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User Name: [Evolution X]

Character name: Brunelda De Pace
Mutant Name: Verstand

Classification: X-men

Abilities/powers: Telepathic abilities such as mind to mind communication and telepathic illusions with limited range, and the ability to create physical representation of psychic attacks. While physically present in the world, the “psyche bombs” become more fragile the stronger the effect will be. Brunelda is limited only to being able to create “psyche bombs” that can either block sight, sound or touch, or to highlight the sense to almost excruciating amounts. Brunelda would also like to work on her telepathic defences, but is struggling.

Sex: Females
Age/Date of Birth: 23 July 22nd
General appearance: Brunelda is a very dark skinned girl, standing 5’6” with shoulder length black curls. She is rather skinny, lacking in curves, though her feminine face usually allows others to realise she is a girl. There have been a few instances when she’s been accused of being an effeminate looking boy however. Her eyes are light green.
Additional Appearance: Her left ear is pierced heavily with an array of studs. She also has a tattoo of a skull on both ankles.

Personality: Brunelda has always been a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Her natural state tends to be one of paranoia and uncertainty, never really violently so, but she finds it difficult to trust others. She has become a pathological liar out of habit and often tells people misleading information on a whim, without fully considering the implications of her actions. When she finds a person she believes she can trust, she occasionally becomes so attached that she overwhelms the person with attempted ‘friendship’. She’s never dated a boy, and tends to become nervous around people who would want to date her.
Special Skills: Lying. If you do not believe this to be a special skill you have not seen her lie.

Place of birth: South Africa
Weapon(s) of choice: Her own “psyche bombs” and blind panic. Previous violent episodes have lead to her overwhelming the target with mental assault, then a more physical assault.
Brief History: Brunelda was the middle child of a group of rather boisterous boys in what could be considered a middle class South African home. It wasn’t the penthouses of the inner cities but it certainly wasn’t mud huts and walking to the well every day. Her powers awakened rather early in her life, but because of a mistake with a blood test at a local doctors, her mutant genome was not discovered; thus Brunelda began a rather extensive series of medication in order to try and ‘battle the voices in her head’. This is what has lead in the long term to her rather troubling paranoiac tendencies, which have only become worse when she discovered that what she was hearing was not in fact a symptom of mental disorder, but what people were actually thinking.

This is not the first time she came to Xavier’s school for Gifted Youngsters, as she previously came in under Xavier’s own tutelage in order to control her rampant psychic problems. She is now a lot more controlled with her abilities, though her paranoia is still a personal issue. She is returning to the mansion on invitation of Shana Tilar, and is currently unaware that Xavier is missing.
Relatives: Two brothers, Charl and Gerhardus. Father, Kores. Estranged Mother, name unknown.

How long your character has been in the mansion: Just arriving for second time. Came to mansion when younger.

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