<img11*0:stuff/1285_wiki_Icon%2520Hoard_92L1cPqSgN2.1> beyond Bonedusted...



Like a nightmare I creep through your sleep
Darkness shrouds the light that once shined on your mind's peaceful keepsakes
Knowing evil's cloaked within this stagnant night
I'm taking delight in the fright of death's keen foresight
Deep in your soul I peep, defeat, delete, reap, and repeat
Know son this is no dream anymore
Worn, torn you've been scorned and warned of the terror
The horror and the reason I came here for
Awaken now but the evil still persues somehow
The shadows on the wall the footsteps in the hall
They endure lured by the smell of fear
I draw nearer unobscured by the mystery this night has reared
The black of death marks the devil ascending
The glint of steel the chill and the feel of a kill impending
Your harbinger of death awaits you unabated
By the schools the rules and the fools your world created
Apocolypse now what's the body count?
For your sins this is the end
Believe I'm of demon seed and I'm squeaky clean until I spill your blood on me
Trifling the ease in which I delve into your life
Victimizied vandalized you've been mine since the beginning of time
So now I must inquire are you inspired?
With a crushing blow I bring an early retirement
Enviroment provided by the decree I persue when you're being
Stalked by a phantom and chalked by the man in blue
Call me Bonedust also known as an angel of the dead
I've traveled countless ages and have come to draw your last breath
Offer me money drugs and women but I've heard it all before
So indulge me if you will What's the going rate for your soul?
The devil's knight he commands and I take flight
My dreaded crusade the bane of shade that fades in the night
Mainstream your veins with screams every man has a breaking point
I'll see you in your dreams take my hand you've crossed into a desperate land
Relax and take a prozac you've never known what horror meant
Mortal terror a soothsayer I reign my scythe will make you writhe
Your life's consequence is pain
I subdue and lick away your shameless tears then consume you
The fickeled finger of fate who's your boogie man?...I Am

The Way of Hate

I have gazed upon the birth of your world, it is still in my mind
I saw the first star rise, I beheld the first breath of your mortal kind
There I glared at the eternal night. There in darkness I saw the first light.
There I grasped that from the inevitable I cannot hide
And there it was that for the first time I hungered for might.
I recall the first pain I dealt; I remember the first one I killed
I will never forget the strength, the immense power it gave me to wield
And with every kill, with every one that I slay
I feel how from sanity I'm led astray
And with each passing moment, with every breath I take
I feel something is lost, something deep inside me is about to break
Still I don't regret the price I've paid, nor the damage done
I know my soul is doomed, lost and forever gone
This presence that I feel, it‘s consuming me
I need it, although I feel I will cease to be
In time it will grow stronger and I'll begin to fade
Until my very being is unmade
This is the price I've willingly paid
For this is the way of hate.


She screams.
She screams.
He moves the knife,
He isn't slowing,
To take her life.
And she screams.
She screams.
His arms wrap her in strangled grip,
Her life does slip,
She screams.
On and on she screams.
He slaps her,
She can't fight back,
She screams.
For eternity,
A scream.

[Kealdra FyreMaster]

Suicidal Eyes

When darkness fell
Upon her home
She slipped from bed
And around she roamed

Her room was shadowed
And voices spoke
To her mind
They invoked

Suggestions that still,
Make perfect sense
Kill yourself now
and save the suspense.

Its in this deception
This unholy place
Where you find the courage
To look at her face

Sunken deep,
With nothing but lies
Tucked into folds of flesh
Her suicidal eyes

They peer from the darkness
And seep into the dawn
Where they tell you who was right
And who had been very wrong

They pick and choose what to see
And what to overlook
The lonely girl walking the mall
With a pencil and a book

Slices up her arms,
Mark her death intent
To end her life and end it now
Before her sanity is spent

Tired of the scandels
Tired of useless sighs
Pain wretched free
of those Suicidal eyes

Claret Ruby orbs
Swimming place to place
But not one dare look
Upon this poor girls face

Cloaks of black conseal the truth,
But reveal what she tries to hide
Shes running away from what she fears
And half of her has died

Now again, in her room
Safe from those who pry
A knife slowly to her wrist
Suicidal Eyes

Bloodshed and tears
poured from Place to place
Staining the carpet surface
Running down her face

Hours later theres a sound
The door creaks open
There he sees the remains
Of a tattered opened soul

torn apart
And left behind
For those to trample
And for those to find

But still it was clear
It would never quite die
The gleam of her partially broken
Suicidal eyes...

