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2006-08-29 13:54:50
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But, Why all the layers?

I sometimes get the question; Why should I use all those layers?
And, because I don't think ''because I say so'' is an answer, I'll write it here. ;P
if you, after reading this, still don't want to use the exellent layersfunction; then that's all your decission. :)


When you are shading your image with the burn or dodge tool, it's very practical with layers. If you have each color, or each part of the image, on a different layer, you'll avoid that your tool burn outside the lines. I promise: that's not neat.
The same goes when you smudge. If you are using layers, you can lock the transparent pixels and the color will stay in the area you've colored, and inside the lines. :)
Otherwise the coloring will mix itself with the colors near it if you not are extremely careful.
The image below have only one layer, not even the lines are separated from the coloring. I've shaded and smudged the shading in Gimp.


And this image have several layers, one for each color. It's much neater, don't you think? ;)


Layers are also good for other things: they allow you to have the lineart there without being afraid to erase it or smudge it, and they allow you to try a new color without destroying the old one if the new color just wasn't good. Or add stars to a night sky, if there gets too many you can erase them without affecting the itself. I can't count all ways layers are helpful, but basicly; you can mess around as much as you want with the picture without fearing to destroy it.
If you learn to use the layers, and really, it's not very hard. Just try.


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2005-12-31 [nokaredes]: But, how?? T_T

2005-12-31 [Zab]: How? To make new layers? see gimp coloring I wrote it there. :) If it's something else, please be more specific. ;)

2005-12-31 [nokaredes]: *twitch* No...layers are what I wanted...thanks...

2005-12-31 [Zab]: uhm..twitch? O_o *backs away slowly*

2005-12-31 [nokaredes]: xD

2005-12-31 [Zab]: So, does it work for you? :P

2005-12-31 [nokaredes]: I dunno, all I've got on this computer right now are photos >_> and it looks complicated...

2005-12-31 [Zab]: photos? I don't get it..O_o it's not complicated to make a new layer..

2005-12-31 [nokaredes]: Yep, from my new digital camera ^_^ For you already know how...

2005-12-31 [Zab]: XD I have a new camera too! *lol* uhm..okie.. you have the layers window up? it's 'file --> windows --> make new (something, I have it in swedish) -> layers..etc. etc.'' uhm..

2005-12-31 [nokaredes]: ...layers window?

2005-12-31 [Zab]: uhm.. the little window showing what layers you have... O_o you are working with Gimp, and want to make layers, right? Or have I misunderstood it completely? O_o I do that sometimes..><

2005-12-31 [nokaredes]: No, I am trying to make layers :P But I have no layers window open...

2005-12-31 [nokaredes]: Ah-ha! I found it ^_^

2005-12-31 [Zab]: hehe.. now it's easy, just look at the wiki I told about before..:P there is a 'new layer' image, just press that :)

2005-12-31 [nokaredes]: Okay, I got all the way to the "layer properties" one...but where is layer properrties? <_<

2005-12-31 [Zab]: look at the images I've inlined; it's marked with red. :) And you don't have to do that just to make a new layer.. you already have a layer if you ... *thinks* just press the image looking like a paper, at the bottom of the layers window.

2005-12-31 [nokaredes]: <img300*0:stuff/gimp.zab.5.jpg> <--there you say something about multiplying layers? @_@

2005-12-31 [Zab]: multiply it makes it so that when you color under it, the black keeps black, but the white in the layer you color gets transparent. :) it's the same in photoshop. And you change it in that field you can see a part of inder the 'window/curtain'' with a blue mark. But that has nothing to do with making new layers..O_o

2005-12-31 [nokaredes]: *brain explodes*

2005-12-31 [Zab]: To make a new layer: <img300*0:> First: press the image with a red ring around, down in the corner. Then: press OK. :) //for all other stuff on that page: try it step by step and you'll see what I mean :)

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