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Well come the seminal home of britpop, and the values that have made it in to the institution that it is. The transparent movement and tolerance of musical progresion which has spawned such undinaibly world class bands as varied as the Sex Pistols, Radiohead, Blur, Oasis, Joey Division, Rezzerection, Led Zepplin e.t.c ( you get the picture.) over the years. The values which have turned Britain into a safe haven for musical revoloutionaries, its no mere coincidence that Nirvana tourted before they made it big in America, and the White stripes made their last album here.

Converstion Topic: What is the best album of all time, put your nomonation forward






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[JAAN]: Hi

[JAAN]: Best album of all time, well lets prepare the nomonation list first, any suggestions? Oh yeah Ash dont put Rezzerection cause i already put your photo up and put you in the opening paragraph, alright

[shadowyzman]: err led zepplin??

[JAAN]: Allright which album

[No more here]: y0!

[JAAN]: Yo back to u Greenwing

[Rockin' Ronja]: Hm... I haven't listened to all of these bands, and all I know is random songs here and there... Blur, maybe...

[JAAN]: Yeah Blur are great, i nominate modern life is rubbish

[wiccanangel]: well i don't like pop music but i'll nominate Reuben fro best british rock with their album Racecar is racecar backwards

[darkestdawn]: hmm... hi all.. i recomend... the white stripes.. with seven nation army(thats the album right.. i always get these things cionfused)

[Queen Bee 69]: all abocve is utter shit. sowi but it has 2 be sed!

[JAAN]: Alright then Im all for "constructive" critiscm so u come up with somin better

[JAAN]: Oh yeah lets get one thing straight this aint POP music allright so dont let me hear u say that again, Britpop is the name given to the British music movement after the death of Grunge, which funnily enough officialy ended with Cobains death. So I dont want any elitest Rockers flying thier flag here.

[darkestdawn]: ok...

[JAAN]: Actualy the album is called elephanr, but you rright i ve got it and i think everbody slags off Jack White unjustly

[Mirime]: you call this indie rock?

[Nee'lahn]: ok I really like The Sex Pistols, their music was angry and wasn't always the greatest but i just have this likeing for them....

[Nee'lahn]: I like Jack White and many ppl don't like their music but it is very strong and the lyrics are great.....Just because many ppl want to gossip about their personal lives they imediatly boycott their music.


[akhirah]: yeahh!! iron maiden!!! \m/...haha britain definitly rules when it comes to music..! *dances on britains soil..* whoo..

[JAAN]: Iron Maiden is contrivied cock rocking machiost bull shit, u need to listen to sopme led zep my son

[JAAN]: Actualy im gonna do an overly self indulgent cover of the trooper for the sake of irony

[octopus009]: I would love to join this wiki..I own all of the albums of Blur (my favorite), Radiohead, Oasis, Lush, the Beatles, and PinkFloyd...I think the greatest album of the genre is a tie between 13 by Blur and Ok Computer by Radiohead...I would have said Oasis's Definately Maybe but they're too overrated for a "greatest of all time" I think..

[octopus009]: though Modern life is Rubbish, parklife, the great escape, and Blur could all make it this one is my favorite personally...and Ok Computer simply Radiohead's best work if you ask me

[octopus009]: I guess I would Nominate 13

[JAAN]: i like 13, but i d have

[JAAN]: i like 13, but i d have to say i like modern lifwe is rubbish is a bit bettter, i dont the album blur to much that was quite boring. Everything Must Go and The HOly Bible by the manics and problay this is my truth me your s id also like to nominate. A Design For is unbeatable realy

[akhirah]: i listen to Zep thnx..i dont need u to tell me wat sux and wat doesnt...*hiss*

[JAAN]: Im only putting forward my opinion- which incidently happens to be the truth

[octopus009]: 13 was just such an emotional peace with some of the best songwriting I've heard from Blur but Mod is a terrific album as are the rest of them.

[JAAN]: ive got to do a history of pop music essay has anyone ot any seminal lbums to reference?

[octopus009]: Too many to mention at this time.

[Cat In Bag.]: BLUR FOR GOD SAKE! BLUR ARE THE BEST! or maybe Madness, i got addicted to them, ya gotta love em, if youve heard baggy trousers then you'll know why :P

[octopus009]: Blur are one of the great rock acts in my opinion and in many others.

