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Poetry by [Linderel].


Coal Black Wings
CBW: Archive 2003-2005


Sweet motherly love

Tear your way out
demon child, abomination
like your maker tore his way in

betraying naïve trust
wounded beyond repair
and left

Out with you, get out
rip me open with claws and teeth
make your first kill, son of a blood-stained man

This hatred knows no limits
my womb might be forever defiled but
you cannot be allowed to born.

- 11.01.2006


Do you see the faeries dance?

Twirling around streetlamps
like fireflies
creating ripples in the ocean
laughing as they chase each other

in its purest form
as two play hand in hand

until morning comes
and it's time to sleep again

in the warm embrace of a beloved friend

- 11.01.2006


On my way
to that distant goal called perfection
my eyes were met with a most curious sight

Leaping in a little circle
around and around, step by step
were five children
careless in their merriment

each with small imperfections
that grated my eyes
one had freckles, the other a crooked nose
two were sickly and pale
and one, it seemed, was completely blind

and I wondered
how they could look so happy
when their bodies were so flawed
and I felt pity

But then the blind one turned to me, smiling
reached out her tiny hand
and pulled me into their game

making me forget everything
of disappointment, stress and molding myself
giving me peace
with that one little gesture

I understood
as something simply clicked

- 17.01.2006


Shine, star child, shine
brightly, with abandon
live life to its fullest

keep dreaming
keep believing
there are only so many griefs in this world

run free
to your heart's desire
dance among the waves of that ocean

in the morning mist
there is a promise
reach out with graceful hands

and find
what you search
to enter eternity

- 22.01.2006

Path of an outlaw

a girl's frosty breath lingers
drawn out in a sigh
just as eyes longingly caress
the curves of a lithe body
in loving strokes

window might as well be
a brick wall with barbed wire
such agony
that rips open her heart
as tear blur a vision already upset

She ran away from home;
the stereotypical foolish young woman
leaving everything
for the sake of a heated gaze
and a smile from divine lips
still all for nothing

Slender fingers rise;
touching angry red scars
strewn over a once beautiful face
she remembers the ship
and the vow of loyalty
only thing left of her honour

Outlaw and wanted;
what she has become
for these few moments
of day-dreaming flavoured bitter
and she bids farewell to the unknowing
as her steps take her back

to the skull and crossbones
etched deep into her restless soul

- 26.01.2006

A bard's torment

Line after line
with no meaning
fancy words forming empty phrases

the dark blue ink
staining my fingertips
takes on a purple hue

nails bitten
down to the roots
and ripped away

if I was pale yesterday
then today I am dying
and my eyes alight with a manic glow

of knowing too many truths

- 30.01.2006

In Time's Eye; Retold

Thrown apart by the universe
I saw these two lovebirds
struggling to be together

and was compelled to witness
from my prison
in the centre of time

how they tried again and again
to cross the bridge across the stars
only to be foiled

and as I recalled a flickering memory
my heart covered in eternal ice melted
--I had to meddle in the gods' affairs

free these modern Altair and Vega
from their cycle of despair
and let them meet in my realm

So on this cold night of winter's dark
I am warmed by the sight of lovers
holding each other tight

- 02.02.2006


Cut before blooming
the fragile bud seems to cry
anguished tears

morning dew still fresh
on silky soft pedals
glistening gently

yet its thorns pricked
and drew blood
when picked up from the ground

and a mesmerising scent
enchanted the gardener
kneeling down in the grove

who let his garden grow wild

- 07.02.2006

An ocean beckons

She journeyed to a cliff
facing the sea
where the white foams crashed down
upon the rocky shores
creating music only she could hear

A young girl clad in white
barefoot and wide-eyed with wonder
she danced in joy of living
chased the rays of the sun
playing in her flaxen hair

Stayed until nightfall
singing out her heart
and never knew any better
until the creeping darkness
took her away with the waves

- 15.02.2006

Step into magic

Tempting, the swirling surface calls
to leave behind everything familiar
that should have been where the child belongs

confused in a transformed body
the changeling grips tight
a loyal toy companion

she hesitates, needing to turn
but step by step it's clear
she must be with her true kin

and with cool, gently caressing fingers
the water draws the child in through the bedroom mirror
until she disappears without a second glance back

