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Aplication form - Copy the following on a message, fill it out and send it to me [Duredhel]. Then I will send you your character sheet and post it here as well.

Player - Your Elftown Name
Name - Your character's name AND last name
Race - Well.... you race from Races of Lemire
Sub-race - Depending on your overall race you may have a sub-race (Ignean, Lynx Clansman, Lochmorian, etc)
Class - Classes are not COMPLETELY restricted by race, it can be discussed so you have a class that does not necesarily belong to your race.Classes in Lemire
Allegiance - Choose a side in the story according to your race. Or you can have no allegiance.
Appearance - As much detail as possible please. (10 Sentence Minumim)
Age - Do I really need to explain?
Personality - I will expect you to stick to what you write here during the game. (10 Sentence Minumim)
History - As much detail as possible please. The more you write, the better. (20 Sentence Minumim)
Weapon of Choice - Select one weapon from the Items Index.
Others - Anything that won't fit in the upper categories.

The parties will be playing at the same time and they will interact if they happen to be in the same place at the same time, depending on the overall party allegiance they might even fight or trade members.

By the Way: People can have up to one character per party and 3 characters max. Just in case anyone feels like joining another party ^_^.

Realms of Lemire NPCs


Party Nº1 - The Tree City Raiders

Virul Bassior -- Current Leader
Saris Asdar
Hron-bar Akua
Shugu Eduxi
Elise Marass
Tylien Taiveme'le

Party Nº2 - The Desert Roses

Ryoko Lunari -- Current Leader
Mela RaaTyalangan
Tyza Kiruthianasis
San'aran Afiza
Torren Rumani

Party Nº3 - The Brute Squad

Ke'an Aste
Toda Hiro-Matsu
Rei'zel Armada -- Current Leader
Gaius Varro
Darius Kontar
Dejiia K’roriaki

Party Nº4 - No name yet (Trainee GM [Veltzeh])

Geeileq Machaiktev
Toxir Necis Brutus
Nal'unah Obaraan
Alexandro Miuchi
Tabaxi Waughroon
Cassith Hir'edaik

Party Nº5 - Hirelings of the Damned

Zahi Tshariz
Häagin Ragemire
Dra'ust Edreeah
Ke'rodre Lawar'in'ger -- Current Leader
Je'hos Anaan

Party Nº6 - Sailing the Fang
(GM be [Blood Raven])
Shune'ria Zachaeia
Katelyn Boursair
Ain Amun
Akh’Adar Ner’mah
<Spot open>

Party N°7 - Secrets of the Arcane (Trainee GM [Silverbullet])

Elyse Ilvio -- Current Leader
Taru’lu Ciernaga
Aurora Parhelion
An'hanos Sijhah
Jerekhal Thadar
Osvaldo Segrius

Master Party - The Split Crusade

[Adaman] - Ortho D'Artagmion -- Current Leader
[Sunny Silverunicorn] - Ri'hane Edreeah
[Silverbullet] - Iason Lorena
[Blood Raven] - Rei Hachiro
[Sturmi] - Rumiko Tenku
[Grengo] - Camus Mattia
[Veltzeh] - Vineg Tor'eael

RoL Dropped Characters

Realms of Lemire
Races of Lemire
Classes in Lemire
The world thus far...
Maps of the Realms
Rules of Lemire
Lemirian Art
Forth to Lemire
Party Nº1
Party Nº2
Party Nº3
Party Nº4
Party Nº5
Party Nº6
Party Nº7

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2004-12-22 [Veltzeh]: Oookay. [Duredhel]'s gone though so you'll have to wait for a response for some time. The game is "on pause" anyway, lol.

2004-12-22 [Lunai]: All right..... *small smile*

2005-02-03 [Veltzeh]: Will the ego ever update?

2005-02-03 [Duredhel]: yep ^^' got to do that.. its just such a a drag scrolling through all those pages O_O... i've got free time on friday, i'll do it then.

2005-02-09 [Duredhel]: Ok ppl, if you want you ego updated, go, check the pages, and tell me what your char has killed

2005-02-09 [Veltzeh]: Tylien has killed one Gunang's Archer.

2005-02-09 [Lunai]: Um... I cannot say, I am not even there....

2005-02-09 [Veltzeh]: Well, [Lunai], I happen to know for sure that your character hasn't killed anyone yet. =P

2005-02-09 [Lunai]: Well, of course.... *smiles*

2005-02-13 [Duredhel]: Ok... so... Hauken have Amerindian names, Catfolk have African or Amazonian names, Human's names vary depending on their subrace, Ravillans Roman, Italian, Greek, Lochmorians Celtic, Nordic, Rysalleans English (traditional english), French, Caerhamnian Arab, Middle Eastern, Persian and Xiadomians Japanese or Chinese

2005-02-13 [Duredhel]: I really don't want to get stingy with the names but when you've got Amerindian hauken with names like "Ravenclaw" or "Silverwing" you know things have gone too far, don't want to have to force new players to change their names before they come into the game, so moderate yourselves.