[JAAN]: I ve all ways recognised them, madness as a sweet bad but i never really got into them, what are the albums, keep i n mind i dont like ska

[JAAN]: what are the best pink loyd albums apart fro the obvious one wich i own

[octopus009]: I own every single Pink Floyd album and each one is magical.

[JAAN]: Ive got a few from the 80's and i dont dig them that much, and the soundtrack to the movie are bad, whtas better post or pre syd baret, with exclusion of the wall and darkside of the moon

[octopus009]: Oh their eighties albums are rubbish compared to their work in the sixties and seventies. I own all of syds solo stuff in vynal and CD and it is fabulous.

[octopus009]: I wish rodger waters would've stayed with em but I don't blame him for leaving

[JAAN]: have you heard of the super fury animals

[octopus009]: Of course

[JAAN]: any albums in parttcular to get there very interesting i got ther greatest hits, slow life is cool

[Nostradamia]: blur joy division suede oasis etc. = me luvs.

[octopus009]: Sleeper..there's a great band that never got its due..I love Sleeper.

[JAAN]: ive never heard of them, i listened to sgt peppers lonley hearts club ans sucked a bit, is that the best beatle

[octopus009]: What?! That album is one of the greatest ever made, man! Actually Sleeper toured with Blur on the Parklife tour.

[JAAN]: when i et older does not constitute my idea of goosd music, it terrribly repetitive, i ve heard some sogs by them lke hear comes the sun, mother nature son and blackwoood, and lennons imagine is one of the greatest songs ever, but other than that thre is sparse little to recomend about then on sgt pepper form.

[JAAN]: Tewnder has got to be the best asong ever ive just decided, you just cant beat it

[octopus009]: Tender is indeed one of the best. One of the most actually moving ballads I've heard..I mean there are all these acts today (Including Oasis even) that write these terribly shallow and dull balads that are painful to the extreme but although tender is repetetive it is a wonderful kind of repetetive. I think this is because it isn't all. It has a classical bass, the most beautiful guitar line from both the acoustic and electric guitars, the drums are simple and keep the song from being overpowered because of it. It's sincere which is rare for a balad because not many of them are about REAL breakups or heartaches.

[JAAN]: Coffe and T.V is also very beutiful, simularily understated. and i reallly like theres no distace left to run.... its genuinely moving music. but i dont like the album much, only listened to it once thugh

[octopus009]: No distance left to run is by far my favorite ballad and the best song of the album apart from...well all of it..that album is my fav! What do you think about the new Gorillaz album by the way? I bought it and I was overwhelmed, it was a very grown up album yet it still was fun in it's twisted and dark way. The first Gorillaz album was just as good as them both.

[JAAN]: i bought the sinle feel good inc. and them i listened to thier earlier stuff and realised just how good they were, indeed are. Its got good reviews but only one single has been rleased that puts me off trumendously. Actually if u could could u do me a favour, ive come into 75 pounds in my holidays, even after i bought appetite for destruction and are u experinced so i could study them as a gitatrist, which led me to the conclusion that genuinley do love brit pop since i really cant even bear to listren hendrix or guns and roses, how should i spemnd money to futher myself as a guitarist.

[octopus009]: I suggest you to stick with what you know the best but to keep experimenting other sounds. I love Hendrix personally but GnR is terrible. I say you buy yourself a Boss Me 50 mutiple guitar effects peddle. It's got everything on it and it works great! It's got several distortion modes, several modulation modes, and great delay modes's even got a wah peddle with mutiple modes. It's also got a built in tuner and a memory system..but I don't know how the memory works..either that or buy some new music

[octopus009]: I just bought the new Oasis album and I can say it is quite good..though they are still never making it to number one in the states again..sure they sold out madeson square but it's not happening I don't believe. The Futureheads are the next XTC for sure I love them to death, and I also came into the possession of the latest album from The Streets which is quite interesting.

[JAAN]: YES! the futureheads are quitew amazing, and the new oasis album i also agree is quite alright, the importance of being eanset is a good song, still i find them hardto get into

[octopus009]: But the futureheads are indeed wonderful..

[JAAN]: What about the Kaise cheifs, thir branded as the next Blur

[octopus009]: I say they are quite a fun group but not nearly as good or as stylish as Blur once were. I say Bloc Party is the next big thing in Britpop...except for COldplay...grrr..

[JAAN]: damnn straight blur were amazin. Damon Albarn had a go at Pete Docherty. PD is overated thouhg. A band the magic numbers are actualy quite good.

