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2004-10-04 10:24:04
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Well come the seminal home of britpop, and the values that have made it in to the institution that it is. The transparent movement and tolerance of musical progresion which has spawned such undinaibly world class bands as varied as the Sex Pistols, Radiohead, Blur, Oasis, Joey Division, Rezzerection, Led Zepplin e.t.c ( you get the picture.) over the years. The values which have turned Britain into a safe haven for musical revoloutionaries, its no mere coincidence that Nirvana tourted before they made it big in America, and the White stripes made their last album here.

Converstion Topic: What is the best album of all time, put your nomonation forward






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[JAAN]: Hi

[JAAN]: Best album of all time, well lets prepare the nomonation list first, any suggestions? Oh yeah Ash dont put Rezzerection cause i already put your photo up and put you in the opening paragraph, alright

[shadowyzman]: err led zepplin??

[JAAN]: Allright which album

[No more here]: y0!

[JAAN]: Yo back to u Greenwing

[Rockin' Ronja]: Hm... I haven't listened to all of these bands, and all I know is random songs here and there... Blur, maybe...

[JAAN]: Yeah Blur are great, i nominate modern life is rubbish

[wiccanangel]: well i don't like pop music but i'll nominate Reuben fro best british rock with their album Racecar is racecar backwards

[darkestdawn]: hmm... hi all.. i recomend... the white stripes.. with seven nation army(thats the album right.. i always get these things cionfused)

[Queen Bee 69]: all abocve is utter shit. sowi but it has 2 be sed!

[JAAN]: Alright then Im all for "constructive" critiscm so u come up with somin better

[JAAN]: Oh yeah lets get one thing straight this aint POP music allright so dont let me hear u say that again, Britpop is the name given to the British music movement after the death of Grunge, which funnily enough officialy ended with Cobains death. So I dont want any elitest Rockers flying thier flag here.

[darkestdawn]: ok...

[JAAN]: Actualy the album is called elephanr, but you rright i ve got it and i think everbody slags off Jack White unjustly

[Mirime]: you call this indie rock?

[Nee'lahn]: ok I really like The Sex Pistols, their music was angry and wasn't always the greatest but i just have this likeing for them....

[Nee'lahn]: I like Jack White and many ppl don't like their music but it is very strong and the lyrics are great.....Just because many ppl want to gossip about their personal lives they imediatly boycott their music.

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