2005-02-13 [Veltzeh]: Nice to know =D ...How about the rest?

2005-02-13 [Duredhel]: Dah'kin and Planetarii are mostly freestyle names, the one rule you might have to observe is that first names are usually divided (Nim'ael) byt an apostrophe and last names are not

2005-02-13 [Veltzeh]: Eh heh... that would've been useful to know before I made my characters. XD

2005-02-13 [Duredhel]: no problemo, your names are not bad.

2005-02-13 [Veltzeh]: Yeah, but still. You know I'm nitpicky.

2005-02-13 [Duredhel]: Yep, hey... you're only one who has tried my guess the flags game ^^

2005-02-15 [Lunai]: Hauken have Amerindian names, Catfolk have African or Amazonian names, Human's names vary depending on their subrace, Ravillans Roman, Italian, Greek, Lochmorians Celtic, Nordic, Rysalleans English (traditional english), French, Caerhamnian Arab, Middle Eastern, Persian and Xiadomians Japanese or Chinese? What???

2005-02-15 [Lunnie]: Jeez Dur and now you tell us ;x I should stab you for it xD

2005-02-15 [Lunai]: *still a bit confused, but does not mind it*

2005-02-15 [Duredhel]: check out the culture sections :) Ravillan Culture, Dah'kin Culture etc

2005-02-15 [Lunai]: Ah..... Okay, thank you. *less confused*

2005-02-15 [Lunnie]: ^__^ mew~ BLOOD FOR BLOOD AND BONES FOR BONES! That is the way of the Dah'kin. xD~!

2005-02-17 [Lunai]: .......!

2005-02-17 [Lunnie]: Lol xD

2005-02-17 [Lunai]: Interesting..... o.o

2005-02-17 [Lunnie]: I suppose ;P

2005-02-17 [Lunai]: You have a character, right?

2005-02-17 [Lunnie]: Yes I do ^__^

2005-02-17 [Lunai]: May I ask whom your character is? ^^

2005-02-17 [Lunnie]: My character is Donovan. He's both in the partys and the arena.

2005-02-17 [Lunai]: Ah, interesting...... My own is Lunai, she is in Party Nº3 - Bane of Gunang, but I am not sure if I want to place her in the Realms of Lemire Arena.....

2005-02-17 [Lunnie]: The Arena is rather amusing. ^__^

2005-02-17 [Lunai]: Oh, really? I might.....

2005-02-17 [Lunnie]: ^__6 -pets- Anyway I'm off, cya sometime maybe.

2005-02-18 [Lunai]: Okay, then. *smiles* Bye...

2005-04-06 [Duredhel]: OK so Party N6 is gonna be about... pirates! XD!! It'll start as soon as we get one more char, we also need someone to fill that slot in party N4

2005-04-06 [Grengo]: Throw a gorilla in there.

2005-04-06 [Duredhel]: you and the gorilla -_-'

2005-04-06 [Sturmi]: what? what's between Grengo and the gorillas?

2005-04-06 [Veltzeh]: XD Better not be the stuff my obscene brain is coming up with.

2005-04-06 [Duredhel]: trust me Vel... I don't think [Lunnie] could make up something as sick as the truth in this case

2005-04-06 [Veltzeh]: But how about me? XD

2005-04-06 [Duredhel]: You can try Vel ^^ but we all know Lunnie is scarier than you

2005-04-06 [Veltzeh]: Don't be so sure... because I refrain from testing my limits with people who I know wouldn't like it XD You haven't heard much anything from me yet! Haha!

2005-04-07 [Grengo]: I was just thinking... man, I'd be one fucking terrible game master (Rumi managed to evade the attack! Unfortunately, while she did so, she didn't notice a gorilla come out of fucking nowhere! The ape clotheslines her for 20 HP damage and scratches himself before darting off!)

2005-04-07 [Veltzeh]: Oookay. >_>

2005-04-07 [Grengo]: Eggsactly. <_<

2005-04-07 [Lunnie]: }3~ Vel could beat my icky thoughts dur ;P~ He just has to try real hard xD~

2005-04-07 [Sturmi]: he? do you HAVE SOMETHING AGAINST ME [Grengo]??? lol

2005-04-07 [Veltzeh]: Maybe I'd only need to stop trying to not scare you.

2005-04-07 [Duredhel]: no worries Vel, its very hard for anyone to scare me, i've been known to have very strange friends

2005-04-07 [Veltzeh]: Oh, I don't much worry about it... besides, I think you got a taste already and to me it looked like it was too much XD

2005-04-07 [Lunnie]: lmao~~ I'll never get enough of you veltz ^_~ teehee~ ;P

2005-04-07 [Duredhel]: Hehhe :P I decided to do a character for Party N6 ^^ I like how it turned out :P

2005-04-07 [Veltzeh]: Lol, nice char =P

2005-04-07 [Blood Raven]: Kitty I's demise was the most original thing I've seen in ages XD I'm barely in this wiki and I already love it :P

2005-04-07 [Duredhel]: Hehheeh XD i forgot to mention he can't swim, that's why sleep walking in a boat is so dangerous

2005-04-07 [Blood Raven]: XD

2005-04-07 [Veltzeh]: Haha XD

2005-06-05 [Cat in the Hat]: i have a few Question to ask about my char. and i was wondering if i could just post it here or do i have to message somebody

2005-06-05 [Veltzeh]: Well, [Duredhel] is the one who certainly knows the answer, but if it's not a complicated question, I guess you could just as well ask it on the comments to see if anyone else can answer.