- 16.02.2006

Maze (Imprisonment)

Living in the midst
of an array of masks
for protection against all those eyes

on her, observing every move
Each façade different
yet perfectly mastered and

carried out artfully
Her skin is warm and radiates like the sun
but cold to the touch for

wearing all those faces, she is lost
Looking in the mirror on the morrow
the poor young dame does not recognise herself

- 26.02.2006


Smile freely, beloved baby
Feel no shame
for being what you are
Give me in your twinkling eyes
bubbling laughter
the courage to wake to yet another tomorrow
and never forget where we were

- 02.03.2006

Lamentation (of a lost love)

So where was my fair maiden
when I came home
from the battle field
tattered and torn, but victorious

In the arms of another
entwined around her new lover
she lay in my cherry garden
a most radiant smile on her face

Alas, I ought to have known
she would one day stray from me
after all, she is like a bird
needing to stay free

So where is my fair maiden now
I do not know
but my heart will follow her
to the very end of this earth

- 09.03.2006


Birds sing
  the joyous serenade
echoing in
                  the treetops

sad girl
        with eyes puffy 
   and red-rimmed
               hiding beneath the blanket

taste the world
     on your tongue
   smell the rain
              in clear morning air
reach out and touch the sun

    mundane princess
  fallen into deep slumber
               of unspeakable hurt
     and too many broken promises

rise up
   drawing inner light around you
        as a protective curtain
  burn the memories in candle flames
but never hide the curving signs

- 14.03.2006

Apollo's child

the heady flow of

I drink up the water words
running through my veins
between conjoined fingers

hum sighing murmurs
over the rustling of leaves
this is the life

- 15.03.2006

Archaic melodies

Sing, chant low unto me
the ancient verses that are to be

unite our souls, our minds
so this bond we share refuge finds

We once have been made keepers
of promises, of still sleepers

the destiny of my people, my heritage
daughter of Odin meant to become a sage

To heal, to mend wounds of old
I must be the one to remember the stories told

and lo, I have seen everything
on my long journeys, vagabond wandering

Soft tresses of raven hair
frame this pale face fair

with eyes surrounded by wrinkles etched deep
that many a time did weep

Come with me, step to the unknown
where many a future shall be shown

and so in the symphony halls of life
my words linger, they shall thrive

- 17.03.2006


Delicate and yielding
you plunge into this sweet delight
nip at the edges
you tease

stroking gently,
the savoury chocolate

in my kiss

- 19.03.2006


soak the earth
nurture the children of spring
with your gentle caresses
let us turn our faces to the sky
and be loved by you

With you bring your brother
the wind
that chases away the cold
and bitter memories
playing with our hair, the innocent culprit

Soon we will set out
to taste the newborn life
in trees and in the buds covering the ground
treasuring each moment
and dancing to the tones of the spinning wheel

- 21.03.2006

Play pretend (In the Court of Kings)

Behind cloth doors
barred windows
our palaces are built

from sand and pine needles
small stones and sea shells
shards of painted glass

our finest meals
served in many courses
of weed and grass and a dash of rice

we live like child kings
in this village filled with ghosts
of our families long gone

- 31.03.2006

Portrait of a muse

Her eyes, like deep pools of water
opalescent and ever-shifting
gaze at me with such arrogant pride
her lips curled in a knowing smirk
posture radiating all that which I am not

She is a part of me
yet entirely someone else
and when she whispers
words, thoughts, fates of the human race
I do not know who we are

And I write out my heart
under her watchful, curious guard
long golden wisps of hair
hiding us behind their curtain
in so doing, uniting us as one

- 03.04.2006

Intricate lies

She, a woman with white wings
born from passion in the tree grove
faces the world with laughter and
black hands stained by coal
--perhaps darker things

As she smiles
her eyes are innocent, like those of a child
but the quill in the grasp
of those frail-boned fingers draw
images from the deepest caverns of the human mind

Look at the ethereal beauty
of that face, a cheek stained with the green of grass
but spitting a toad
whenever she speaks
her charade is lifted, and her eyes glow red

