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Poetry by [Linderel].


Coal Black Wings
CBW: Archive 2006-2007


That song

That song you sing.
What is it?
Did you do it yourself?
It's so beautiful.
Can you teach it to me?
My mind lives in fantasy
and is in need of company.
Please continue singing.
You stole my heart with that song.


Little, sleep now
Little, go now
Go to another world
travel to a world of dreams
dreams that once were lost
Sweet dreams, delightful
full of happiness and joy
No more tears
tears that you cried
Go now and sleep
rest in beauty and peace
Farewell, my beloved child

Dragon's daughter

Wings, claws and scaly skin.
But the body of a human,
the mind of a human
and the heart of a dragon.
No one wants to know her.
No one wishes to love her.
No, they do not even want
to see her.
She is alone.
A dragon's daughter.

Fate of the last unicorn

Once she was beautiful
full of life and joy
Once she was with her friends
all gathered in the field to play

Now all that is lost
The memory of her galloping
through the forest to me
her soft muzzle touching my hand
is all that will remain

Her clear white horn would shine in the night
like a star in the sky
But they have all died
in the hands of humans
and she is the last one
my beloved companion

Only moments from now
she will lie down on the ground
close her eyes, sigh, and simply
fade away

For that is the fate
of the last unicorn

Lady Wintertime

A cold winter breeze
brushing my cheeks
whispering beautiful songs in my ears
playing with the white locks
of my frosty hair

My pale blue skin
glows faintly in the night
Snowflakes drifting
down for my delight
small, delicate fairy wings
fluttering as they come

I raise my head toward the skies
smiling to the stars
My heart sings and I rejoice
for it is winter again
And I am the Lady Wintertime

- 11.01.2004

Endless nights

Seven times of the letter D
mark the paths of your life
seven beings of immortality
endlessly, tirelessly
wander through infinity
Without them
there would be only emptiness
endless nights

Dream your way to Destruction
Desire everything you see
Despair when Death finally comes for you
But know that your life
lived in Delirium
raised a smile to Destiny's lips

- 02.03.2004


In the break of dawn
silent whispers
and soundless steps
echo in my memory

My eyes flutter shut
I feel cold, numb
my limbs I can barely move

Flashes of red
fire through my mind
I am bewitched

To stay here forever
my love, that is my only wish
to stay here forever
beneath this icy white blanket

Just to remember
what it was like
to be with you

- 24.05.2004

Nightside of Eden

There is a place
where no light shines
where the creatures of the dark gather
and a good deed of any kind
is considered a crime to punish with death

There is a place
below and above
and all around us
inside, outside

A place called

nightside of Eden

- 15.07.2004

Black dreams

Scarlet butterflies
and birds coloured raven black
flying towards the horizon
that shines a deep, angry purple

Skeleton dancers
under a pale white moon
painting a brilliant, terrifying dream
spreading their wings of a bat
with fairylike grace
too beautiful to watch

A play of the darkest night
is here before your eyes
horrified and blinding
Blinding with the scarlet butterflies
of your own blood

- 15.07.2004

Dancer in the dark

in my own little place
I move gracefully
without a sound
a joy in my steps

To this music
that echoes in my mind
I dance
with no worry
of tomorrow

I see nothing
but the stars
so does this make me
a dancer in the dark?

- 16.08.2004

Deepest wish

Had I a fairy godmother
who could grant me
my one deepest wish

I would not ask
for money and riches

I would not have myself
all the insignificant little things
I've always wanted

I would not plead her
to make you fall in love with me

No, such things I cannot do
I only would wish
for whatever makes you happy

- 30.08.2004

Seasons of life

Time passes by
day after day
from my window I see
the leaves turning gold
and I know

autumn is coming.

Silently I wonder
will there be a day
sometime in this world
when I can awake
curled up in your arms

and you would be my spring
in my life of eternal winter.

Perhaps some day
you would bring me summer
and you would be my gentle sun
shining down on me.

- 24.09.2004

Sleeping beauty

Amidst the clouds
we lie
hand in hand

Your sleeping face
so beautiful in rest
is filling my head
my entire vision

and I'm bewildered
awed beyond my comprehension
how such an angelic creature
came to be mine

This sleeping beauty
here beside me
on this golden morning

- 11.10.2004


Standing on the edge
you hold on to your life
between anxious gasps
desperately trying to solve
what is it that keeps you alive

You know of pain
of suffering
everything around you
seems to crumble

and you take a faltering step

Don't go there!

