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The Town Guard Captain is the boss of the Guards. He can read messages and delete wiki-page versions completely.


Town Guard Captain

Guard Badge by [carmen], [May-lea], and [Ittai]

Town Guard Captain [nehirwen]


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2004-08-17 [teptep]: go calico!

2004-08-17 [Calico Tiger]: It's the same thing I was for the last several months :P It just has a new name to go with wiki pages that already existed ^_^ And I've been a captain for a while now ;) Only now are people actually noticing *giggles*

2004-08-18 [teptep]: I know I just wanted to make you feel even more special..special as in someone whom is special not, duh duh duh duh duh I am special :P

2004-08-19 [Avaz]: Like Special Ed from Crank Yankers. :)

2004-08-20 [teptep]: exactly not like him.

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