    Written by [I'm Invisable!]

Thrice Bitten

Once bitten, twice bitten, thrice bitten.
The signs of death,
are only shown then.
But the hands of Death,
are already there.
To nothing it can compair,
the thrall of the blood.
To be cursed to live on blood,
Is one that destroys the soul.
A power that will take your soul,
cursed to live forever.
An endless endevour,
one's heart it will devour.
So once bitten,
It is a yearning.
Twice bitten,
a mourning.
Thrice bitten,
Is your end.

By [Dshai]

Society's Love

Can you hear the siren's laugh?
Lonely tears that dry
Feeling love on deserted streets
Mourning leaves -- the lover cries.

Dream the rain, which breaks the heart
Tear down the lonely men
Seduce the whores that bleed their love
Betray their only friend.

Feed the lust within the porn
Disguised by many faces
Deprive the world of demon speed
Prepare to clean the traces.

Forgive the candles & the flame
Brought down by the knife
Close the door within this whole
Beside ourselves with life.

Feel the pain of spreading legs
They open for the pleasure
Take away the love they lost
The love no longer treasures.

Scream the silence from the world
Jump the bridge of suicide
Disrupted nerves bite the brain
Trying out the only ride.

 put together by [SerenityDisrupt]


I feel the need to testify,
I'm not as good as I
used to be, not as warm,
not as kind, nowhere near
as faithfull, not the way
I was before

I'm still wondering if I
should care for you
the way I used to, before
I realised that mornings
pass and I wasn't pure,
wasn't good, the way nothing
was ever as good and flawless
as I thought

It's like I have to justify
my heartless ways and all my
imperfect choices, made on
all my alcoholic mornings,
drinking to my alcoholic
father, wondering if he
ever knew what he did
when he had me

Hung over and uncaring as I
wonder what a wasted year
means to me, while I'm still
wasting my life the way
he used to, denying what
he was, what he could, even
what I could, hiding in my
room, waiting for the world
to pass me by

by [Lethe]

Forsaken one with eyes of red
Come sweetly now into my bed
For in my dark, unholy touch
Redemption from your shame is bled.
And all you need do is consent.
Think of it
Ponder it
All you need to do is come to me.
Imagine what intensity
Of passion awaits at my hands.

O soiled one with innocence lost
To a world that takes at every cost
Each drop of lust that you desire
Is yours when at last your doubt is tossed.
Tis here where your need will be spent.
Imagine it
Dream of it
Here's where your need and fantasies mix
The secrets of flesh - my specialty tricks
So surrender yourself to my hands.

Take the fruit between your lips
A world awaits your fingertips
Squeeze the juice twixt teeth and tongue
And let it drip, slide down among
The shadowed places, hot and tight
That quiver in the dead of night
Just take my hand - I'll quench all fright
But not until the moment's right
So take my hand and touch the light
For I am the succubus of the night

Sinner's Palace

Come into the sinners palace,the prison I now call home,
this evil haunted hall where even stars can bleed. Here we try on fantasies, we change them like our dress, we writhe in costumed splendor as we dance forbidden tunes, with no morals for to cleanse our hearts for morals we seek not, we seek only to dance and sing in the tilted purple lights. Rouge and pearled lipstick's kiss hold our sensual minds, in chains and leathered agonies we don the shroud of night. Behold then our sequined fervor enjoy our abstract thought, No pound nor poem or word unknown is black as those we write, we taste of ink and wine. Only in the mind's asylum where the lunatic is wont to hide, do you find our psyches built, insanity born to light. Only in artistic spheres, can we be reflected...this is the sinners palace, the prisoner of my mind.

