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Council Portrait Gallery Donations, Page 2

Please see the rules on the main page:
Council Portrait Gallery Donations


Click the name of the Councilmember to view the submissions
[All_Most PUNK]CPGD, Page 1#All_most PUNK
[hanhepi]CPGD, Page 1#hanhepi
[Hedda]CPGD, Page 1#Hedda
[Lord Josmar][#Lord Josmar]
[nehirwen]CPGD, Page 1#Nehirwen
[Nioniel]CPGD, Page 1#Nioniel
[wicked fae mage][#wicked fae mage]
[Yuriona]CPGD, Page 1#Yuriona


Illustrious [Teufelsweib]

By [Stray Kitty]

By [Jitter]

3. <img150*0:stuff/vorkje.jpg>
By [Linderel]

4. <img150*0:stuff/jittervorkje.jpg>
By [Jitter]

5. <img150*0:stuff/vorkje-by-trin.jpg>
By [Triola]

Illustrious [Sunrose]

By [LadyMoon]

By [Lady of Lore]

By [Elisha Kelly]

By [Jitter]

By [Ocean Soul]

By [Asrun]

By [Mom]

By [Lakayana]

By [ally]

Illustrious [Lord Josmar]


Illustrious [Stephen]


Illustrious [wicked fae mage]



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2010-09-14 [Flisky]: So...should I add myself to the list?

2010-09-14 [SilverFire]: No.

2010-09-14 [Flisky]: Okay...*sits on hands*

2010-09-14 [Nioniel]: [Flisky], you should put together a wiki of pictures so that we can draw youuuu! *wants to draw you* :P

2010-09-14 [SilverFire]: She's already done that, and added it to the crew reference photo page too. :)

2010-09-14 [Nioniel]: Oh. Weird, my alerts didn't alert me. *smacks alerts*

2010-09-14 [Flisky]: I did. It's on the Crew-Photo References page. ^_^

2011-01-04 [Nioniel]: 10th image submitted, this time of [Chimes]. :)

2011-01-04 [SilverFire]: My records count this as the ninth submission (which is also in line with what phase of the badge you have). :/

2011-03-28 [Ravendust]: I'm sorry, I completely forgot to comment, my first image submission is of [Nioniel].

2011-06-19 [Karithina]: Submitted one of [Nioniel] and one of [Thunder Cid].

2011-08-18 [Thrice]: I submitted a portrait of [Alexi Ice]. :)

2011-08-18 [Alexi Ice]: YAY! Love it! ~

2011-08-18 [Alexi Ice]: I'm going to badge Celsius. for my portrait. <3

2011-08-22 [SilverFire]: That be iippo's job, and you should leave it to her next time. :)

2012-01-20 [Triola]: Added [Flisky] :)

2012-01-20 [Nioniel]: That's very pretty. :3

2012-01-20 [Triola]: Thanks :)

2012-01-21 [Flisky]: Omg! Triola, you win a million awesome points!

2012-01-21 [Triola]: Yay :D I will put them all in my awesome point chest!

2014-02-02 [Sunrose]: Nice portrait of [Chimes] by [SilverFire] ^^'

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