Someone pleads you
not to go down that path
You don't want to be there
at the end of that road

Don't enter that abyss
save it for when it's your time
to see the face
of Death in the darkness

- 23.10.2004

Illusion of belonging

Moments flashing by

   in rapid moves

bare white arms and legs

    and intoxicating, sweet smells

                 I'm lost in this moment

swept into

    a fragile illusion

 of us, you and me


in what seems to be


or centuries ago

  no, wait

what is this

     it wasn't meant to be that way

You belong in the distant past

while I...




  in between

- 01.11.2004

Growing lunacy

There's a fire inside my head
I can't extinguish
say, what do you know
about heaven and hell and the universe

Is that flower there burning?
I think I might've seen
a tree come to life
right before my eyes
springing from the ground
growing, growing, growing
reaching for the skies

Is it you I feel
all around me
breathing, laughing, screaming
whispering secrets into my ears?

Where's the lamb
the innocent little thing
watch out, there's a wolf
don't you see
it's right there in front of me

I know what this is
I'm going insane
give me just a moment
and then I'll be no more

- 08.02.2005

Call of the night

Feeling the wind
gently caress my face
I surrender to the fading light
plunge into the darkness
of my own soul
And singing to the moon
I'm once again stripped
of all restraints
on my fierce, wild heart
I'm free to run
to answer the call of the night

- 27.05.2005

Blue-eyed enigma

Gazes touch
for a fleeting moment
but I can't read you
and I have no choice
but to escape

Eyes of a deep, dark blue
that I could drown in
if I just had the courage
to look at you and hold
your eyes locked into mine

Say something, anything
to make me understand you
such a contradicting personality
I wonder who you really are
behind those glasses and the joke-maker's mask

I want to know you
to laugh with you
cry with you
stay with you and hold you
Guess I'm starting to love you

- 12.06.2005

Soft rain

See with your eyes
the beauty of the world
let the sun blind you and howl to the moon
even though all things
must once crumble
naught is forever lost

Meet me under the stars
in the endless garden
where soft rain falls
I'll make a vow
right here and now
to never give up
and I shall join the celestial dance

Through the water
I see a million worlds
and every single drop
is an untaken possibility
Come outside
spread your arms like wings
and spin 'till everything is one
blurred together in this soft rain

and laugh
like you never have before
because when the rain falls
softly, melodiously
dreams are right within your grasp

- 28.06.2005

Coal black wings

Yearning to the sky
my soul burns with this desire
to fly high, higher
be free like never before

- but these wings of mine
coal black, torn and ugly
caked with dirt and blood
can't carry me

weak, powerless
against the winds that blow
they are only bitter irony

these coal black wings
meant to be bright and pure

- 29.06.2005


Crimson gold glow of the sky
painted inside my eyelids
even as I escape the world
with a weary sigh on my lips

Today my skin
is tender after the lick of flames
and my smile
strained false pained

Your voice
is like the most beautiful music
in a way that can't be understood

giving me life and robbing me of it

And if you don't know
what you do to me
and if my voice does not make your heart beat
I still wish to listen

Sun has died again today
but my burned skin will not heal
before it beats down on me again
in all its terrifying cruel glory

- 16.07.2005

Grip of terror

Ripped down my defenses

I can't even see you
on the land of my dreams
without trembling

in fear
so many years after

- 07.08.2005

Tormented; unlearn

Nails upon soft skin
taste of iron in your mouth
hands lined with faint traces of scars

phantom words stabbing your chest
the walls that crumbled
a long time ago

standing under a cascade
of scalding hot water
to wash it all away

- 07.08.2005


Red hair
like the colour
of a wild one's fur

love tattooed
on her left shoulder
to say "I'm still standing"

black velvet and a golden bell
she owns herself

look into blue-green eyes
and tell me
what you see

- 07.08.2005


Burned my eyes with tears
opening the window to freedom
I fall and watch the flow

- 07.08.2005


My voice was taken away
so I could not speak
and it was a conscious choice

Yet my heart breaks every time
I raise my head to sing
only to discover

there are no words for me.

And I hear the sounds of nature
with more meaning
than ever before

they are my song now
the world sings my melody

I compose the music of my life
with my tears and poems and love
hoping that one day
I shall be given my voice back

so I can sing my music out loud
and never fear living again

- 20.08.2005

Renaissance of one

Come meet me
on the night of my second birth
when I leave everything behind
and become whole again

for it is you
who has made this possible
awakening my strength
from its long fitful sleep

When the last summer sunset
paints the sky with colours
I shall take the final step
towards a new beginning

- 21.08.2005

Believer of hope

Butterfly soar on the sky
delicate wings ripped by the wind
go home where you belong
into the fields of grass and bloom

Burned by the flame or
killed by a hand
this beauty never dies
and only sometimes possible to understand

Flutter shut your eyes and sigh
make a difference
open your heart, open your mind
let not the light fade from your smile

Impossible things come with a cost
every magic some day weakens
reality's cruel claws will not let you fly
but don't give up and always dream

- 02.09.2005


I'm like an object
made of glass
sitting on your windowsill

fragile, yet strong
but complex

look inside me
and see a land of possibilities
let me open your eyes

for I show
the hidden rainbow
that resides within everything

- 12.09.2005

White in D minor

Breathe on frosty glass
under fingertips
blue with cold

life force drying out
with every single sigh
the last winter is here

north wind
sings a melody
meant for the weary and wistful

telling of days
gone long ago
and of rare sheltered nights

lying down
on a bed of hay and dried leaves
closing tired eyes

to the very last notes
of a hammering heart


- 12.09.2005


Such a bittersweet pain
beating inside my chest
I feel it
under the palm of my hand

blood still flows
from the ragged-edged wound
pulsing in rhythm with my heart

so no amount of tears
can erase these stains

I know but I cannot change.