[MissTricky] It's a prose, but I thought it might still work here.

Eternal Life
A chasm of darkness had wrapped its velvet cloak around me. The high moon covered the night sky battered and raped of its starry love. A chilly breath of ice lingered where there was no warmth, frosting the tops of the independent blades of grass. No sound was heard, except the far away tide, rolling in just to crash upon the jagged rocks.

My breath I felt, came in and out, the expansion of air hovered level to my chilled lips. The welcomed coldness covered me as if it were a mold, forcing me into a timid darkness. My palms lay limp, as I reached inwardly for reason. The reason of a tree that I laid against, that stood tall and proud even in destruction. Reason left behind as the black shrouded man visited again. Left again did he, a visitor with no agenda.

Sitting there against the swaying tree, I watched as the dagger of Cleopatra slithered in the grass, the milk of life flowing through me. An open vein un-flowing…a treasure of the gods. The witching hour ticked, tocked as I watched carefully, the pengalum fall, as it cut down over me.

With a gasp I was startled, my breath stopped. I watched catatonic to the world, as my supposed savior slithered away into the vast abyss of the sky, wetness covered my face without reason, as pearl shaped tears rolled down from my cheeks to lips, salting my mouth with pride.

What pride did I have to open Pandora's Box to my soul? When along the key stood still, sitting awake in the dew dropped grass. To reach those fingers, grasp thy key bring it to my lips. The future awaited me, ready to stir the lies.

Still alone I waited for millennia watching the downfall of mankind. Idle dreariness wasted away, as kamikaze or lotus humans dropped. Still I had sat, as the wind chilled me to a cold, never letting my breath leave me, I was always alone.

Alone to the dawn of new eons, the cycle of life restarted again. Confusion and agony still held me wasting away my soul. Life had tossed me over, stabbed the ebb of oblivion. Nothing to watch, listen, hear or taste for…nothing but lies to the soul.

tears of pain, tears of sorrow,
fuck my life im dead tomorrow,
fuck my family, fuck my life,
fuck my tears their all in stife.
shoot me down, kill me slow,
feel my blood begin to flow,
slice my throat,all around,
lick my wounds and tie me down,
do it hard, do it slow,
in and out again we go,
love my pain, feel my sorrow,
fuck me hard im dead tomorrow.
- [DeadHead]

Vampirical Metamorphoses

Sitting at the forest's eaves
I looked up at bright green leaves
I heard the sound of rain on trees
And the windy waves of the leafy seas

I stood up; ready to go
Then I realised I did not know
Upon which of the many trails
Lay my home; my shelter from this gale

Hurry swiftly long I wandered
Of the right path long I pondered
As I crashed through the brake
I desired greatly my thirst to slake

And Lo! did I hear a trickle
Of water; bubbly and fickle
As a approached the source of the sound
Ancient ruins appeared; dark they frowned

Tall rocks I saw with dread runes engraved
I ran by; my mind was numb and my thirst raved
At last I came to a most precious thing
A weed-covered dank den of a spring

As I stopped to drink my fill
My head spun; I felt ill
I felt tired; yet it was but noon
Then I fell into a dark deep swoon

When I awoke the sky was dark
Black were the leaves and grey was the bark
Then a great wind did I hear
It's voice Death and the message was clear

As I got up and started to run
I knew for fact that my time was done
Tall dark shadows; high did they loom
Their touch was death; their kiss was Doom

Long branches swung and essayed to grab
Sharp bristles and thorns did sting and stab
But I ran on; they could not have me
I would escape; I willed to be free

Then up ahead my cabin appeared
I cried for joy and my fear disappeared
Suddenly a cold hand grabbed my hair
Knocked me out and dragged me to his lair

Then I awoke in a long cold coffin
My fear and fatigue did nothing to soften
The feel of the tomb in which I lay
Active in night and still in the day

