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2006-01-10 14:36:37
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Bush Haters Association - Banners


Since our old banner got deleted; we are going to use our original banner in the [WIKI ONLY]. Anyone who was here when it was used before will know why...

We finally have a banner that we are allowed to use! If you want to make us a banner then message [Lord Kügenheim]. Anyone who makes a banner MUST remember that it cant contain an actual picture of bush (however manipulated it may be).

I'm a member of the Bush Haters Association

I'm a member of the [Bush Haters Association@*wiki]

Back to the Bush Haters Association

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[Black_Dragon_123]: But I didn't create it...

[Morrigon]: but you want to use it, i just made it here and i figured it wouldnt be allowed in houses i just thought the people at this wiki might appreciate it

[Black_Dragon_123]: I do appreciate it. it's funny!!! ^^

[Morrigon]: cool im glad you do i thought it was funny too

[Black_Dragon_123]: heh heh...

[I am no longer existant]: hi guys. How do I geta wiki badge???

[Goldice]: copy and paste the link

[I am no longer existant]: what do I copy and paste it to? the discription or....

[Morrigon]: Yes your description. when you paste it make sure you type <*img: before and > after wards (with no stars or spaces)

[I am no longer existant]: I figured it out

[miss Lindsey]: how do i get winiks on my home page can some one msg me and tell me please

[Lord Kügenheim]: say you wanted to add our banner. you just copy and paste:<*IMG:*> into your bio and take out the *s

[!*Hippy*! ♥Marie♥]: i wanna join...I hate Bush...

[Goldice]: ok no probs i'l ad you

[Lord Kügenheim]: make sure you've added the banner though.

[Goldice]: indeed thanks kugy

[punk rock babe]: cool but need more banners

[// Grace //.And..Bend]: Is there someway that I could volunteer to be a banner checker too?

[Lord Kügenheim]: course. Just ask ^_^

[Whatever_90]: I havn't been in here for a while.. Is it or is it not okey to use the black with white-letters banner?

[Goldice]: uh huh

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