By loving her, you have fallen
as the clouds whiz past in the azure sky
the three constants become entwined
until not a soul can speak without weeping
and the elements fall asleep

- 25.04.2006


Thy name is Phoenix
the Lady risen from ashes
passion met power
thou art a demon of light incarnate

Enticing me
thy name on my lips, Aphrodite
thou art my goddess
of love and lust

With water, trees, song of birds
I was borne by thee
thou art the parent who buries her children
and forever thy name is Gaia

- 04.05.2006


Witless dreamer
hung up on
empty promises,
old echoes of love

these nonsense feelings

ashen face raised
towards a threatening sky
there is no sunshine, love
not while you are gone

for a mindless spinning eternity

so take back
the beautiful words
a frightened soul needs to run away
and forget all she had

convinced happily ever after is just another lie

- 17.05.2006


Green, the misty meadow
I will no longer travel these paths
drowning in you

now swept away
by a torrent of emotions
melancholy, resignation, serenity

I cry these tears
for a beauty that was, that is no more
destined to fade to a simple memory

yet my love
will never die
and we walk forward


- 21.05.2006

Peter Pan syndrome

Hurried glance to the mirror
glimpse lifeless brown eyes
hollow, frail cheeks

stroking a long finger
along the surface
dipping a tired head
to rest on cool glass

it's a dreadful day
fastening the belt
around a far too skinny waist
a girl snuffs out the flame
before it's too late

- 12.06.2006


deep wounds from the stars
to reach out a hand
for Venus, Jupiter,

only come up with
naught but scars
This is how you chase
a dream;
by stumbling time and again

- 19.06.2006


I did not mean to cry
but it's raining from my eyes
the brooding sky
reflected on my face
with a million twisting smiles
frozen in motion around me

in these abandoned halls echoing still life
such dark harmonies played
in a loop that goes round and round
igniting the dormant lightning
of my restless soul

and while you dance, I take your hand
and weep

- 13.07.2006


Touch of blue
in your voice
that melancholy undertone
makes me wish for a hug, a kiss
to comfort those ethereal eyes

and I long
for my own voice
to join yours
for the times when our mutual songs
would embrace
and we would fly with rainbow wings

- 17.07.2006


Pelted by rain
we are blinded
by the piercing wind
deafened by its howl
and when we turn the last corner
of wherever we are going
just to see we're lost
when a stranger offers their hand
to provide some peace and shelter
will we accept?

- 25.08.2006


Waking from deep slumber
stirring, ever so slowly
my eyes already open
yet not seeing through the mist of sleep
who is this angel
from my memories
transformed, yet ever so familiar
reveal thy face, I beg
Shall thou help me rise
and take my hand once more?

- 27.09.2006


Declarations of love, or
moving mountains
changing the universe
with naught more than a simple word
Such feats are beyond me, I fear
for I am but a humble girl
and if my soul is that of a poet

it is not nearly enough for justice
to the beauty I see

- 27.09.2006


Were I to gift you with a necklace
should you wear it proudly, telling them
it is made by my hands
Would you accept my touch
upon your brow, your cheek
the line of your neck
and smile for a fleeting kiss
Am I blessed with such good fortune, my dear
or am I, tell me, merely


- 07.10.2006


Black petals
trailing softly to the floor
whispering feathery kisses
on my cooling skin

the high of fever
still lingers, like your voice
and the promises we smiled
upon thirsty lips

Roses, wilting away by each moment
they lie fallen on the matress
with the message you left behind
I feel it now, I know it

this is our last farewell

- 20.11.2006


Eyes glazed over
with a forbidden passion
the concealed tears
spilling down after so long
in a waterfall of emotions

An ill-fated bride ready for
this broken sacrament
sitting underneath the dome
with an armful of blue lilies
and a shattered heart

- 21.11.2006


Reaching out
seeking the lines of you
the solid heartbeat
under your chest

stumbling, losing balance
hands scrape against
cold harsh concrete

shuddering breaths
escaping a tired mouth
I cannot find your warmth

- 23.11.2006

Breaking point

There are
three paces, so long
separating our hearts
sighs that only fill the silence
to make it echo
and swallow us