I had a pain in neck that I could not sooth
My lip was cut by many a sharp tooth
As I took out my mirror to behold that section
Of my neck, I gasped, there was no reflection

Then I knew what I had become
Disbelieved by most and feared by some
A vampire; a stalker of night
Who's bark was not as bad as his bite…

by [Maurer's conclusions]

Death Itself

I'll be the silence of tomorrow
I'll be your beating heart
I'll be the thought you hide in shame
The truth you rip apart

I'll play my solid role for you
I'll never let you down
I am your bleeding faith and hopes
I am the fear you found

I come in darkness, come in day
I follow at your heels
I am the toxin in the air
The poison in your meals

I am the undefeatable
You'll never stop my goal
I'll seal your eyes and mouth and breath
And take your very soul

Some people say that death itself
Is violent in its form
It rips and cuts and shreds away
Until all of you is torn

But really, I'm quite neutral
To anything you say or do
Because quite simply, I cannot care
And can't be used by you

Think of me as a tidal wave
That never truly stops
Above the heads of many
As you wait for me to drop

I am not a force to be conatined
Dont warp me to your will
I have survived years before your life
And will thive longer still

As long as you keep living
In your plastic life of hope
That the reaper may not come today
And you'll still be afloat


holding onto your veins
as they spill out of your throat
i watch you watch me grin
while i watch you choke
your life pours like a fountain
showering the room
dark and red
how thick you bled
your dying breath perfume

it burns...
it b u r n s...
it B U R N S
excruciating heat
my breath seared from my throat
sweat,  boiled from my flesh
skin slough e d from my bones
flames enfolding, en gulf ing...
til my soul is scorched and my body turns to ash...


If I escape into a mindless existence, will I be found or cease to exist?
Would someone save me, or leave me to peril
As I sit and strive for a place to regain my sanity
My mindless pleasures destroy the will I own
Driving my thoughts until they are not mine alone
Someone lurking inside peels me apart as if I was an onion
Exposing my core deep down the evil that contaminates my being
I can tell, it relishes the thought of contaminating my body
It rejoices as it takes hold of the last sane part of my mind
Giving me a front row seat to my own demise
Wounds inflicted carry a new torch, while mutilation and hallucinations create hope
As the unparalleled happiness envelopes me, I’m still alive
Deep down inside

Deep down inside I know I’m not really alive
Just dying from the inside out
Sure I’m alive at 105, stringy hair and wallowing in my own self-pity
All lined in a row, but I think I’m looking fine, as a small voice echoes through my mind
Jezebel, Jezebel the words twist about
I sit back and watch from a titillating view the thrusting and screwing that captivate the innocence I once owned
Once pure and childlike, now filthy and tainted
But that’s all right because I’m just a lone passenger, way in the back
Whatever happens to me, it doesn’t matter, because it isn’t me



I asked for a need,
I was given everything I wanted.
I need your permission,
Because I'm sick of sneaking around.
I ask you to breathe,
As my body has crumbled.
I'm begging for the light to be swicthed off,
I want to hide from you.
I pluck the petals from the rose,
Trying to reveal the beauty inside.
I scar the skin,
Although the scars tell a tale.
I need a moment,
Just one I can share.
I trapped myself.
I realised no on would be my hero.
I ask for my tears to dry,
They threaten me to defeat.
I crawl away from the hole I've made,
I don't want to be buried alive.
Although it feels like I already am

by [duckofdoom]