[octopus009]: What about Pulp? Jarvis Cocker is a terrific front man and a brilliant songwriter I think.

[JAAN]: I was about to mention the pulp. I was gonna buy his n hers, but bought a eric clapton tab book instead. I dont like the album different class at all, but some of thier lesser poppy songs are brilliant

[octopus009]: I disliked His n Hers..but I do believe Different Class to be a classic album.

[JAAN]: Have u heard of the tears

[sequeena_rae]: Stereophonics!! They rock end of. ^_^

[JAAN]: They are prety cool, but the super furrys and the manicas are wales best exports

[octopus009]: The Tears...the old Suede front man/guitarist took that one up, yes?

[JAAN]: i find there album rally cringe inducing, if the lyrics arent write in a song i'll reject it like i do to he killerss or the pixies. Im not fussy i realy like weeezers new song

[JAAN]: does anyone find the introduction of coffe and tv reallly hard to do on the guitar, there are some weird subtle probally improvised ryythms used

[octopus009]: Yes it's really hard! I Can't figure it out..I think No Distance Left to Run is kind of hard.

[JAAN]: yep very distinctive idiosyncric rythm. Who would u say are the modern day equivelants to blur, probally weezer. are pavement any good, for me american music is bad and berefet of originality

[octopus009]: Pavement?! BAD?! Pavement is single handedly one of the most original and talented groups in american history! Buy anyone of their albums and you will see.

[JAAN]: im sure pavement are good cause i've heard a lot of good things about them! Are devo any good then

[octopus009]: They are a very witty and very catchy New Wave group..I don't have an album of theirs but I've heard a variety of work from them and it had all been good. Do you like The Bravery? I find them to be a sort of Smiths rip a good way

[JAAN]: really i quite ate the bravrey and the killers i find them lame retrogressive and chessy, especialy the bravery, killres are better musically but there lyrics are kringe inducing

[octopus009]: I would have to disagree there..because their doing exactly what acts like Blur, Oasis, Pulp, and others did in the 90's...which was looking back to their influences

[JAAN]: No but this emulates them, blur were a true melding pot of specific influences and genuine talent and cruicialy innovation

[octopus009]: Indeed, but then again there are bands like Metro, the Bravery, Bloc Party, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and more...who make great records and still have that retro alternative sound

[JAAN]: Yeah i suppose, i just dont really the reason for such over exuberent hype in the killers

[octopus009]: I never listen to hype..hype just gets me listening..but I never take mind to it.

[JAAN]: Neither do i if did i d wrack my brains for ways to justify them. The strokes ahve got a new single out soon, to appease us before thier album in March, have u heard the new elbow single

[octopus009]: I Dislike the strokes for some reason..i mean I love bands like Kings of Leon but the strokes don't really do it for me. But no I haven't, why is it any good?

[JAAN]: Its fantastic, ive got to start getti thei albums. I bought Super furry animals radiator and love craft, neil young harvest moon, grham coxons h i m at the weeeknd, set e back 30 quid

[octopus009]: I'm getting into The Streets...mostly because I am a huge fan of underground rap and also because they are hilarious..very tongue and cheek.

[JAAN]: the super furry animals are as well, thier new album is very good

[octopus009]: I haven't heard it yet...who dislikes the new Coldplay album? I do with a's just like their last one!

[JAAN]: I hate thier new single, but the single sped f sound is pretty solid. Thier gettin more and more contrived now, more U2 than radiohead

[octopus009]: Yeah I hate it..I do think their songs are beautiful but they just sound too much like the other...I mean when I listen to a radiohead or a blur album I here different songs, different melodies, but the same people. Bands like Coldplay and Oasis really piss me off because they can't stray from, the sound that makes them famous.

[JAAN]: Oasis strays i little bit i suppose. i really like coldplays first album cause it had amazing radiohead, jeff buckleys songs like shiver and dont panic, now they just seem to be paryoding themselvres

[JAAN]: Whats the best led zepplin album

[octopus009]: Number 4 by far..either that or number 2

[JAAN]: what about number 3, id say 4 is the best but the first two i reALLY DONT LIKE. the ones after are interseting, preverence is pageys faveourate

[JAAN]: did i spell that right

[octopus009]: don't know...all dat matters us that you got the message through...damn tis been a while

[JAAN]: yeah lets continue. Television are they better than the strokes

[octopus009]: Television woop the strokes big time...

[JAAN]: apart from marquee mon they have only one more album out?

[octopus009]: Not sure really..

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