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2008-08-21 04:36:54
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Captured Moments

This wiki was created to display some of my photography. Critique and comments are welcome.
Most of these photos were taken using a Canon XT Rebel Digital SLR, or a Canon Powershot G7 Digital. I'm also trying my hand at underwater photography.
Click to enlarge any of the photos.

Tigertail Seahorse.


Concrete Beach


Scratch That!





Sydney Harbour




Waikiki Beach


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2008-08-09 [Ramirez]: perdi <img:stuff/lo-gif.gif><img:stuff/exitedN-gif.gif>

2008-08-10 [Byne]: Thanks. I'mma put up more. I may end up making several pages. Lulz.

2008-08-10 [Ramirez]: kuhlioos.

2008-08-17 [*Phoenix*]: "Scratch That!" is coool! so is the dolphin and seal. ^_^ I'm a sucker for animals....

2008-08-17 [Byne]: Thanks. (: The booby (brown booby, the birdy in the photo) was wild, but both the Hawaiian monk seal and bottlenose dolphin were captive.

2008-08-17 [*Phoenix*]: coolio!

2008-08-29 [Pnelma Tirian]: wow, these look great!

2008-08-29 [Byne]: Thanks. (:

2008-08-31 [Love and Chaos]: great landscapes! love the way you show off the area.

2008-09-01 [Byne]: Thanks. (: I quite like 'em.

2008-11-23 [Silver Moon]: very nice

2009-12-28 [arthemis_]: These look very awesome! I love the seahorse!

2009-12-29 [Byne]: Thank you. 8) Seahorses are amazing. I'd love to see a leafy sea dragon.

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