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2011-05-20 10:29:19
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Keepers of the deepest, darkest secrets of inspection, these vigilant people never cease to watch for bugs. Diligently they probe Elftown searching for flaws in its workings so that they may be fixed. These are the elite of the elite, the masters of masters who have found hundreds upon hundreds of bugs, and in reporting them, helped make Elftown a better place.


The Bug Buggers

Bug Bugger [Isilando]
Bug Bugger [65tyjvw45b] : Deiscorides Bug Reports

The forum to report bugs: <forum:Elftown, Bugs>


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2011-03-10 [Mortified Penguin]: Hey, I've reported bugs before. Maybe not hundreds upon hundreds, but still. I want this badge for my collection.

2011-03-23 [kians mummy]: i have done as well and would also like a badge

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