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All Hail the Darkside!!!

The Dark One is [Bonedust], an evil jester, a mage of the dark arts with a blackened soul... He lives in an age where dragons roam heedless, where night is longer than the day. A place where evil is rife and flames consume souls.

You can visit him in bonedust's_boneyard or walk the catacombs and test your courage and luck.

For newer stuff return to Bonedust... For other postings check beyond Bonedusted and cobwebbed Bonedust


Emotion Sickness

I become the corner I hide in
I feel like I'm dying
Consumed by emotions that are controlling
My cold skin

Written by [Bonedust]

Maybe Crazy

Here I sit
Almost lifeless
Staring at four empty walls
My memories all banished
No visions upon me
And no dreams to amuse me
Bored beyond all reason
For I know not what
To awaken me
And maybe even claim me
But at least to notice me
Sitting here in the cage of my mind

Written by [iamthejester]

Children of the Night

Children of the dark arise
The moon is dark
And the seas boil
Bled red with the blood of ages.
Children of the night prepare
The master awakens and the earth trembles
Bowing to his awesome might
Children of the twilight fear
The moment approaches
And the hells open
Bringing forth that which should not be.

Written by [mesaana]

The Demon

Shrouded in darkness, an illusive wanderer
A callous thing beyond the ken of man
The demon comes to claim lost souls
To reap his harvest from the land

Searching, ever seeking, he roams our quiet world
In night's very darkest depths, of him beware
You're soul he tries to steal, forfeit
If you be caught all unaware

written by [iamthejester]


I am the excitement inside, I'm the pain you hide, I'm the want you can't have the choice you can't decide,
I'm the bloodless vein, the broken chain, I'm the cause for your hurt and the cure for your pain
I am the voice in your head, I'm the feeling not said, I'm the need to live the want to be dead,
I'm the air you breathe, the lie you believe, I'm the only reason for your need to decieve
I am the object of despise, I'm the hate in your eyes, I'm the desire in your heart the feeling you deny,
I'm the cause for alarm, the urge to harm, I'm the power of persuasion with all the charm . . .

The End

Time for fighting
Era of warring
Earth of feelings
World of killings

Still there

Still waiting for the world to end
Still wanting that warm gentle hand
To lead me on through this unknown land
Still wanting, waiting for a friend


I can see my life pass right before my eyes
Thoughts and memories collide inside my mind
I've died this time
I can see the light at the end of the road
It grows brighter as I catch up with my past
I'm so damn cold
And I can see the light at the end of the road
Where it leads I don't know but when
I've reached the end
I'm sure I'll be told
As I look around fear grows in my soul
Something pulls me down I've lost all control
What is this and who the hell are you?
I'm the one your souls been sold to...
But why me? What the hell have I done to deserve this hell? I've been a good son
The evil and the angels in the midst of my throes of being an ungodly man is now coming back tenfold
I can see the light at the end of the road The flames dance higher as I walk on down this path
I'm so damned cold
Now i've reached the fires and still it won't warm my bones
I've reached the end only to find my soul has been sold
Look in the mirror Behold the face of evil
A lifetime wasted doing deeds for the devil
My eyes grow cloudy as I fall to the floor
I've been reborn to dwell in hell forevermore
But why me? What the hell have I done to deserve the wrath of the unholy one?
Only now do i understand Now I finally know
My sins deserving of a rapture coming back tenfold
Pride is my sin
Deserving of a rapture coming back now Tenfold

Written by [Bonedust]


Indecisive Trials by fire
Delusions of granduer blinding our eyes
The evils of people making justice unequal
We're all living inside the lie

Written by [Bonedust]


Inside there is a feeling of growth and change -
Outside I appear no different: for now.
It is strange and lonely in the dark, dark quiet
Moon shining, presiding - a queen her subjects to rule.
Lie quiet, stalk low, kill fast
Drink in pleasure.
Do they know me?
Not that me, the old me, but me?
Or am I the same?
Only with no conscience, my will as weak as milk.
Move, turn, swift and smooth as silk.
Quiet step, quietly met
A creature on the move.
Glide, slide and drink your fill
Sustained in pleasure.

Written by [mesaana]


When did the fire

begin it's light...

When did the day

emerge from night...

when did the stars

come to show their heads?

When did the moon

tire and go to bed...

When did the world

begin to turn...

When did the spark

inside life burn...

When did the breeze

give man's first breath...

When did the Lord

go and take to rest...

And He left me then

atop some hill

feel the silence still

of His turned heel

I feel the sad of

things gone wrong

as the wind in the willows

sing their song

The Lord left me then

this I know...

Maybe not the world,

maybe just my soul

It isn't fair

that I must doubt...

but what was left burned me

it turned my mind about...

The world was colder

than he said

the blood was darker

than that red, and

the cities haunt me

in my mind they lurk

haunt me, taunt me

what a jerk...

If God is real

don't let me see

and if God does love me

just let me be

- unanswered.

by [LiL_piXiE]


Hungry I feel.
Thirsty I need.
A soul I feel.
On blood I feed.
Sated for now.
Eternity's greed.

Written by Annonymous (not [Surt])

Dancing flames
Writhing all about me
Sloughing flesh from my bones
What punishment is this?
Did I do wrong?
Why do I walk this causeway?
Melting extremities running away
Engulfed in tentacles
Of consuming fire

written by [iamthejester]

What is this I've found
An evil cancer, this noxious mound.
Through this fog I wish to claw
After it, I know, lays death's dripping maw.

Watch with glee the angel's fall.
But listen! Hear the siren's call!
The song tugs within my mind
Pulls at strings it will surely bind.

Taut, reality stretched so thin;
The strain never shows in my false grin.
They're screaming liar-madman-bitch-fink
As I teeter on the brink.

Of what? I will not tell,
Or runes so commited spell.
Secrets always I hide within,
For once spoken none can win.

Written by [werethylacine]

Journey's end

Deep in the void
I tread another weary step
Fall to my knees
Hope long passed
Face on cold gravel
I lie
I die

By [Surt]iel


Dark Wanderer

Clothed in flame
But still darker than night
Shape-shifted and tainted
And hidden from sight
A flickering mask
And the sword at my side
The illusion of normalcy
I adopted to hide
The creature that magic
Has forced me to be
While the curse of my fate
Tortures me endlessly
And restless I wander
The rivers of time
Searching for means
To reclaim what was mine

told by [iamthejester]

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