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Bottom Floor

Back to... The journey to Ardor

Bastiaan watched as this enchanting creature changed and altered her form. He was captivated and interested all at once, though his posture suggested otherwise. His eyes stayed on her, searing into her, infact. It looked as if he was starving and saw a delisiously tender meat before him. He took absolutely no time in getting to her; his moved from the stone ridge to the space before her in a smooth, fluid movement. His eyes were ever on her and the way her clothing hugged her form.
Bastiaan has guessed that she wouldn't mind how close he was. After all, he read in her liquid-black eyes that she trusted him, moreso than the others.

He smirked at her comment and slid his hand around her waist, pulling her to him quickly.

"No you're not..." He murmered, his lips threateningly close to her neck. He breathed in her sent, showing both that he wasn't going to hurt her nor take advantage of her. He exhaled slowly, smiling against her neck.

"You're beautifully intoxicating." His voice was feral and throaty, the urge to change to his wolf form coming upon him quick and fast from her aura of magic. The darkness that was radiating off her fed into him and made the nerves in his skin sing. He was a child of the night, a follower of the Goddess Moon; she nearly commanded his senses just by standing there.

Bastiaan tightened on her a moment and then leaned down, pressing his bared teeth into the soft crook of her neck. Then just as quickly as he had possessed her, he let her go and put as much distance between them as possible.

"You're dangerous." He said over his shoulder. "And almost good enough to eat." Bastiaan flashed her a toothy, wolf grin. His hair seemed a bit more shaggy; the stubble on his chin more rough. His eyes were wild and dilated. Bastiaan shook his head ruefully and gave her a wryly grin. "Almost too hot to handle."

Dementia followed his pursuit with cautious eyes. Although she highly doubted it, he could still be an angel hunter. Doubtful all the same, but still need for caution. The closer he got, the more she tensed, preparing more for an attack. As his canines graced her neck, a low growl of slight warning was emit, but relief coursed through her. If he was an angel hunter, he would know that a bite to the throat couldn't kill an angel. There was only one thing that could...
Shuddering at the thought, she then looked up into his eyes, and she saw his hot gaze. Being in this place, only made her slightly more mortal, while when she was at home, she felt no mortal longings. But was it really her home? It never felt like it, there was always an emptiness; it could be the lack of emotion.
A smirk fell upon her lips, and she decided that she was going to toy with him a bit. A new growl escaped from her throat, and her tongue flicked out and met the lobe of his ear. "Don't toy with me, Sire Bastiaan. I do agree that we could make a good team..." as she said this, her wings spread out slightly, covering her in a bit more shadow "...but do remember that if you choose to...attempt to make me your plaything, that the due course will most likely make you..." her wings enveloped her, and with a whisper, she was behind him, her small, slender hands reaching over and gliding to his front, then chillingly dragging her short, yet long-enough fingernails down his chest, hovering just enough to whisper into his ear "...mine." she finished, purring.

Bastiaan's hair stood on end. This...thing...was driving him wild. He could feel her in the room, he could smell her odd scent; one that smelt both of the metallic tinge of magic and another that was drenched in the night. His own scent of pine along his skin and hair lightly wafted into the air, becoming heavier the more persistant the urge to change came.

When her tongue graced his ear he did all he could to hold back a whimper. The effect she had on him was something he wasn't sure he liked or not. It was both degrading and yet exotic and wild. She was the beginning, a utterly perfect being. He gave a smirk at the thought of taming her.

Then she was there, behind him, her slender hands caressing his naked chest. His skin immediately rose to goose-flesh at the command of her nails and her whispered words hot upon his ears. Bastiaan realised that his eyes were closed and he had leaned back into her touch. They snapped open; his pupils shrinking and eyes narrowing. He possessed a thin arm in one powerful grip and whirled Dementia around, pinning her against him. One arm held her from underneath her wings, the other kept a tight hold of her arm, now crossed and pinned between them. He growled lusterously, eyeing her through wolf-eyes.

"I would no sooner make you my plaything than you of me." He said throatily, showing her his elongated teeth. "I'm not here to posess you, I know a hands-off when I see one. Don't, for an instant, think that you can turn the tides on me. You may be something to be feared, but I'm not naive and I've been around the block a few times." He gave her a wryly grin and leaned forward, their foreheads touching.

