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2005-04-26 17:52:47
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Logo by [Lady Chaos]

Cloud9000 is the leader
we plan on cazing chaos around the world
if you like chaos then join us
also we are a side brach of the WDP oooo yaaa you must ask the keeper of darkness for the write to add your name to her page

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2005-05-10 [kanaseria]: *jumps out of way of monkeys and calls root beer demons who then tear the monkeys to shreads, then turn to cloud, death with nasty pointy teeth*

2005-06-20 [THE LORD OF CHAOS!! FEED ME COOKIES!!!!!]: mwahahahaha pulls out cloud sword and takes out all monkey in one strike lol

2005-06-20 [kanaseria]: haha, but they were YOUR monkeys! *sends more demons*

2005-06-21 [THE LORD OF CHAOS!! FEED ME COOKIES!!!!!]: soo i kill what i want when i want lol

2005-06-22 [kanaseria]: and my demons will kill you! go demons, GO!!!!!

2005-06-24 [Dwarf Ronin]: *walks in*

2005-06-24 [THE LORD OF CHAOS!! FEED ME COOKIES!!!!!]: mwahahaha *sends demons flying with another swing of his sword* as all as chaos rule im unbeatable mwahahahahaaha

2005-06-25 [kanaseria]: *pushes cloud into a hole in the ground* hey kir-bu

2005-06-26 [THE LORD OF CHAOS!! FEED ME COOKIES!!!!!]: send a fist to the shatering the ground around him come now and fight me

2005-06-29 [kanaseria]: why?

2005-06-30 [THE LORD OF CHAOS!! FEED ME COOKIES!!!!!]: becuase it would be fun

2006-01-18 [Psychotic Insanity]: o.o

2006-01-20 [Dwarf Ronin]: Hello everyone.

2006-01-20 [Psychotic Insanity]: o.o

2006-01-28 [THE LORD OF CHAOS!! FEED ME COOKIES!!!!!]: hello how may i help to astrange your world today??

2006-02-06 [Psychotic Insanity]: My + AIM = EmortalSadnes

2006-06-10 [Eyonic]: can i join this hellish fun?

2006-06-11 [kanaseria]: voices...

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