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2007-03-18 18:55:46
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</3 Broken heart banners </3


Our first ever banner!!!


<*IMG:*>(copy and take away stars)

(made by [Moucher]) Thanks a lot!!!




(made by [Zab]) Thanks a lot!!!




(made by [scary_mary_])


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2005-12-31 [Moucher]: ahahahahah

2005-12-31 [Fides]: Of course you can. you just need some time.

2005-12-31 [Nikos Kitten]: alot of it to

2006-01-02 [grey wanderer]: SUGGESTION: Someone should make one with duct tape holding it together. Sadly I canot and am not interested, but I saw another banner on another house and just HAD to share my thoughts.

2006-01-02 [flowergirl90]: I've thought about that, and if i could i would do it...sadly i don't know how. but i'm sure someone'll do it some day...

2006-01-03 [Nikos Kitten]: i had a bf but then he dumped me cuzz he cant do it till he's moible so i quit dating

2006-01-03 [flowergirl90]: oh

2006-01-03 [Dorian Gray]: Yes... first banner v. nice. well done... Moucher... good job!

2006-01-04 [Nikos Kitten]: i am having a hard time with love.

2006-01-12 [DragonThug]: hi

2006-01-12 [Nikos Kitten]: dont worry thats only my brother

2006-01-13 [DragonThug]: wazz^

2006-01-13 [Nikos Kitten]: what has thoe done to me with thee heart and very own soul of this forgoton love of mine in thee air and have thee who shall cometh forth and love thy soul and make they soul free again thou love ye give to me is free and beautiful in thee eyes if thee strongest love which thou lives in you becometh free and spiritural in thy name of beauty and grace that way thy beauty will be free again and not botlled upas it has always been are the reason that my love is still growing in thy eyes of beauty and bravenss of lovers wiseness and grace that thy love instead you are the reason thy love to be free and spritural you are thy one.

2006-01-13 [Nikos Kitten]: my poem from 11th garde in 2005

2006-01-14 [DragonThug]: nice poem

2006-01-19 [flowergirl90]: really nice

2006-02-24 [scary_mary_]: I made a banner, how do I add it?

2006-02-24 [MyWings]: wow it looks really good!!!

2006-02-24 [scary_mary_]: thank you!

2006-02-24 [MyWings]: i love it!

2006-02-28 [flowergirl90]: wonderful! thanks! ^_^

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