"Just so you know." Bastiaan concluded and then released her, shoving his hands deep into his pockets. "But, obviously my furry-ass is somewhat appealing, or else you wouldn't have made such a gracious offer for me to be your...what was it? Plaything?" He chuckled, leaning his back against the wall. "I'll have to keep my eyes on you, Angel girl. I don't wanna get raped on this escapade." Bastiaan's eyes glinted and he smirked smuggly. His appearance, too, had regained its normalcy and no longer looked quite so wild and untamed.

Coming downstairs, Shiva made her way to the table and sat down at one end. She needed time to think about all of this. Maybe they all need to sit down and discuss what they knew and if they could somehow work together to figure this out. Not only did she find it strange that they were all called to this place in the middle of nowhere, but that they were all magical in some or other way. No normal human is among them, so this is defnantly not your every day meetups.
Looking over at the croud standing in the dark room, she cleared her troat for attention.
"Maybe we should all settle down and disscuss this." She said looking at them. Taking her backpack from her shoulder, she put it on the table infront of her.

Dementia took the brunt of his attack with much humor. He would soon know her, and soon he would understand what she meant by 'plaything'. She had been preparing to say something coy in return, but with the return of Shiva and the exposure of the backpack, she smirked. She knew she knew the most about this...but she would go ahead and find out what Shiva knew before adding her input. Stalking over to the table, squinting a bit at the light at shone down on it, (sashaying her hips on purpose for the sheer delight of Bastiaan), she placed gently her hands upon the stone fixture in front of her. Eyeing the backpack with interest, thoughts began to fly through her mind. "What could a simple witch know about matters of this importance?" she thought to herself, looking pointedly at Shiva's face.

She wasn't glaring, but the intent gaze of a dark angel could make it look that way. Her eyes were slightly narrowed in curiosity, as she tried to figure out more about this strange witch. She already knew, and admired the coy, brutal manliness of Bastiaan, knew of Lucien's lack thereof, and now it was Shiva's turn. She was making a good impression so far, coming prepared, and she seemed decently intelligent.

Lucien walked in and looked around at everyone. He gave a friendly grin at bastiaan. funny i didn't like him at all at first but now i think he would be a good guy to have you back in a fight he tough to himself. He looked over at Shiva then at the dark angel. "we have two new comers" he said to the group,"they are comeing down now." 

Bastiaan wandered aimlessly to the table on the other side of the room. He hadn't seen it before, but now it was hard to miss. He grabbed a chair and spun it around backwards then took his seat. He didn't have half a clue as to why he was here.

At the sultry sway of Dementia's hips, he let out a low growl, hardly even audible to most. He wanted her to know he was enjoying her thoroughly...

When they began talking, he quietened down, resting his chin on his folded arms upon the table. He was bored now and ready for sleep, but he'd try to stay awake and alert. Hopefully something interesting would happen soon.

Dementia felt that they were all waiting for something, but as that something or other was late...she felt it her place to at least take a seat. Poor Bastiaan, his view ended here. Sitting in a very uncomfortable chair, she eyed Shiva again, and then looked at Bastiaan. "Do you know why we're here?" she questioned idly. She would be very surprised if he did know. She knew, of was her job to know.

Bastiaan snorted at Dementia. "Do you honestly think that if I knew why we were here we'd be sitting in this rather uncomfortable silence? Not a chance, Doll."

He cracked an eye open at her and lifted his head. An eyebrow quirked up in question. "Do you know why we are here...?"

A smirk met the lips of Dementia. "Does the sun shine?" she queried quizzically, then continued. "Of course I know why we're here. It's because of the magic. My whole lifestyle depends on it...which is one of the reasons I was sent here. Damn it, as if I wanted them to choose me as a delegate..." she grumbled, then continued in a whisper. "Magic is being depleted...we've got to save it. But the rest of it, I'll leave to my good Shiva. She's got...documents and what-not."

She knew in detail what was going on...but she felt out of place telling these things. It was more or less a matter of authority.

Shiva gave a sigh.
"Thank you Dementia, but I realy dont know allot. Maybe just bits of pieces of this whole puzzel. Im not realy sure myself, but I will tell you all what I know so far.
I have been having these reaccuring dreams before I felt the magic pull of this place. These dreams, they are all a bit fuzzy, but they are all about the same thing. I find myself standing in a city, yet the city is not like any city I have ever seen before. And while being there, I feel this very heavy amazing magic power around me, flowing trough the city itself, being the city. Its very hard for me to explain how it feels. It feels so real, that I have no doubt that this is connected to why we are here.
But Dementia, what do you meen we are to save magic? How can we acctually save magic if its not something we can see or touch?"

