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Player - [raikou]

Name - Cassith Hir'edaik

Race - Human/Planetarii

Sub-race - Rysallean/Eolan

Class - Ranger

Allegiance - None

Appearance - Cassith has a lean yet strong and durable body, showing a slight tone in the muscles from fitness exercises, and well trained arms specifically honed for archery. A somewhat slender frame, standing at 5'11 and 162 pounds, makes up the Human/Planetarii's basic size fitting of his two races. Most noticeable of Cassith's Eolan culture being snow white wings protruding from shoulders, ankles, and wrists but lacking near the ears where his Rysallean ears proved more dominant. Slight resemblance contained within hair and eyes, one eye a deep blue while the other a dark emerald, while hair is a mostly dominant cyan with the occasional streaks of light green usually pushed back on the left and occasionally covers the right side of his face. The pale complexion of Cassith's body accentuates a tattoo of a crimson tiger with its tail's end a blaze, placed along the right bicep of his arm, as a reminder of something once dear to his heart. Cassith's facial features are quite striking, but to who can be quite amusing, as the hair down to a bit past his shoulders and bone structure of the face perceive a somewhat androgynous and seemingly younger air to him especially if his body were to be concealed well enough. The general look worn by Cassith consists of a somewhat thin black vest with adjustments to let the wings out, and a dark green mesh-fabric shirt beneath for his upper body. Below a loose fitting pair of navy blue pants and black leather boots, both slit at the sides for the wings at his ankles. Also worn are a set of black fingerless gloves on each hand, a small linked silver bracelet upon his left wrist, and spiked black collar around his neck.

Age - 72 ( Looks 22)

Personality - The words which best describe Cassith's traits would be such terms as careless, care free, lazy and somewhat spaced out, yet at the same time manages to be reliable, strong willed, loyal and charming. Cassith thinks himself somewhat of a ladies man, despite he could be called on being fairly feminine himself, and claims to be quite charming which has held true to its claim so far. Even with his slacker tendencies he always manages to pull through for his friends and those who truly believe in and depend on him. Zoning out of the situation is a common habit for him, leaving Cassith dazed or confused many a time, but if the situation is dire or he is relied upon by those close to him, he can brake this problem if only for a short while. To any which show him kindness, affection or respect would in turn earn his respect and he would remain ever loyal to his companions. Keeping this in mind, all those who cross Cassith should be weary of his vengeful side, quite ruthless and unrelenting, and isn't above injuring, crippling or even killing those which fall victim to this part of him depending on the seriousness of the actions.

History - A classic love story of a damsel in distress and her knight in shining armour is the basic idea of how Cassith came to be, for the most part. Growing up with fairly obvious differences to either one of his backgrounds, many would feel discouraged or picked on in such situations, however here the effect was reversed. Cassith always saw himself having the better of two worlds, and occasionally even saw himself superior to some of the others around him which built up his confidence over the years, only to carry over into other categories such as archery. The details of his father were somewhat sketchy as he was unable to remain with those he loved and vanished completely not to long after his son's birth, though Cassith's mother told him tales about his father and his legendary skills with a bow, and a distinct tattoo which identified him within an unknown organization he belonged to which Cassith later added to his own right Bicep. A lot of the time spent while growing was devoted to dreams of becoming a great fighter, and the second he felt he was ready he began to train vigorously to join the ranks of the skilled marksmen known as archers. Light on his feet, agile, and quick with his hands his proficiency with his bow increased before soon reaching the point at which his self teaching could only take him. At the age of 68 he began to travel abroad, no fixed location for too long, just enjoying nature and a care free life without much responsibility yet all the while he wished for some type of challenge or a way to improve himself even greater. Still, the free life was pretty sweet to him and he just shrugged it off casually and moved on once more and continued his careless life thinking of unanswerable questions and random what ifs of life while keeping his bow close and his memories inside.

Weapon of Choice - Composite Bow

Others - Generally Cassith keeps personal things to himself unless asked, but enjoys a light conversation, as well as many forms of music and artistic displays, or forms of cultured society but still prefers the simplicity of things over all.

Element - Yellow


Level - 10 (10 Archer, 0 Ranger)

Experience/To next level - 9350/11660

Equipment -
Composite Bow +3 (6 Atk, 0 def, 10 Rng, 5 Wgt)
Kettle hat +3 (3 Def, -1 Mag, 3 Cha, 2 Wgt)
Stylish belt +3 (5 Cha, 2 Wgt)
Mass Haste Winged Boots +2 (magical winged boots) (7 Dex, 2 Wgt)
Black cloak +2 (5 Cha, 3 Wgt) (bonus to Camouflage)
Tribal necklace +5 (2 Atk, 3 Dex, 5 Cha, 2 Wgt)
Bracers of Archery (2 WGT) (+3 ranged damage)

10 Arrows x2 (1 Wgt x2)
Lesser healing potion x3 (.5 Wgt x3)
Healing potion (1 Wgt)
5 Rations (2.5 Wgt)
100 GP

Stats ( With Equipment)
HP - 37
MP - 10
STR - 4 (6)
CON - 6 (9)
DEX - 9 (19)
INT - 6 (6)
MAG - 5 (4)
CHA - 8 (26)

CC - 25/30

Skills - Handle Bows, Marksmanship, Track, Moving shot, Rapid reload, Rapid shot, Cause Fear, Cause Terror, Arrow Rain.
Skill Points - 0

Special Skills
Craft Arrows - Tired of having to resort to greedy merchants for arrows, the Archer learns how to craft his own arrows out of whatever materials he can get his hands on. Each new material yields different kinds of arrow, the only way to know which makes whih is to try it on as many different kinds as stuff as you can find.
Animal Companion - Whenever the Ranger meets an animal, he can attempt to befriend it by rolling charisma. If the animal is befriended, it will follow and aid the ranger. The ranger may have more than one animal companion, but the level of all the animal companions added together cannot be more than the ranger's level.
Spirit Arrow - The ultimate bowman is able to bypass the arrow and fire a bolt of concentrated power. Using their MP as ammunition, rangers can fire mighty spirit arrows, the power of the spirit arrow depends on the amount of MP used in it, there is no limit to their strength.


Lv 10 Lemurian
(baby/dwarf lemur resemblance)

Equipment -
Claw attack x2 (1 DEX, 1 ATK)
Bite attack (1 ATK)
Prehensile tail (1 DEX)

HP - 18
MP - 4
STR - 1
CON - 4
DEX - 15
INT - 4
MAG - 2
CHA - 6

Skills – Lock Pick, Set Trap, Disarm Trap, Finesse (3/3)

Special Skills
Nimble Fingers: The natural quick and nimble hands of a lemurian tend to make them experts at stealing and certain things requiring precision. Grants +2 bonus to lock pick and pick pocket.

Realms of Lemire
Characters of the Realms
Party Nº4

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2007-03-29 [Veltzeh]: Let's say you have 9 points to be distributed to the lemurian's CHA and DEX, and 3 points to its INT, STR and CON. Distribute away!

2007-03-29 [Veltzeh]: Oh and it might be a good idea to give it a name or something. X)

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