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Broken and Confused

An Inuyasha Fan Fiction

This is a story of love and romance and takes place after the battle with Naraku. The story is centered on the pairing of Inu/Kag and possibly a side story line about San/Mir pairing. I'm not sure exactly how the story will pan out from here. I'll stop my intro for the here and now and let the story wisk you away to the Fuedal Era of Japan once more. Enjoy!

Warnings: [This story will contain a few lemons, and I will try to write two versions, a lemon and a lime. The lemons will not be posted for the general public, and will be in a private wiki. You need to contact me, if you want those versions. Otherwise, the limes will be rated Older Teen or PG-13 to R -ish. You have been warned.]

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha, or any of it's delicious characters and I never will.  *le sigh*

B&C Chapter One A Battle Won, A Friend Lost

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