- 18.09.2005


Holding the keys to heaven
a heavy burden
on frail shoulders

he searches for his destiny
a road to be followed
to have a meaning

even the most devoted servant
can turn against his lord
when chased too far

- 19.09.2005

Desire awakened

Silently prowling
in the recesses of my mind
undeniable temptation

the colour of cherries
creeping up
leisurely humiliating

taste of your skin
faintly reminiscent of fresh plums
lingering on my lips

whether this is right or wrong
I step into sensuality

- 20.09.2005

Dawn/ing of spirit/

A young morning
stretches its wings
and sings into misty rain

hope that once was lost
has been found again
trickling from a tiny fountain

smiling to the sun
born from the ocean in flames
we rise to face ourselves

- 21.09.2005

Solidarity abound

Dividing the world
into classes
good and evil

black and white

us and everyone

when in truth
we are all grey
with multi-coloured hearts

are you thinking?

- 22.09.2005


Shy mouth
curving in
the faintest of smiles
that begins to spread

until eyes not only
but shine with laughter

rare sight
a touch of happiness

- 23.09.2005


Strings broken
snapped forcefully
porcelain face stained

crying thick crimson tears
doll's lifeless dream lifted

oblivion never before such sweet state
bliss without emotion

- 03.10.2005

Sky chaser

silenced dreams
await any chance
Can we reach faraway suns?

Star gazer's
lonesome eyes
pierce through parallels
longing answers behind infinity

- 08.10.2005


Am I a freak to your eyes
when I can't decide
--more than anything else
only confused and lost
in the face of requirement--

is it really
that important
knowing one's place in
the biology of this system

Applying social pressure
on those who differ
masses suffocate the hesitant

What does it really matter
--is it so hard to understand?

I am neither Adam nor Eve.

- 25.10.2005


Frosty nights
and moody weather
the transition point
to a long slumber

arrives yet again

In nostalgic recollection
a cold wind caresses bare trees
ground blanketed
with greying leaves

brilliance united with darkness

Snowdrop faeries
dance in the clouds
eagerly awaiting
to fly down

the world holds its breath in tones of shimmering blue

Hollow eyed
the spirit of Autumn
makes way for the burning ice
conquering her into Winter

- 05.11.2005


Like a ropedancer

afraid of heights

standing frozen in darkness

s h i v e r i n g

simply waiting to lose

the frail balance

and through the spotlight


finally   s   h   a   t   t   e   r   .

- 08.11.2005


Curse my restless
fickle heart

it knows not
how to stay unattached
casting searching rays

even as struggling
to heal yesterday's wounds

The need to fall
from flight only begun
forcing to break a vow

made to protect myself.

- 19.11.2005


Unseeing marble eyes
staring into nothingness
You're so silent, dollface
why don't you talk to me?

My hands are painted
the most lovely shade of crimson
And I weep for us
the unspoken beauty between our souls

Why did you have to say
what you did, so coldly?
If not for you
we would still be alive tomorrow

- 24.11.2005

Hollow piety

Abiding by the ten commandments
without question
taking on whatever the Bible
and the Father say
with no thoughts of your own
no moment's hesitation

You blindly follow a God
believe in Him
even though you never found
a Lord for yourself

only walking in the footsteps
of those before you

never stopping to listen to your heart

- 24.11.2005

The silent muse

Morpheus (my master)
painter of fantasies
let me stand under your wing
teach me everything of sleep's (lethal) might
and hold open the door
that leads me astray

Morpheus (my saviour)
soother of souls
allow me tears in your kingdom
sing me lullabies of old (forgotten) times
and provide the shaky support
that bruises my palms

Morpheus (my love)
weaver of dreams
take me into your dark embrace
show me lands of unknown (savage) beauty
and grant the fragile visions
that preserve my (in)sanity

- 25.11.2005

Prayer to the Mother

Gaia, sacred mother of Earth
hear my song
borne of soil and wind
shaped by fire
smoothed by water
come to me in a dream

Twining together
with branches of trees
breathing in perfect harmony
with the restless land itself
I sing my praise to you

- 27.11.2005


Tender hands
and loving eyes
kisses on the temple,

so soft

You have given me wings,
my darling
with you I feel so light

I can finally fly

- 29.12.2005


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