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You may only have 2 created chars. And please follow the format



Ship:(What ship they are on. Please do not make too many created ships)
Title:(What they are on the ship Ex: Captain, Cook, Healer, Stowaway)
History:(This is a must have)
Image:(Many people do not like images but for once...this is a must have)


Username: [XxTsomexX]
Name: Sarah McLaine
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Descrition: (see image) The one eye that is covered has a small scar that runs along the temple from a stab wound.
Personality: Shes kind and funny, but she can also be very emotional. She believes in second chances and first ones as well. She can also be mysterious and unemotional when the time calls for it, but usually all smiles, even while fighting.
Clothes: (see images :P)
Ship: The Luck of the Irish
Title: Captain
History: She grew up in Ireland, and loves it to death, however, she also loves the sea. One day, after moving to Tortuga and living there for a year, she jumped on an old ship called the hunter. She was 16. When she was 18, she took over the ship after Davy Jones killed her captain. She renamed the ship The Luck of the Irish. She has met Jack once, and she loved him at first sight, but her Irish pride would never let her show it to anyone. She has been captain for almost 8 years. She got the scar from a fight with Jones when a cannon blasted the side of her ship and a piece of wood cut her face. She is the fastestwoman on the sea with a knife and sword. She hates showing her emotions to almost everyone, except for really Adrien, cause shes been friends with him ever since he joined her crew.


Username:[Kiss My Sass]
Age: 19
Gender: female
Descrition: slightly short about 5'6", and about 115 pounds, fairly light for her age.
Personality: a bit dark, and can be deadly, likes to fight, but she got her father's love of healing and likes to tend to peoples' wounds. sarcastic, and sometimes hides behind an 'I don't care' additude.
Clothes: she dresses in dark clothing, cna come off as someone who works with the devil, but isn't.
Ship:The Luck Of the Irish
Title: Healer
History: Born on land, but loves the sea, she lived with her father after her mother died. Her father taught her how to heal and the different techiquies for it. She picked it up quickly, and she finished her training just before her father's ship, which held all 8 of her brothers and her father on it, went down. She was the only survivor, and came across Sarah's ship and joined as the healer and occasional cook. She also may be a healer, but she doesn't let may close to her after what happened to her family. She doesn't talk about that event and since she was the only survivor, no one knows that her father was the captain of that navy ship.
Image:<img:>on land
<img:> in pirate outfit


Username:[Kiss My Sass]
Name: Angelo
Age: 27
Personality:He's a pirate through and through, though likes to think of himself as the gentleman of the high seas. He has the devil's luck with games of chance, and takes advance of it.
Ship:The luck of the Irish
History: Ran into Celeste after her father's ship went down. HE has no idea that she was on that ship, like everyone else. They traveled together from town to town and were together on every ship. When Celeste would have the reoccuring dream of that night, he was the only one able to calm her down. He likes to flirt with Celeste often because it frustrates her a lot.


Name:Adrien Sykes
Age: 19
Descrition:Fairly tall about 5'11" he has a slender build only about 155lbs and uses this to his advantage. He has light brown reddish eyes and a crimson red hair color
Personality:Normally he is a very dark individual but has his moments where he would let a person close to him. HE can be brash and cruel and he seems rough around the edges but has a decent heart.
Clothes:Mostly wears black though he will occasionally wear another color so long as it is dark.
Ship:Luck of the Irish
Title:First Mate
History:When he was only six he was orphaned when a pirate crew killed his parents and left him to die. He was found by an old traveler and was taken in and introduced to Sarah when they were very young. Even though he had an avid hate for pirates he couldn't resist but to join her crew because he always wanted to be there for her and do whatever he could.