Hymns from a Harbinger to the Damned

Hymns become haunting after dark.
Walk alone through the valley of death.
Or swim the river styx.
I'll sound the siren to warn them you're coming.
I'll toll the bells to announce your arrival.
March with the slew of a thousand plagues upon your head.
Hymns become frightening after dark.
This be the hymn of the damned.
Let the fire of their waning soul consume until they're
Reduced to ashes.
Unlike the phoenix, they will not rise.
They'll be scattered throughout the eons,
Floating through the air never to settle or rest.
Hymns become their solice.
This hymn I shall sing for them.
My broken violin I shall play to accompany me.
Shrouded in a veil they can never grasp or see through.
This be the hour the damned shall receive their hymn.
It shall be theirs to wail along.
To sing while they drown in oblivion.
Hymns become their trance.
Crawling through the pits of hades, surfacing but never to feel the splendour.
Nobody in the living realm for them,
But the figure of a shrouded girl holding the lilly for them.
Shrink back from the reaper, fear the flower, fear the touch.
Fall into the spiral, spin into oblivion.
This be the fate of the damned, and this be their hymn.
Hymns become the gospel for the life they once had.
Fingers outreached to pull them in, then crumble to dust when we touch.
This harbinger has done all she can.
Now she will raise her voice this hour and sing for the lost ones.
Become entranced in their tragedy.
Tangled in the ether, the damned listen on.
To the hymn that is meant for them.
The one sent to collect now discovers the pity.
I burn the stars out of the sky for them to not pray for hope.
I pave the underground path for them to walk.
For they shall not feel, they shall be numb.
And I shall dance upon their graves and sing this hymn to them.
And I shall play my broken violin to torment them.
And I shall remain shrouded from them, so they cannot drag me into their depths.
The harbinger sings this hymn for her damned.

by [duckofdoom]


No where to go nothing to see
The whole world is closed unto me
Deaf and blind stony and cold
My body feels broken a thousand years old
Trapped in a cage my heart is breaking
My own follies my own unmaking
I cannot die when I cannot live
I cannot receive what I cannot give
Everything is intangible and mysterious
Don’t have any questions can’t be curious
Completely blank my soul is empty
Drowning in despair cold eternity
The only color in lifeless dark
Is the pain the smeared bloody mark
To break through monotony hacked
The pain my body wracked
Writhe in sorrow writhe in dread
Block the true pain of heart and head
Almost gone Almost dead

A silent scream shatters walls
It echoes -silently- through empty halls
I have no beginning
I have no end
I have no enemies
I have no friends
All who know me know despair
And when I linger
You tear your hair
I am the horrors of the night
I am cruelty I am spite
I am wicked I am hate
Do not try to escape me
Its already to late
You feel my sorrow and agony
But never ever any sympathy
Wandering lost in my world
You huddle in fright
Around your self curled
Hidden secrets beneath a grave
A long lost present you never gave
The darkness comes not from without
You hear your own voice give the shout
Your malice comes from within
Its your own evil that makes your head spin
You know who's guilty and who's wrong
You know whose voice raised that morbid song
Do not try to break free
Because you know
that you are me

Gothic Haiku

darkness dwells within
hides me in its black cover
i long for my death



I am night of eternal darkness,
I walk in deepened shadow,
I let loose thee tethered hourses
to run from thee scaled sword.
I am loneliness,
ignored by all living.
I am solitary confinement,
Enraptured by thee ghosts.
I am pain,
of which no one feels.

By [ElfinGoddess]

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2004-11-01 [BarleySinger]: Well I'm in a lovely mood toady...writing poetry (or lyrics maybe...) here is a sample : When the dust has settled, when the cobwebs grow, when the worm has come to feed...What will remain? What will be there? When passes deaths cold steed?

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2006-04-02 [BarleySinger]: bonedust, believe what you want but I'm not into political propaganda. I am into bone chilling truth. Just plain cold fear of the inevivitable results fo greed.  Without raw crude the medications that keep me alive will not exist - nearly all medication are made from oil today. USA and Australia already hit peak oil, along with most others, Africa will be in about 2 years - after that what about buying food? (15% of crude goes into chemical food growing) what about getting stuff into cities...well everything today is made from oil. No more meds for me. Big oil folks agree. The world has been sucked dry and it could easily kill me. A damn good reason to be depressed - dying slowly .

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2007-05-09 [jaydeskye]: Gothic Haiku

darkness dwells within
hides me in its black cover
i long for my death

2007-07-06 [iamthejester]: I added your haiku, but i'm sure you could've done so yourself jaydeskye!

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