A wide grin met the face of Dementia. It was time for one of her long speeches again. "To save magic is to save ourselves, sweet Shiva. You are a witch...part of you is magic. Bastiaan is that of the lycanthrope race. Magic is a part of him. I am of the Angelique: I AM magic." with ease, she conjured up a ball of shadow, flipping it fluidly about her fingers as though she were touching a stream of water under a faucet. " magic. If I were to..." with rapid ease, the fluid shadow grew into a point, and flew towards Shiva's breast, stopping only centimeters away. "Complete that terrible task, you would have not only suffered excruciating pain, but your magic would have been extinguished. Since you would have suffered...that is feeling magic. You saw what was saw magic. Now..."
Dementia smirked, and inhaled deeply. All shadow vanished from the room, leaving even the smallest pore of the stone walls bleached white. The hum of magic subsided quite a bit, leaving the room eerie and desolate of sound. Even she felt vulnerable without the magic of shadow around her. Exhaling, the hum returned, as did the cloaking shadow. "That...was taking the magic from you. You had no power, nothing. If we wait much longer...the entire world will succumb to this fate. The shadows will cease to be, the light will no longer be seen, the trees, the earth, the water...everything will be gone...colorless, odorless...breathless."
She concluded solemnly, a look of sternness on her face. "In other words...not only will we have to suffer through the stages of magic removal, we will die. What you felt me do was a simple removal of the shadow magic in this room. Imagine if the magic was gone from this earth..."

"If that was to happen I believe dear Lucien would shit his pants." Bastiaan remarked casually. He had since lifted himself up and off the table and resumed a more comfortable position leaning back in his chair. He clasped his hands loosly on his abdomin and proped his feet up on the table.

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not too keen on dying any time soon." He steepled his fingers. "So the question is, what do we do about it?"

Treage just stares at every one with a blank expression still standing at the foot of the stairs.

Lucien just looked at Bastaain with a go to hell look and mummbled i would not. "anyway yeah i realy would like to know what all of this has to do with us i mean there are others that use magic." He walked by Bastiaan and "bumped" into is chair then took the chair beside him.

Shiva could feel the tention in the room. Not everyone was getting allong, or even trusting everyone. Standing up from her chair she directed her voice to the whole room.
"Well i think for starters we should all try to get along. Treage, could you move a bit closer to us, as you are part of the group, im sure we all have a purpose here. The sooner we all get along the better. Magic is important to me and im sure it is to all of you, so if we stand together as a group we might even succeed! Anyway, I think there should be some sort of clue in this room. I dont really thing we were all braught here just to meet. I know a simple spell that I use to cover the truth, like when I accedently broke somthing, so to fix it I use this spell. Now what gave me the idea is, maybe a clue in this room is hidden with a spell like that. I have a reversal spel, that I can cast onto the room that might show us somthing. Unless someone else got an idea."

Treage slowly moves towards a chair but chooses the one farthest from anyone else and sits down slowly.

Snorting uncouthly at Bastiaan's comment, then crossed her arms, and imperious look on her face. She couldn't attempt to take the lead now, even though that's exactly what she was sent here to do. "I suggest...that someone in here find where we go next. Otherwise, I'll go insane." she said with a giggle of devilish delight. She was so unlike her siblings, they were so haughty, and never thought of laughing amongst what they believed to be the tiny drones of Planet Earth, ants with their asses so full of sin and weakness that they deserved to be stomped upon and eradicated by the same elements they seek to understand, and in the same token, forsake as deities. They weren't...even though they were the hands of God themselves, the feudal lords of the high king that manipulated without objection the serfs;they had no escape.
Making her way to stand behind Bastiaan, she placed her hands on his shoulders and leaned down to whisper in his ear. "Help these poor kittens. Wouldn't want Lucien getting all pissy at me. Better to share the bullshit that springs from his lips." At the end of her phrase, her tongue flicked out to lick his ear before she took the place beside him, sitting down, not looking at him, just staring ahead with a pointed grin.

Bastiaan paid no attention to Lucien as he bumped into his chair. He merely lifted his feet off the table and used the chair's momentum to propel him around until he was at the table's edge once more. He grinned foolishly. Rolling chairs were always his favorite.

