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2005-08-28 01:22:29
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CAIRA, CHAPTER FOUR; the Beautiful Boy

Caira could think of nothing to do, she jumped straight up using her nimble limbs, forgetting the pain in her right arm. She hit her head on the top of her makeshift tent and the main support hold fell in and the whole thing collapsed in on her but she didn’t care she barely realised what was happening she just needed to get out of there as quickly as possible, she needed <a style='text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 3px double;' href="" onmouseover="window.status='mothers ring'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">mothers ring</a>.
She stumbled out of the tent the setting sun reflected on some dew-glazed leaves and shone into Cairas’ light blue eyes; she squinted and turned left out past the tent, she did this so quickly that a lock of her golden hair got stuck in a thorn, she turned, breathed in and out very quickly a couple of times, grabbed her hair and yanked it from the thorns.
She started to run again she straitened her hair and with the other arm pulled up the huge jeans she had just stolen from Jesse Randal she ran towards the pig-sty and saw Jesse by the Door:
“Come in Christie, let’s go and inform the cops about that little rascal stealing all mummy’s clothes!”
The dog let out a familiar ‘yap’ and the odd couple proceeded indoors.
Caira hopped over the fence and went down the familiar road she had come down previously. She travelled down the road, running at full pace. She didn’t care about the looks she was getting, she just needed to find mothers ring, she didn’t care that she had stood in Glass or that arm was bleeding or that she was about to run into the middle of a road with oncoming traffic.
A sudden jerk stopped her from running into the road he grabbed her <a style='text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 3px double;' href="" onmouseover="window.status='left hand'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">left hand</a> and wouldn't let go. Caira turned and looked down, the figure of a battered 12 year old boy was sat on the floor, wearing only rags for clothes and it didn’t really look like he had a happy life, or a bath.
“Let go!” Caira screamed.
The boy pulled himself up, you would have thought this too be a burden to the anorexic scrawl that Caira was but he lifted up without and pain to Caira whatsoever.
A boy his age and Height would have weighed about seven stone he was not that much smaller than Caira even though he was 3 years younger, but the boy could not of weighed anymore than 5 stone. As he pulled himself up his sleeve rolled back and Caira could see in the dying light that there were many cuts scratches bruises and burns beneath his tattered shirt.
“You were about to run into the middle of the road, you would have been killed” a soothing voice portrayed from the youngsters mouth.
“Yeah, well, that would have been a good thing, now let go, I’ve got to go and do something!”
“Let me help” the look on the boys face changed, to a look of despair, it was obvious this boy was like Caira, he had runaway and he cut, and from some aspects Caira felt very much obliged to let him help her, like they were friends, always had been, always will be.
“Why would I need your help?”
“You don't need it but I could help a great deal, an escaped mental patient is going to have a hard job trying to get back into the hospital she ran away from ...” the child said mysteriously.
“H...H…Howw… How did you know that?”
“Let me come with me and I might tell you…”
Caira let out a slight smirk at the battered boy, and then turned her head towards the hospital, and then back to the boy.
“Come on then, we better get going” Caira started to jog expecting the boy almost to need to go slowly, but he started running faster, he turned back to her and joked “Come on slowcoach!” Caira grinned, and followed him.
Then something in Cairas mind clicked, the boy was still in front of her;
“What’s your name?” Caira called out into the distance towards the dying sun.
“Jay” The boy replied.
‘Jay’, Caira thought, ’what a lovely name’
“Wait up!” Caira said and a huge grin took over her face she looked at the boy and couldn’t help but smile, ‘Jay’ she sighed ‘what a lovely name’.
“No time to stop! Must keep running” he said sarcastically, Caira giggled and caught up behind him and from behind gave him a huge hug – which she disguised by jumping on his back.
“Errr! What’s this thing on my back! Oh its you I suppose that’s ok” he said sweetly, his voice broke the silence of the evening like an angel. It was only now she realised how beautiful he actually was, he had dark brown hair with blonde streaks and deep tantalizing green eyes. He had China white teeth and the prettiest smile Caira had ever seen, he was so cute, she just wanted hug and kiss him ‘till eternity.
“Err! What’s this thing I'm sat on!” she said sweetly, wet her lips slightly and grinned. “Onward Chariot!” she cried and hit Jay lightly and they both laughed.
Jay started to run and Caira bounced lightly on his back, if you saw them together, you’d think they’d been going out for years, or at least known each other for years.
You also might have thought that Jay – being as he was – would get tired very easily, but before long Caira and Jay arrived at the hospital. “Here we are!” Jay’s soft voice said triumphantly. “Yeah but how are we going to get into the hospital without being seen?”
“You’ll see … Just wait here, under the window” and Jay slipped around the corner, dragging his soft hand across the course brick.
Jay entered the hospital and approached the front desk where a name label read: Nadil Hope-Rows. She chewed ferociously on some 
Chewing gum and she stood at a slant, pushing her hips out.
“What’s your problem?” she said in a slutty tone, it was obvious this girl was quite a slag.
“Umm I’m here to see my sister, Caira Morgan.” Jay said lying through his teeth; he only knew this because her saw the name label attached to the side of her nightgown.
“Suicide Watch: Ward nine” She said without looking up from her glamour magazine, then her head was raised and she said “That way” and pointed with her head, giving Jay a dirty look.
Jay made for the lift but on the way there a tall young man pressed the button repeatedly; so that <a style='text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 3px double;' href="" onmouseover="window.status='the doors'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">the doors</a> would close before Jay arrived. Jay turned right and went up the stairs; and then five minutes later, down a flight of stairs, and there, in front on Jay was a Disabled, Men and Women’s toilets, but how was Jay going to get into the girls toilets?

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2005-06-24 [¤ WORLDS ¤happiest¤ EMO ¤™]: these get better every chapter i read...but this line makes no sense- “Let me come with me and I might tell you…”  i know what you meant but the grammer is wrong, just thought i'd point it out... I like these though

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