Two hands, reaching
no longer able to cross
the void between
take a step back for
we have run out of tears to shed
for each other

- 08.12.2006


I rest my head upon the world
weary, the locks of white hair
spreading like a blanket
and when I cry
the tears drift, fall on the ground
far below as snow
covering villages and forests alike
in a shimmering veil of comfort
and I fall asleep, still weeping
embracing the snow-covered land
like a loving mother
my gentle smile
bringing warmth in the cold

- 20.12.2006

The night ballet

Dancing on the soft sand
under your bare feet
set your eyes on
the farthest star
its elusive tail, twinkling light
disappearing behind
the distant horizon

Listening to the waves
crashing against the rocky walls
beneath your fantasy ballroom
capture the night's melodies
with your swaying body
and honey-tinged voice
throughout dusk, yes, all through the dark
until dawn arises

- 09.01.2007


The wind has gone crazy
--like an ancient beast awakened
demented, furious
it howls its unrelenting rage
rattling, reaping, ripping,
striking with sharp-clawed hands
and slamming with full force

The wind has gone crazy
--I hear it, outside my window
and though I know the dangers
it is a thrill to think
of following its call
to the wild, to wander, to soar
if only for a while

The wind has gone crazy
--and as it cries
its long, painful dreams
the beast has found my heart
and entered

- 09.01.2007

Moments (like this)

Little sighs
a warm breath of air
tickles my bare shoulder
as I look up,
hair against cheek
and smile
with a new freedom

- 18.01.2007


Be not afraid,
young child
as you gaze upon the world
so vast and enchanting

Our ties to this land
are older, even,
than time itself
and the promise
uttered long ago
will set your path alight
guiding the steps
of the eager young heart

Coursing through royal veins
'til the last footfall echoes
and the forefathers smile upon you
'til then shall you guard
the forests and shores
of your ancestral realm

- 20.01.2007


Holding you
through the long hours of the night
your harsh breath
echoing, reverberating in me
washing over my entire being
something just over
the side of painful
our intertwined hands barely enough
to keep us anchored down
and in this dark
oh, my dreams seem
so insipid, fading fast
and I hold you

- 25.01.2007


You're beautiful
and it hurts that I can't tell

Oh please let me be free
of this excruciating agony

My hollow heart
beats to your name on my lips

and inside my head I cry and scream
for this love is just an empty dream

- 29.01.2007

Untitled senryu

Our tears are akin
to the raindrops before dawn
now tired and lonely

- 31.01.2007


Blues of the forests
of the seas
they enchant me so
lulling me into sleep
the winds gently whispering
of secret groves in my ears
caressing a smile upon my lips
making me believe
if only for a moment

- 02.02.2007


Minding my
own business
now as I do always
only the lights of town
luminate my darkness
opening eyes to this lonely room
gazing out I feel imprisoned
undisturbed my thoughts chase in circles and so
even now, I cry

- 31.03.2007


Lavish me with touches
open palms on pale, soft skin
vivify me with one look
eccentric, enigmatic, yet inherently mine
rain kisses upon me tonight

- 01.04.2007

Moon haiku

The moon stares at me
with pale knowing eyes that see
all I want to hide

- 03.04.2007


Shivering in fear
innocence ripped apart by
naught more than a word

- 05.04.2007


His musical talent?
Not much to speak of--
yet his passion
the way he moves,
touches with long, graceful fingers---

Yes, with no equal
he plays me, beautifully
like the finest instrument
my love, that
is his music that I sing

- 07.04.2007


Softly, she whispers
on the dancefloor you must feel even with
no music, no beat to
guide your steps
Breaking silence
in a breathy, teasing voice
raising her head to sing to the skies
Dream, it's a dream

- 07.04.2007

Sun haiku

Shining upon us
the sun dries the bitter rain
of dark yesterday

- 14.04.2007


Gun in shaky hand
boy looks to his feet, dreading
eyes red with tears, guilt

- 16.04.2007


I have a love for
hopeless dreams of yesteryears
longing to be heard

- 16.04.2007


Birds they flew back north
to the murky air, waters
back to soiled home grounds

- 17.04.2007

Carpe diem

Oh, good riddance
the Queen proclaims
and doesn't question the stains
no trace of emotion on her marble face
a flicker of dark eyes
- she enjoys the horror
of blood droplets and broken bodies
coldly she stares, turns her head
and a smile graces royal lips,
whisper whisper whisper
echoes in the halls