At Dementia's touch and her whispered words, he sighed, grasping her arms in his strong hands. He brought her wrist up to his lips and pressed his fangs to her soft skin just as she flecked his ear with her tongue. The effect had quite am impression on his body. This he willed away quite quickly as she came to set beside him.

Bastiaan cleared his voice and gave Dementia a wicked grin.

"Seems to me that there should be a leader of this group before all this spelling and clue finding begins. Naturally, I'm a lover, not a fighter." He looked around at all of them grinning. "Unless excited, then it's hell on earth. I'm afraid the wolf in me would be overly excited to command the will of a handful of people. I say Shiva should head this little operation. She seems to be the one who is earnestly trying at anything." He gave a snide glance at dementia but said nothing to her. Instead Bastiaan looked back to the young witch.

"Younger than half the people in this room..." He muttered, then gave her a shake of his head and a grin that would melt butter. "What the hell, I'd follow you."

Instead of being insulted, she took the idea with aplomb. "Marvelous. I second that." she said with excitement. The only true basis behind the excitement was the fact that Dementia could easily manipulate the gentle witch. She rose to her feet and peered around, a lock of silken hair falling into her eyes.

She moved behind Bastiaan once more, morphing back into her wolven form. Tassel tickling his arm, to let him know into what body she had become, she growled, smirking, and placing her head right above his, she whispered "If you do recall, my dear...I don't have to try at anything I do. It just comes...naturally." she said the last word with a slight hiss, and a smirk fell upon her maw as she strode to a corner of the room, wanting to focus her thoughts more clearly.

[Dakear] Mentally alone, Tristan began to think that their were too many wolven's in this place and was ready to leave, but somehow he couldn't gather the momentum to walk through the front door again.. As if something more powerful was holding him back, like a powerful witch or wizard had put a spell on him.. So he simply said, "So, is anyone else ready to explore this dampened place? I'm ready to find out why I'm here and how I can get done with this place. I have more important matters at hand than searching out an old rotten building with a bunch of wolves."

Bastiaan watched Dementia stalk toward the corner of the room and distantly wondered what she thought about. If what she said was true, then she was older than him, which was quite a feat in itself, and as old as the birth of the world. Possibly even before that. To live that long...The very idea caused Bastiaan to shake his head. It was unimaginable.

Then, hearing Tristan's remark, he growled deeply in his throat. His head snapped to the other man with alacrity and his sharp eyes narrowed.

"Some of us here are not just merely wolves,elf." He said sharply, keeping his tone in check. "Some of us are as old as time itself and others are the ancesters of the lycanthropic species." Bastiaan looked Tristan up and down, resisting the urge to growl again.

"So I'd advise you to think twice before lumping those of the lupis species together. We are, in a sense, completely different and to say we all belong as one is quite offensive."

His facial expresion lightened then; his scowl flitting away and melting into a ferral grin. "Though, if you are so quick to leave your seat as well as the company of...wolves...why don't you go on ahead and check this place out. By all means, leave the planning to us." 

[Dakear]Thinking for a brief moment before he said something that would start a battle he remarked, "I never said anything about not making a plan. And as far as the Lycanthropic Species goes, to me, you're all derived from the same species. That's just how I think of it. But if you wish not to be associated with them Bastiaan, Then I shall not. Now, shall we begin with your plans?" Not wanting to go any further he stood in the darkest corner of the room studying his surroundings and the beings that were amongst him in the room.

Dementia 'tsked' under her breath, pinning her wings behind her slender, furry self, right as Tristan invaded her corner. "Just because I'm of the wolven appearance, it's merely my Spirit being. Nothing against the lycanthropics in this room." she added with a certain charm, grinning broadly. Swiftly, her kind demenour changed into one of ferocity.

"Now, you group of whelplings!" she exclaimed, the whites of her eyes completely shadowed over, the outline of her now morphed angelic form menacingly radiating shadow like heat off of a hot pavement. "Since all we can do is bicker, and our appointed leader isn't all that sure of herself yet, I'm going to make the first decision!"
Her first sentence ended with a snarl, and wings outstretched, she leapt upon the table, landing squarely in the middle, her tiny figure seemingly grown three-fold. "Now...any of you, understand this. I am the shadow angel. It is my job to protect the magic of this planet. It has been for Eternity. I'm not about to let my duties slip because of a group of bickering fools who have lived in a blink of what I call a small period of time in my life. Take action, or take warning. Shiva may be the leader here, but I will not, I repeat...will NOT put up with too much more of this."

