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Welcome to Challenge Chimes! This wiki is designed, quite selfishly, in fact, to get my creative juices flowing. I am asking you to challenge me! In what? Well, that's up to you, at the moment the categories are: Photography, Photomanipulation, Fiction and Poetry. I'm sure I'll expand later, probably when I can scan. So... what are you waiting for? Give me some challenges!

Not only is this designed as a form of inspiration but a chance for me to test my skills, so feel free to give me some challenging challenges - I couldn't think of any other words, alright? XD I want to improve by whatever means necessary. If I fail, you can laugh. It's a win-win situation.

Challenges can be detailed or they could simply be one-word prompts, either works.

To keep this page neat(ish), once I have completed a challenge I will delete the challenge from this page, don't worry, each challenge will be stored with the result of said challenge. If some are numbered and a number is missing, it means that I have completed the challenge. To see the results visit:

CC: Completed Challenges

How do I submit my challenge? Well, that's simple. Fill out and post this this little form in the comments of this wiki or send it to me via message:

Challenger: Username here, please.
Category: Fiction, Poetry, Photography or Photomanipulation.
Challenge: Be creative. :]

Please note: This is not a request wiki.



- For the purposes of this wiki, fiction includes: short stories, drabbles and possibly the odd script. The latter is rare.




- Anything goes really.


Challenger: [adramelech]
Challenge: "What's behind the shadows?"
Status: Pending



- Bear in mind, I do not have a studio. I use my room, my house and any random location that I find.


Challenger: [adramelech]
Challenge: "What's behind the shadows?"
Status: Ideas bubbling. Needed items: Black material, bright light, remote or timer on camera...



- Feel free to suggest stock with your challenges. However, if the stock does not belong to you (for example: it may belong to a stock artist on DeviantART or it may be from Reference Pictures) you must always tell me where it is from so that I can make sure I am definitely allowed to use it.


Challenger: Myself & a non-ET using person
Challenge: An icicle grin, to go with a poem. (If photomanipulation fails... drawing it is!)
Status: Pending

Challenger: [Jitter]
Challenge: A capricorn
Status: Pending

Challenger: [Jitter]
Challenge: Alice in wonderland :o
Status: Pending


[Linderel]'s mad prompting section. :P

*Write a sonnet. I don't care if it's Shakespearian, Spenserian or any other variety. Just write a sonnet. :P

*You must use each set of five either in a fiction or poetry piece. Inflections allowed, but you mustn't change the lexical category. If the word could be in several categories or have several meanings, pick freely which to use.
- cold, independent, putrid, standoff, warn
- carving, juxtapose, keen, opalescent, spark
- hum, rustle, key, reach, nail
- vine, cower, gargantuan, flesh, grimace

Prestige. Green fingers. Pact. Pagan. Slaughter. Lightning. Monday. Legends. Family. Fancy. Porcelain. Wormhole. Silence. Fix. Soul. Sorcery. Clipped wings. Clique. Bliss. Mythology. Trains. Modern gypsy/gypsies. Vicious cycle. Your favourite Shakespeare sonnet. Sonnet #18. The 'rose by any other name' quote.

Write a piece inspired by the image. It may either be central to the story, or included in a single scene. It must, however, be somehow significant. With some images you may simply use the concept indicated.


Credits:See Also:
Graphics: [Chimes] [Linderel]'s Portfolio Contest
Photography: [Chimes]Create Chimes a Stock Pack!
Prompts/Challenges: Their respective authorsDaily Poem
Resulting works: [Chimes]Nominate a Picture
The Elftionary
Chimes' Manipulations

Go or Return to:
- The Artistic Library of Chimes
- [Chimes]

Username (or number or email):


2009-02-11 [Linderel]: I just have special permission. 'Cause I'm trying to make her insane. <_< :P

2009-02-11 [Chimes]: Jits, don't worry about it. :P Feel free to edit. It's only owner editable because I think it looks better and I don't want people putting things in the wrong places... or even sabotage! XD I trust you, it's fine. :P

Trying, yes. But I'm not gone yet!

2009-02-11 [Skydancer]: Wow, Lin can be tough! :D thats a heck of a challenge.

2009-02-11 [Chimes]: It's gazillions of challenges. XD I do love my Lin. :] (Yes, you're mine now) I'm working on one of them right now, in fact :P

2009-02-11 [Linderel]: And gazillions more will come! :D

2009-02-11 [Chimes]: EXCELLENT!

2009-02-11 [Duke Devlin]: Szchoom~ Y'all (yes, you are a plural) need challenges from me! :O

2009-02-11 [Chimes]: (I'm not just a plural, I'm several plurals :P) I DO! :D *bounces*

2009-02-11 [Linderel]: :P

2009-02-11 [Chimes]: Ooo... I like this new set very much :D

2009-02-11 [Linderel]: You ought to - you inspired me xD

2009-02-11 [Chimes]: I did? How? XD

2009-02-11 [Linderel]: See the previous comments by yourself and Duke :P

2009-02-11 [Chimes]: Haha! I see!

2009-02-11 [Linderel]: My brain started with 'plurality' and then just ran along its own odd paths...

2009-02-11 [Chimes]: It's all good XD You've given me an idea with it though... probably going to be poetry again. XD

2009-02-11 [Linderel]: Wheeee :D

2009-02-12 [Chimes]: And it's done. XD

2009-02-14 [iippo]: Good wiki. You has win. :3

2009-02-14 [Chimes]: I do? Yaaaaay~! Thank you.

2009-02-14 [Yuriona]: WHOO HOO! I have new camera! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

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