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2004-10-04 10:24:04
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Well come the seminal home of britpop, and the values that have made it in to the institution that it is. The transparent movement and tolerance of musical progresion which has spawned such undinaibly world class bands as varied as the Sex Pistols, Radiohead, Blur, Oasis, Joey Division, Rezzerection, Led Zepplin e.t.c ( you get the picture.) over the years. The values which have turned Britain into a safe haven for musical revoloutionaries, its no mere coincidence that Nirvana tourted before they made it big in America, and the White stripes made their last album here.

Converstion Topic: What is the best album of all time, put your nomonation forward






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[Nee'lahn]: I like Jack White and many ppl don't like their music but it is very strong and the lyrics are great.....Just because many ppl want to gossip about their personal lives they imediatly boycott their music.


[akhirah]: yeahh!! iron maiden!!! \m/...haha britain definitly rules when it comes to music..! *dances on britains soil..* whoo..

[JAAN]: Iron Maiden is contrivied cock rocking machiost bull shit, u need to listen to sopme led zep my son

[JAAN]: Actualy im gonna do an overly self indulgent cover of the trooper for the sake of irony

[octopus009]: I would love to join this wiki..I own all of the albums of Blur (my favorite), Radiohead, Oasis, Lush, the Beatles, and PinkFloyd...I think the greatest album of the genre is a tie between 13 by Blur and Ok Computer by Radiohead...I would have said Oasis's Definately Maybe but they're too overrated for a "greatest of all time" I think..

[octopus009]: though Modern life is Rubbish, parklife, the great escape, and Blur could all make it this one is my favorite personally...and Ok Computer simply Radiohead's best work if you ask me

[octopus009]: I guess I would Nominate 13

[JAAN]: i like 13, but i d have

[JAAN]: i like 13, but i d have to say i like modern lifwe is rubbish is a bit bettter, i dont the album blur to much that was quite boring. Everything Must Go and The HOly Bible by the manics and problay this is my truth me your s id also like to nominate. A Design For is unbeatable realy

[akhirah]: i listen to Zep thnx..i dont need u to tell me wat sux and wat doesnt...*hiss*

[JAAN]: Im only putting forward my opinion- which incidently happens to be the truth

[octopus009]: 13 was just such an emotional peace with some of the best songwriting I've heard from Blur but Mod is a terrific album as are the rest of them.

[JAAN]: ive got to do a history of pop music essay has anyone ot any seminal lbums to reference?

[octopus009]: Too many to mention at this time.

[Cat In Bag.]: BLUR FOR GOD SAKE! BLUR ARE THE BEST! or maybe Madness, i got addicted to them, ya gotta love em, if youve heard baggy trousers then you'll know why :P

[octopus009]: Blur are one of the great rock acts in my opinion and in many others.

[JAAN]: I ve all ways recognised them, madness as a sweet bad but i never really got into them, what are the albums, keep i n mind i dont like ska

[JAAN]: what are the best pink loyd albums apart fro the obvious one wich i own

[octopus009]: I own every single Pink Floyd album and each one is magical.

[JAAN]: Ive got a few from the 80's and i dont dig them that much, and the soundtrack to the movie are bad, whtas better post or pre syd baret, with exclusion of the wall and darkside of the moon

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