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Carter Wade







Carter Wade






5'9" , very blue eyes, brown hair, fit but not muscular, just looks like he takes care of himself


Carter is a kind man who can seem as if he's not quite paying attention. He's just good at multi-tasking. He's very considerate and always tries to do the right thing and while he might seem reserved most of the time, he is a kind and understanding gentleman.


Grew up in a middle class family until the age of 14 when his father found out he was gay. He was kicked out and forced to move from foster home to foster home, usually ignored, until he aged out at 18. Luckily his grades got him in to college where he got a degree in Ethics. He is now a professor at Antioch University.


Carter is still mourning the loss of his partner of nearly 10 years, despite his passing over 2 years ago. This is the picture he keeps of him in his wallet. Chandraraj Kamal, approximately age 30:


At age 26, Carter finally finished his degree in Ethics, but it was two years before he actually got a professorship. It was there that he met a graduate student studying under a colleague in the Psychology department. In his final year of study, Chandraraj was a brilliant man from the moment Carter met him, and it was through their mutual of love discussing what was right and wrong that they came to spend more and more time together.

The grew close, and following Chandraraj's graduation and subsequent entry into his preferred field of Child Psychology, Carter could not have been more proud. Happy? No, he could be happier, but that day was long in coming. They had both decided to take short sabbaticals (Carter, age 33, and Chandraraj, age 31) and spent a year visiting various places in the world (Jerusalem, Buddhist monasteries in China and India, Vatican City, etc) of religious importance, both finding the upbringing and habits of various cultures fascinating. On their final night before their return to the United States, after a relaxed day through Budapest, they returned to their hotel overlooking Lake Balaton and there, on the balcony of their room under a sky full of stars, Chandraraj proposed to his boyfriend of 5 years. Though both knew it wasn't legal for them to wed at the time, Chandraraj still wanted to promise his future to this man and Carter could not have been happier to say yes.

They would only have roughly 7 years of bliss, filled with dinners prepared together, movie nights throwing popcorn at the tv, shared books and late night talks, even the occasional fight that only made their relationship stronger, before Chandraraj passed, and now Carter is unsure what to do with himself without his companion to come home to, to talk with, to support, and to support him in return.


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2012-12-12 [Artsy]: Ha, i thought so. You wanted me to interact with other people? Sophie could be his student. =P I kinda thought that character was the age to go to college, but I didn't check, but it totally says she is. XD

2012-12-12 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: That would be awesome! I love him! :)

2012-12-12 [Artsy]: Well good. I think I'm a quarter of the way done with the rp, I'll try to read the rest this afternoon and then I'll join in. =)

2012-12-12 [Flisky]: He and Alex could know each other...They would probably get along splendidly.

2012-12-12 [Eyelash-Wishes]: Yeah Sophies in college :) would be nice to have someone to interact with her

2012-12-12 [Artsy]: Yes to both ^^ I look forward to interacting with your characters. =) I'll try to be sure to finish the reading so I can post tonight.

2012-12-13 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Oooh, he had an Indian lover! How unique! *^-^*

2012-12-13 [Artsy]: mm hm, I really wanted him to be of a different skin color, African, indian, and asian were all considered but the whole black and white thing is played out and asians have the same skin color.. indians really don't get enough parts. I don't know... I just really wanted him to be Indian.

2012-12-13 [Artsy]: I have their whole history sorted out, even Chandraraj's job, how they met, etc. =D

2012-12-13 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: How cute!! I can't wait to read it (if you plan to write it out, that is)! :)

2012-12-13 [Artsy]: do you want me to? Since Chandraraj isn't alive anymore, he wouldn't need his own page... i guess i could just write it here...

2012-12-13 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: I think that would be special!!! I would die to read their story! ^-^

2012-12-13 [Artsy]: o.o' Good lord... that's a lot of eagerness ^^'

2012-12-13 [Artsy]: Well.. that's the gist of it...

2013-01-12 [Artsy]: What do you think, Cat-Chan?

2013-01-12 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: I love it! *teary-eyed*

2013-01-13 [Celtore]: Did you change something?

2013-01-13 [Artsy]: Cat just wanted to read the love story background and after i put it up she never commented, so I was just asking what she thought.

2013-01-13 [Celtore]: Skype?

2013-01-13 [Artsy]: I'm on? o.O?

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