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This wiki is a Safe Zone

True Green Day fans, Welcome to Boulevard of Broken Dreams!




Everyone who wants to join this wiki is very welcome to do so, no need to ask me, just put your name down on the list.



Thursday 19th May 2005

Green Day have announced that they'll be starting another North American tour on August 10th, with Jimmy Eat World supporting them! If you want to know any more then please go to


If you have any suggestions or comments about this wiki, then please send a message to [Emma_Bun]. On a more serious note, if there are swear words that need to be deleated on any of the lyrics pages then send me a message A.S.A.P.



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Here for Green Day Lyrics Main Menu for some songwords

Even here to become a volunteer with theBoulevard of Broken Dreams Staff

EVEN here for the Green Day Biography Main Menu to find out where it all started...

Or even here to enter our Blvd. of B.D Banner Comp (that stands for 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams Banner Competiton', it was too long for it to be the name of the page so I had to shorten it.)


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2005-04-26 [abandonedhouse7 7]: I'm entering the banner competition! When I've finished, obviously.

2005-04-28 [Emma_Bun]: Good for you! There's only 6 days left, it closes on 4th May (which also happens to be Mike's birthday lol)

2005-05-04 [Emma_Bun]: I've decided to extend the deadline of the banner competiton to 11th May 2005!

2005-05-14 [Emma_Bun]: is everyone? Anyone entering the banner competiton? I'm extending the deadline again...

2005-05-14 [Emma_Bun]: THE BANNER COMETITON DEADLINE IS 1ST JUNE 2005! I hope that gives you plenty of time to make and submit your the way, is anybody entering?!

2005-05-19 [Auroron]: i saw some old pics of Green day in a old magazine, i think they was about....16 years or something...

2005-05-19 [Emma_Bun]: I wonder what they looked like? Which reminds me, I've seen a pic of Mike WITH LONG HAIR!!! lol he looked a little strange, but you change your looks over time :)

2005-05-21 [Auroron]: mike looks kinda....old, like my dad

2005-05-23 [Emma_Bun]: Well 33 isn't exactly young, is it? Mind you, it's not that old either...

2005-05-25 [Auroron]: My dad is 45, but he looks like mike....And my dad thinks green day is a good band, he should be hating them!

2005-09-14 [Emma_Bun]: Helloooo everyone! Yes I'm back, but not for good unfortunately :'( Anyway, hope you're all safe and well and that you didn't do any stupid stuff. Oh I've missed you all so much! Infact, I'm going to give you all a hug. Group hug everyone! *hugs*

2005-09-15 [Auroron]: yay! welcome back!

2005-09-17 [Emma_Bun]: Auroron, I'm not back for good sweetie. I know you've missed me and all, but my library still haven't unblocked Elftown. So I'm afraid that if I do come on, it won't be very often.

2005-09-17 [Auroron]: oh..damn that library!

2005-10-01 [Emma_Bun]: I know I know, it sucks. And there's actually something very important I need to tell you all. When I first joined Elftown, I was just planning to speak to friends and stuff like that. But then Matthew, my brother, found out my password to my account and started going on it and pretending to be me. And he acted like I was obsessed with Green Day and he was the one that created this wiki, he was the one that typed all the comments in text type and he conned you all into thinking that I was some little fan girl that just talks about Green Day all the time. Well I'm not like that at all, I'm actually quite sensible and grown up for my age.

2005-10-01 [Emma_Bun]: But I'm just glad that Matthew made this wiki becuase if he hadn't, well, I wouldn't have all of you guys as my friends. So I just want to apologise for any confusion caused.

2005-10-02 [Auroron]: thats okay.

2005-10-08 [Emma_Bun]: Thanks, I just didn't know how you were going to react :P

2005-10-09 [Auroron]: it also says that in your house or something, and i don't think you have been acting wierd. So it's all okay.

2005-10-21 [Emma_Bun]: *hugs*

2005-11-26 [Auroron]: [Emma_Bun] is angry at me, so i'll just leave this wiki, bye bye

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