Lucien watched the angel land on the table. "And if we keep in what are you going to do spank us?" he asked being a smart ass. "No but I am with you we need to do something." He looked the angel in the face with a smirk,"I love a woman who talkes action." Lucien laughed then fell silent again. He really didn't know if he was trying to get into a fight or not but he knew he needed to hand up the bullshit if they were going to do anything a bout the problem they faced.

Bastiaan watched the display of power with little interest, until Dementia's last statement. He leaned back in his chair again and lifted his feet to rest on the table.

"Well the, I'll go on a limb and state the painfully obvious. This building must hold something to tell us where we are to go and what we are to do. I say we split up, one half explore the lower floors, the other the upper. There's got to be something around here to get us on the right track."

His gaze shifted upwards and he gave Dementia a wicked look and an equally ferral smirk. "Unless someone else has a better idea..."

"I have to agree with Dementia and Bastiaan. The only problem is, what is it that's drawn us here and is keeping a hold on us, and the groups. Who's going where?" Tristan said. Still surprised by the power that Dementia had just expulsed, he stood still and silent in the corner.

treage looks around at the others and says "come on gang lets split up and look for clues... but first somebody should explain better what were looking for besides something magical... this whole place just radiates it."

watcher from a dark tunnel she looked at the whole display of argueing, seduction and finally. she wanted to cry, she didn't want to be part of this but she was pulled by this magical energy and she knew she had to come out of her hiding place and show her self to the rest.
she listened again and heard they were about to split up
oh dear, i really have to do something.
she puleld her self together and stretched her hand at the vision,once her barkskin like hand got thru th evision she was pulled out with immense power.
she gasped and looked around and then backwards. "there there little tree, that wasn't that bad"she said while she tapped a little potted tree that stood in the corner.
then she turned around "uhm i guess i have to tell you who i am?"she mumbled and held in touch with the tree, ready to escape if needed to.

Lucien looked around her. "yes that would be a nice idea." He stood up and walked over to her. He stopped a few feet from her to give her space.

She was such an angel. Despite her fierce temper, she only snarled at the high-and-mighty Lucien, not feeling like feasting on the flesh of one so impure. As he maneuvered his deceptively suave form over to the newcomer, she turned her gaze towards Bastiaan, with a look as if she was very determined to get this done. Suddenly, her eyes changed into one of interest, and a wide grin split her features. "Cynder!" she exclaimed with ecstacy, rushing from the room, out onto the cold snowy earth. However, around the shape of Cynder, the fire angelique, the snow had melted, turning into a nice sheet of ice. His wings were like that of a phoenix, flaming, and more radiant and impressive than Dementia's. His garb was more modern, in contrast to Dementia's victorian gear. Flowing blond hair contrasted with his radient blue eyes, and he smiled at his sister with mock interest. As she morphed wolven to greet him, he morphed into his creature of choice, the Synnabar Hellcat. Purring, he circled her with a grin, and said with little surprise:

"No search party yet? Come now...if anyone can handle these infidels, 'tis you, mine Dementia." he said with a higher air of arrogance than Dementia posessed. Her siblings were more godly than she, not wanting to give the slightest respect to said "infidels".

Dementia growled, and shook her head. "They're stubborn, Cynder. They refuse to get along...and there's one in there that needs to lick the fires of hell."

At the mention of fire, Cynder's mane bristled, and his head piqued curiously to one side. "Need I assist you, mine sistren? For thou art of higher being than these childreth. I am an Enforcer, as are you. The mighty One will not fret if but one is extinguished...?" he said hopefully, salivating at the thought.

Nuzzling her brother, Dementia smirked, and whispered in his ear...
"Thou shalt not kill, brethren. But stay. I may need your assistance yet in gathering the troops."

"well i'm Astrofenhoaf , a dryad grown from the a forest far away, where magic was full, fearies played and spites could be found on every branch.
but the last decennia msot of my kindred and especcially the fearies have died becouse of to less magic. we dryads live on soil, water, sunlight and as last we thrive on magic so do you.
iv'e been watching your conversation from this friend of mine"and she looked over her shoulder at the little potted tree"we dryads are abble to travel between plant and tree's and use them as portals, just like demons use to travel between different dimensions.
further i have been pulled to this place just like you and i'm willing to save my kind, my beloved, my forest and everything that lives, becouse the living have been sprouted from flora long time ago, which even our greater kindred the ents only know about by stories told over al these milleniums.
i hope i cleared myself?" she said ashamed.

