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2012-01-16 17:54:38
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Camera Happy


<img130*0:stuff/WinterSunrise.jpg> <img130*0:stuff/z/4731/OctoberDay/OctoberDay10.jpg> <img130*0:stuff/z/4731/OctoberDay/OctoberDay06.jpg> <img100*130:stuff/z/4731/OctoberDay/OctoberDay12.jpg> <img130*0:stuff/z/4731/OctoberDay/OctoberDay09.jpg> <img130*0:stuff/z/4731/OctoberDay/OctoberDay11.jpg> <img130*0:stuff/z/4731/OctoberDay/OctoberDay13.jpg> <img130*0:stuff/redroofbluesky.jpg> <img130*0:stuff/windingroad.jpg> <img130*0:stuff/bw-waterway.jpg> <img130*0:stuff/lin-trainview.jpg> <img130*0:stuff/torniojoki.jpg> <img130*0:stuff/lin-ducklight.jpg> <img130*0:stuff/lin-mirrorimage.jpg> <img130*0:stuff/aj/4731/1281952461.jpg> A January Morning

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2011-04-07 [Skydancer]: Hmmm definitely needed to edit that. Neat shots.

2012-01-16 [Skydancer]: Always fun to see your work.

2012-01-16 [Linderel]: Thanks. :) I ought to get around to making a proper update one of these days - both here and on dA. <_<

2012-01-16 [Skydancer]: That would be quite nice. Your very talented in many ways, writer, photographer, crafter, model, muse. Never a bad thing to see more of you.

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