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Welcome below is the first part of our story; however, this is with the original writer for Eva with [*Phoenix*]as our awesome editor. Some parts have been changed, words taken out do to the change in authors, but the main story line has been kept the same.  - Aaron


Chapter List

1. Male Domination Never Sounded So Sweet
2. Attack of Green Lime Jell-o
3. Dizzy Spell Works Just As Well
4. Pay Back is a Bitch
5. Holy Shit! It’s Blue!
6. The Unknown Universe


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2010-02-28 [*Phoenix*]: I was going to leave the words because I didn't write it. I just finished Aaron's Part of chapter 5 so I'm almost done editing them!!! :] I'm trying to go as fast as I can!

2010-02-28 [Eyden13]: Awesome. ^-^ oh and you can leave any comment you want at the top of the page. Just sign your name at the bottom.

2010-02-28 [*Phoenix*]: okies! :0]

2012-07-11 [*Phoenix*]: I realized I completely forgot about this! I want to keep writing though now that I have time! :D

2014-07-13 [Eyden13]: You still In? I'm ready to pick it up if you are.

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