With a smile he moved a little closer,"why have you just now come out? We can use all the help we can get you know, but i guess you know that since you have been watching us." Lucien looked at the little tree then back at the dryad. "I am not sure that I can be any help to this group though most seem to dislike me. I'm sure you can be of use though since you can travel so easly."

Astrofenhoaf made a little cricket sound, like she luaghed a bit "well it isn't that easy, i can only travel between flora with a wooden trunk, and those tree's should be of pure spirit, i thionk you don't know but flora can turn unpure and eventually evil to. mever heard of wierd sightings of branch droppings on wood chopper machines? and i mean not the small branches, no the huge branches. that's what unpure tree's do. tree's have a law we they have to follow, they should never show to the human world that tree's are living beings just like us only when all the tree's on this planet have given up hope then they should all attack.
but that's nto goign to happen for long time to come. we dryads keep the humans from our forest by well just killing them and letting no one live "she made the same cricket sound as before and continued with her story "that's why no human has ever seen us, well only old myth's and fables are there about us, and that's how we like it.
oh well, uhm... what was i explaining again? i forget the whole point in my stories you know, and then i just ramble about everything and nothing, but that's just how...oh sorry i did it again. i'm just proud of our race you know"she said almost whispering

Lucien Laughted a bit,"I think we all do it at times we cant really help it. But uh yeah why dont you come and sit down with all of us and talk about our plan of action." He looked over at the others and smiled.

oh hehe well I'll just stand here and listen further and if needed I'll give some comments.. she smiled a bit and took a spot near the table..

Tristan clears his throat and begins to speak, "Well, since it seems as if no one else is going to stand up and take charge, I might as well for the moment. Now, As for the search parties.. Bastiaan, Lucien, Traege, Dementia, Shiva, and myself will search for anything in the lower part of this place. Shiva, Yami, Jennila, Astrofenhoaf, Azure, Fahldohr, and Wynn will take the top half and search." *Looks outside of the door.* "It's about 9 o'clock right now, so I say by midnight we should all meet back here at the table to discuss and share what we have found. Does everyone understand?" As Tristan begins to turn around he remembers one last thing, "And by the way, No one pick up anything or touch anything that looks suspicious. We can all go back later and find out what it is and what it does. We're already trapped here, there's no need to mess something up." Without waiting for the rest of the squad he begins to walk out of the room.

that's sounds reasonable, ok let's go then! '' astrofenoaf said and she aleady marched to the door..

Treage slowly rose to his feet and said " dont be alarmed or offended this is what i am and why i am here i always hoped there where other freaks like me" as he separated into millions of flies. his backpack dropped to the ground with a small thump and the whirring of wings was deafening until they spread out around the room. the flies avoiding the floor for obvious reasons

Shive finaly stood up from her chair at the big table and shaked her head at Tristan.
"Please Tristan, Im sorry to interrupt you, but we have already looked upstairs and down for any type of clue and found nothing of interest or help. I dont see why we have to do that again. I did explain about my spell I can do, and no one ither agreed nor disagreed to my suggestion. So far Astrofenhoaf is the only one that might be able to come and go with use of the plant, but im afraid none of us can do that."
Picking up her backpack from the table top, she opened it and revealed a large black book which she placed neatly on the table. Opening the book, she didnt wait for anyones opinion on the subject of what she is doing, and went though a couple of pages looking for her spell. Finaly finding it, she read the spell once, stepped back and took a deep breath. From her coat pocket she took a very small white candle and placed it next to the book. With a flick of her hand the candle lit up a small fire.
"Moon and tide save help me now,
I seek the truth here not yet found,
For underneath the fog there lies,
New possibilities for I,
So let this night be unlike others,
And let the noble show their colors,
And let the meek and cowards run,
For now the moon seeks out her sun,
And by the power that is three,
So as I will it, so mote it be.”

A flash of white filled the room for a split second blinding them all. As soon as Shiva got her sight back she half smiled at her acomplishment. Right at the end of the room stood a large door wide open. Bright sun was shineing through it into the room lighting it up for all to see. With another flick of her hand the candle died, and Shiva placed it back into her pocked. Staring at the other side of the door, she could make out a deep red sand which could only be a desert.

Lucien smiled,"I knew I liked her!" Lucien went to the door and looked out goodness that had to be a whole other world out there. "she really is good,"he mummbled to to him self.

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