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RP: Sunlight

User: [Aeolynn]

Name: Caelsuna

Species: Human, but harboring the soul of a desert whiptail dragon

Age: 24

Description: Caelsuna has startling blue eyes, which are very pronounced by her blond, almost white hair that only reaches her ears. Because of the dragon soul locked within her body, her pupils are not black but rather a bright blue, revealing her secret. There are also darker azure scales along her cheeks and in various places along her form. Generally she wanders the desert, staying away from her fellow humans but sometimes errands take her within the cities. A dark hood solves her eye problem and also hides her scales. She stands at a slight 5'2, has small breasts and is rather skinny.

Personality: She grew up in a kingdom that forces their women to live sheltered lives and reduces them to simpletons that are there only to cook, clean, and produce children.

History: Before the dragonness took over her body, Caelsuna was a normal woman within her society. It is because of this she is very naive. She was supposed to marry an important merchant, who had received a special betrothal gift, of an ancient dragon tooth. When she touched it the dragon's soul enveloped her, and she fled her family and land as any woman that threatened the man's balance of his power was stoned. Surely, if they had found out about her dominant soul within her, she would have been killed. For a few years, she wandered the desert, the soul guiding her, looking for her mate within another old artifact.

Strength(s): Her dragon tends to take over if she is in danger.

Weakness(es): She is very physically weak, shy and is most definitely not a warrior or a hero... though her dragon counterpart is.


Desert Whiptail Dragon: It is said that if these massive beasts could live outside of the desert that humans would cease to exist. Thankfully, this isn't the case. These dragons are dark skinned, insomuch that they can retain as much of the sun's heat as possible for they are cold blooded and it is the heat that allows them to survive. It is because of this they cannot leave the desert. Soul retainers are a different case however, as they can move through out the regions.

Whiptail dragons live on wild camels, donkeys, and on occasion, humans. They use their lengthy tails to stun their prey after they run them down. The sound they produce from the snap is said to cause a human's ears to bleed.


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