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Welcome to Book Fanatics!!

Here you can chat about books you have read, books you want to read, film adaptions and you can recommend books to others. As long as you have fun, you can contribute! If something is marked with a star (*) it is part of a series.


We are currently holding a character art competition. The subjects of this competition are the characters from the top recommended books (see below) although there are some restrictions. Just post your entries at

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2006-12-26 [Lady Neit]: *dances and looks like a nonse*

2006-12-26 [~Sparky~]: i dont think so, why?

2006-12-26 [Corazie]: Damn...
I lent it to someone and can't remember who...

2006-12-29 [Lady Neit]: lool

2006-12-29 [~Sparky~]: ah, thats always annoying... i have books all over the place...

2006-12-29 [Lady Neit]: mine are all in the garage now.... except the ones that went to charity

2006-12-29 [Corazie]: I have two Dean Koontz books... xD

2006-12-29 [~Sparky~]: oh right =D

2006-12-29 [Corazie]: Can't remember the titles mind xD Velocity maybe?

2006-12-30 [Lady Neit]: blergh....

2006-12-30 [~Sparky~]: hum... that one about the lad thats lost... or dead...

never mind!

2006-12-31 [Lady Neit]: XD

2007-01-17 [Papa Don't Preach]: can i join this wiki pwease?

2007-05-30 [+♥+SAFFY+♥+]: yeah

2007-06-19 [Seany.]: i'm not sure what this wiki is about... but i love the trudi canavan books! they are fantastic =]

2007-06-27 [Corazie]: Oh yes, Trudi Canavan is great =]
I only have one of her new trilogy... I need to get the rest... La la la...

2008-01-20 [Corazie]: I didn't get any of the other books... I just haven't had the money. I got Sarra Manning's new ones though. I really love the Fashionista series so far!

larve you guyssss xxxxx

2008-02-05 [Corazie]: I just gave my new Tamora Pierce book to Faysie to read =]
And I'm reading Glass Mountain again =] It's so fab!

2008-03-18 [Changer]: Can i join this wiki pls?

2010-02-01 [Corazie]: Oh my. This place needs mega up-dating!

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