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2005-05-30 22:24:30
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This is the special section for character badges. I've made badges out of all the pirates that are colored to date and only the ones that are colored, so you can pick your favorite if she's up here! ^_^

<img:stuff/SandyBadge> <img:stuff/CarmenBadge>
<img:stuff/SandyBadge>  <img:stuff/lilpaw>  <img:stuff/CarmenBadge>

<img:stuff/FedoraBadge> <img:stuff/CookieBadge>
<img:stuff/FedoraBadge>  <img:stuff/lilpaw>  <img:stuff/CookieBadge>

<img:stuff/NimBadge> <img:stuff/MapleBadge>
<img:stuff/NimBadge>  <img:stuff/lilpaw>  <img:stuff/MapleBadge>

<img:stuff/MindyBadge> <img:stuff/HildieBadge>
<img:stuff/MindyBadge>  <img:stuff/lilpaw>  <img:stuff/HildieBadge>

<img:stuff/OpalBadge> <img:stuff/PearlBadge>
<img:stuff/OpalBadge>  <img:stuff/lilpaw>  <img:stuff/PearlBadge>

<img:stuff/PenelopeBadge> <img:stuff/SelaraBadge>
<img:stuff/PenelopeBadge>  <img:stuff/lilpaw>  <img:stuff/SelaraBadge>

<img:stuff/RonsaBadge> <img:stuff/SissiBadge>
<img:stuff/RonsaBadge>  <img:stuff/lilpaw>  <img:stuff/SissiBadge>

<img:stuff/VickyBadge> <img:stuff/RoxBadge>
<img:stuff/VickyBadge>  <img:stuff/lilpaw>  <img:stuff/RoxBadge>

<img:stuff/BonnieBadge>  <img:stuff/RazzBadge>
<img:stuff/BonnieBadge>  <img:stuff/lilpaw>  <img:stuff/RazzBadge>

<img:stuff/ChiChiBadge>  <img:stuff/BabiBadge>
<img:stuff/ChiChiBadge>  <img:stuff/lilpaw>  <img:stuff/BabiBadge>

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2005-10-08 [Elisha Kelly]: they sure is perdy!!! :P

2010-11-03 [Alexi Ice]: Can we place one in our house if we have been a fan forever <3?

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