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2011-09-09 03:56:06
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Here you will find pictures of items that Craft Exchange members would be willing to make again for a trade.

I can make these in copper, gold or silver and various bead colours.

[Thunder Cid]
This cutting board is a sample. Most of my cutting boards are done upon request. Wood used is walnut, cherry, and purple heart.

Mask shape and design are very flexible
<img150*0:stuff/aj/5555/1305919058.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/5555minithulhu.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/5555bigthulhu.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/5555L.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/aj/5555/1278694787.jpg>

Figure & seahorses can be made in various colors. Shirts: various sizes and designs
<img0*150:stuff/468871a.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/aj/46887/NehirwensSeahorses.jpg> <img0*150:> <img0*150:> <img0*150:>

I can sew hats! They are hand sewn and can feature different things. (This one is supposed to make the wearer look like an owl.) Note: The Cid is not included.

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2011-05-19 [Linderel]: \o/ That looks really good, by the way.

2011-05-19 [Thunder Cid]: Thanks. This is one I did about 4 years ago and gave it to my grandmother.

2011-05-19 [hanhepi]: oh, hell Cid you do cutting boards?? i might have to sign up for this now just to exchange something with you.

2011-05-19 [Thunder Cid]: Cutting board, pizza paddles, and generally anything flat and used in the kitchen.

2011-05-19 [hanhepi]: awesome!

2011-05-20 [Akayume]: :O That is so cool! I love wood stuff. (:

Nio/Lin, your items are awesome too. :O

2011-05-20 [Nioniel]: :D

2011-05-20 [Linderel]: *boogie*

2011-05-21 [nehirwen]: Why do I always take pictures before I finish my stuff, the seahorses have button eyes nowadays.

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