Username: [Rice]
Name: Ichabod Crow. (Most people just call him Crow because it suits his appearance)
Age: 19 however is mature beyond his years so some people think he's allot older.
Gender: Male.
Description: His appearance for the whole is quite hidden, he stands at an alarmingly tall 6'5ft however usually appears much smaller because he leans forward and has his head down, his body is skeleton thin and frail looking, his skin as white as a ghosts. His face is often hid beneath his thin choppy fringe, shoulder length black hair drapes in a lifeless manner around his face and shoulders. He has sharp small features, his eyes are a light grey and are the only outstanding aspect of his face, his skin is clear but it looks sickly, even though he isn't sick. Crow has thin lips that are often smiling in a creepy manner, he rarely shows any other expression that isn't mocking or weird. If Crow wasn't such an uncomfortable person to be around people might actually notice that he has a fairly handsome face, albeit a little unnerving. His arms and back are covered with scars where he has been punished by his master, his arms have thin knife and burn scars while his back has whipping lashes on it.
Personality: Crow is, to be honest a few pennies short of a pound, the lights are on but nobodies home, to put it simply he is a complete whacko, he finds strange things funny and while note murderous or cruel he has sadistic tendencies. He loves to scare people and animals, and attempts to jump out and frighten anyone when his master isn't around. He is quite eccentric and easily amuse or interested, he hates being bored and can't stand boring quiet people, he thinks his master is his best friend. People find him quite a handful and most don't bother with him since he is strange and both unnaturally looking and in the head. Crow likes people to like him, and sometimes wishes there were more people in his masters home for him to talk to. He could be considered somewhat endearing, if you look past the paralysing scary appearance. He is intelligent in plans, he can think things through and make things almost full proof, he likes maps and likes exploring and writing everything down.
Clothes: His over all clothes are that of a commoner or peasant, he is a served thus his attire is cheap looking and doesn't attract much attention. He wears a black pair of ripped cotton trousers that are about 3 sizes to big for his slim frame, they are held up at his skinny waist by a black belt and drape down over his stick legs ending just at his ankles. His top is a deep shad of red, ripped at the sleeves, it just covers his waist and is defiantly more than worse for wear. Flat black sandals are on his feet, he sometimes wears black metal shackles around his wrists to cover the ripped skin marks on his wrist from where he has been tied up. His voice is weird, he talks in a raspy voice almost a whisper, it is strangely soothing and repressed but fundamentally repulsive and sickening if he talks to much, his voice is another part of him people find intimidating.
Ship: Not on a ship but he wants to get away.
Title: Servant.
History:Crow has been with his master since he was 10, his mother died giving birth to him and his farther pawned him off to the man to get some extra cash. Crow adores his master, heaven knows why since his master treats him like dirt, and he would do anything for him. He lives in the servant quarters in the basement of his masters house, he does all the cleaning and cooking but secretly wishes for an adventure, some way of escaping. He isn't very good and fighting, his body is built for speed not strength, however he is very good at intimidating people and scaring them into getting him what he wants.
Image:(Drawing in progress)


Username: [Rice]
Name: Syrus Napier.
Age: 22.
Gender: Male.
Description: Under his hood he has dark brown hair that is tied back in a lose pony tail that ends at about the middle of his shoulder blade. He has a lot of lose choppy bangs at the front that frame and spike out from his face. His skin is a normal milky colour and his features could be classed as handsome. Syrus has two different coloured eyes; one is a calming green while the other is a vivid blue. His frame is compact, slim and very agile.
Personality: Syrus is a closed book to everyone around him, he is noted for his stoic ness and somewhat ease with everything. He isn’t one to lose his temper over petty matters and is both calculating and resourceful. Looked upon mostly in fear Syrus is far from the heartless being most assassins are made out to be. He has a gentle soul and works only for the high ups since he finds no sense of accomplishment in killing innocent people. He is both quick in his head and on his feat, there’s not much that can faze him and contrary to popular belief he is quite a bit of a dreamer and enjoys nothing more than watching the stars on a cool night. However Syrus can be somewhat of a loner so he isn’t too good with communicating, his job doesn’t really call for it. This doesn’t mean to say he lacks any social skills, at needed times he can put up a perfect façade and take his way out of a situation rather than fight it.
Clothes: Syrus is a reclusive man so his clothes tend to hide him well and don’t really stand out. He wears a black robe like top with a hood that hides most of his face. He then has a red belt around his waist, the ends of the top drape out from under it slightly. He then has black trousers made out of a thing light material, they tuck into brown boots made out of leather. He wears brown leather gloves with metal plates on the front sued to reflect arrows or the blade of a sword.
Ship: Luck of the Irish.
History Not much of Syrus’s history is known, he was found by holy men simple wandering the streets in the rain. They took him in and asked where he came from, seemed that Syrus was either in shock at the time or had lost his memory because till this day he still doesn’t remember anything before that point. He was trained as a spy, body built on speed and acrobats, keeping to the shadows at all times, however he wished for more in life and soon found himself a member of the Luck of the Irish.
Image: <img:>