- 20.04.2007

Buttercup blooms

Fluttering by on
buttercup blooms, a wee fae
soon lands on my nose

- 22.04.2007

Verse of longing

Come hither. See; it is a lovely day
to sit in shade, enjoy the gentle breeze;
in thy sweet-lipped melodies to drown, sway
that bliss I would my constant ache appease

Honeyed whispers my pleading lips to balm;
thy graceful steps a sight mine eyes to bless.
I yearn: Embrace thy lithe body, so warm
This evening I will have no more, no less

thou beauteous bird of mine, my dearest
Calliope queen of hearts, of their breaking
My words they flow though naught will quench my thirst
I covet thy smiles they leave me shaking

A flower, born of desire, each petal
by one thy tender skin will caress, touch.

- 21.05.2007

Untitled cinquain

Small wisps
of mist, like the
gentle kisses of a
lover long gone, so tenderly

- 31.05.2007


Years ago, in a dreamland
of past pains and gaieties
thy house was one
built of desert sand and
filled with shells, the sounds
of the tumbling sea
echoing an emptiness
of thy old heart

- 25.07.2007


Look down at
fragile shaking hands
a stream of tears
on the muted tones of earth
Here, silence reigns
with an iron will
and a court made of glass
shatters -- yet persists
as the night screams
for dawn

- 06.08.2007

Ode to apathy

Sit still
in this dusty room
listening as the old clock
tick, tick, tick
and watching yet
another hour pass

Outside, the sky
darkens by the minute
Shapes become indistinct.
The nightly concert of
a thousand little birds
is playing to deaf ears
inside the head there is
only static, a white noise
so very... silent.

Tired eyes close
for just a second
before the dawn breaks
and the cruel light explodes
with a shrill sound
Another day has begun.

Falling back
and hiding from the sun
hold everything at bay and...
sleep some more.

- 17.08.2007


Once there was an urge
a calling buried and forgotten
yet while watching life pass
through this lens
I've awakened to realise

There is a fascination
for skewed perspectives
as if it would help me regain
the clarity of vision
lost for so long

Something fragile
like hope, fluttering
on transparent wings
enters the soul
shimmering faintly inside
gently soothing

As I sit still
for a fleeting moment
here, in this space
with your reflection and mine
finding a fraction of

- 31.08.2007


Around me, leaves fall
the glory of red and gold
like a crown on my head
as I sit on this throne of solitude
lined by the now barren trees
in screaming silence

The summer of my dreams
has passed too quickly, as if
escaping the imminent frost
and my back is bowed under
so many unspoken regrets
shards of broken promises

It cuts open my palms
like glass, but there is
nothing more to bleed
comfort as scarce as my words
always impatient but too empty
to paint such vivid sights as you.

- 01.10.2007

End note

Puzzle pieces scattered
every which way on the
dusty wooden floor
they glare up, fragments of
a cloudy evening sky
when you strut into the room
and everyone looks away
faces burning with shame
more than a little pity

Covered in rags but so proud
oh yeah, it's a bullet to
the heart for anyone with
eyes to see your wilting glory
its imminent decay
there is no more space for
fallen stars on the stage
and while you still smile and pose
the adoring audience
is already long gone.

- 29.10.2007


Cast away the shackles that bound
to the frost covered earth
broke free of the chains
that tied down for so long
left the burdens behind at last

Look here, tell me
can I find those answers
in your eyes or my own
even if I've been lost
in these years of shadows

Tell me can I
find that ray of sunshine
to tilt my face up
and smile, so hopeful
embrace myself with your arms

Whisper with me
of the secrets I held
banish the demons
one by one by one
and stand beside me as I enter my path

- 16.12.2007


The truth
beating its way through
my trembling lips
in my heart's blood
is nothing to be called
but neither is it easy
to stand here, in front of you
forming word after another
knowing so well
they could be, oh, ever
so gently
be handed back
breaking me in half.

- 29.12.2007


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