Name:Carmen Scar
Descrition:Lonely little shell of a girl.She doesn't like being around people except Sarah.
Personality:Mystirious,badass,laid back.
Ship:The Luck of the Irish
History:Carmen was abandoned by her parents when she was born.She was put in a basket and dropped in the middle of the sea.Some random pirates found her and raised her.Know one really knows why.She is a cold and heartless killer and escaped her old crew and onto the Luck of the Irish ship because she had heard of the Great Capain Sarah.She also thinks that Jack Sparrow is her father,and refers to herself as Carmen Sparrow.


Name:Jazon Horogashi
Descrition:A quiet boy.About 6'7",he doesn't really know what to do with life.He use to live in a small indian village,and he speaks some english,but normally is silent.He met Jack Sparrow when he was captured and put on a market as a slave.He met Carmen when he was younger and they were best friends.They still are.
Clothes:(see pic)
Ship:The Black Pearl
History:Jazon was born in a small village,but was thought of as the devil himself for his strange markings under his eyes and on his body.He was born with them.HJe grew up as a reject,loving to cook and hating other life forms.He thinks himself as Jack's personal bodyguard.


Username:[Blood Sucking Beauty]

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Descrition: about 5'11" his hair is bright blue and his eyes are purple. He has a twin sister
Personality: Always chipper and happy. Very hyper.
Clothes: wears whatever he can find in his wardrobe but usually always had a trench coat on over top. The trench coat is brown and (like jacks hat) would hate to lose it.

Ship: The Black Pearl

Title: lookout

History: He was born 2 minutes before his sister. His parents divorced when they were both 2 and got seperated. They always had pictures of eachother but never saw eachother. His father sailed the seas on the Black Pearl long ago and was taken by his father after the divorce. His mother took his sister. His father died of a heart attack when Orochiba turned 19. He decided to follow his fathers dream and sail the seas on the Black Pearl where he had founf his sister after so long.



Username:[Blood Sucking Beauty]
Name: Kayden Maise
Age: looks about 14 or 15
Gender: male
Descrition: He is very slender and is about 5'2" tall. He looks like he has been starved. His eyes are a dull borwn and his hair is a faded brown. (Allergic to Dust also)
Personality: quiet and skiddish
Clothes: worn and torn clothes. originally were white but now it looks more like a dirty brown
Ship: Luck Of The Irish
Title: Stowaway
History: Unknown (Will be revealed in story)
Image: <img:>

Username:[Blood Sucking Beauty]
Name: Damion Glory
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Descrition: He is tall and has long black hair. (See pic)
Personality: Hates seeing love and tries to remain strong on the exterior but is very weak on the inside.
Clothes: whatever
Ship: The Luck Of The Irish
Title: Deckhand
History: He fell in love with a girl named Maros many years ago but she died from a mysterious disease the morning of their wedding. Ever since that day he began to believe that it happened because love didn't exist and things happening because of love shouldn't exist.
Image: <img:>


Carribean RP

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2007-11-18 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: *cries* why is nobody joining my ship? i need people too!

2007-11-18 [Piercedskull]: Ill make a character for you're ship!N-no crying!*huggle*

2007-11-18 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: YAY! Make a young lad for Jack to push around. Like a guy who doesn't really know much and respects jack. haha he needs it!

2007-11-18 [Piercedskull]: Dude..Thats exactly what Jazon is!

2007-11-18 [Dezmond]: make sure he don't know about adrien pushing him around too lmao!!

2007-11-18 [Piercedskull]: Jazon is so adorable and loyal and boeying.Like a pupy!

2007-11-19 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: lol awwwwwwww

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