2005-06-06 [Cat in the Hat]: thank you

2005-07-08 [Veltzeh]: When there is need?

2005-07-08 [Veltzeh]: Lol, that reminds me... can Ke'rodre switch party? XD Though I wonder how that would be accomplished... :P

2005-07-09 [Sturmi]: where do you want to move Ke'rodre to?

2005-07-09 [Veltzeh]: From P2 to P5...

2005-08-25 [Duredhel]: Uhh.. ok, so one person was dropped from Party N2, other than that its all the same... The spot in Party N5 is already reserved, though, so there are the open spots in Parties N1, 2 and 4

2005-09-02 [NamelessMerc]: ... Can someone explain to me hjow I always end up rp'ing in a group of girls?!

2005-09-02 [Duredhel]: ...cuz you chose that party?

2005-09-02 [Lepellier]: Is there any more openings still?, just add my char and I'll send you the other info asap (today)

2005-09-02 [Duredhel]: there *might* be an opening, but you have to send your char and it has to be approved before I can add anything...

2005-09-02 [Lepellier]: ok, I'll get working on it, again.

2005-09-02 [NamelessMerc]: <.<; >.>; I know that. It's not just this rp though (^_^) I musst be a closet ladies' man. Pfft.

2005-09-02 [Lepellier]: sentance, Dur, not scentance

2005-09-02 [Veltzeh]: Not sentance, [Lepellier], but sentEnce. XD

2005-09-02 [Duredhel]: both yer chars are getting cancer :D! have a nice day!

2005-09-02 [Veltzeh]: XD

2005-09-02 [Duredhel]: that's called extreme riot control.

2005-09-02 [Veltzeh]: Well, Tylien's been threatened with a meteor and some STD... ;)

2005-09-02 [Duredhel]: well then aren't you glad I just had the zombvies eat him instead?

2005-09-02 [Veltzeh]: Something would've happened anyway, right? Something should always happen, it makes things interesting. XD And I didn't have to replace it...

2005-09-02 [Lepellier]: oops, sorry about spelling corrections, I swear, I'll never do it again!

2005-09-02 [Veltzeh]: You better keep that promise! X)

2005-09-02 [Lepellier]: I plan to, and what about yourself, there, Vel?

2005-09-02 [Veltzeh]: I didn't promise anything, did I?

2005-09-03 [Lepellier]: not yet, but you're in for the same stuff I am.

2005-09-03 [Veltzeh]: Same stuff? You mean the correcting? Well we have a fundamental difference there: I actually know how to spell :P

2005-09-03 [Lepellier]: No, I mean the threat of Dur killing off the characters.

2005-09-03 [Veltzeh]: Ah. Well, only one of my characters was threatened, the other four have been spared so far.

2005-09-03 [Lepellier]: Yeah, 1 of mines has been threatened, and he doesn't "exsist"yet

2005-09-05 [Lunnie]: O.o; Hmm -grins and pet's Veltz- Meow I say!

2005-09-05 [Grengo]: And Woof, says I!

2005-09-05 [Lunnie]: -hisses and bites Grengo-

2005-09-05 [Grengo]: *growls and mauls Lunnie*

2005-09-05 [Lunnie]: Ow ;<

2005-09-05 [Lepellier]: no sympathy for poor old me?

2005-09-05 [Lunnie]: Nevah!!

2005-09-05 [Lepellier]: Well thanks Lunnie.

2005-09-05 [Lunnie]: You're welcome.

2005-09-05 [Veltzeh]: :O

2005-09-05 [Lunnie]: ^__^ hello Veltz~ >D~!!

2005-09-06 [Veltzeh]: :D

2005-09-06 [Sturmi]: the dropped characters list is very very long now

2005-09-07 [Grengo]: Mebbe' get rid of the REALLY old characters (those whose players haven't returned in... say.... six months)

2005-09-07 [Blood Raven]: yeah that would be a healthy clean-up, i think...

2005-09-07 [Veltzeh]: Or just make a new page for them which will then grow X)

2005-10-15 [gwen meaw]: hello

2005-10-16 [Kyromanic]: hello. ^.^

2005-10-16 [Lepellier]: See Dur, you need to add a new party....

2005-10-16 [Duredhel]: no :)

2005-10-16 [Lepellier]: Geez, how nice of you...

2005-10-17 [Sturmi]: lol

2005-10-17 [Lepellier]: Seriously, the waiting list has to be long enough....

2005-10-17 [Duredhel]: Aye... if Sturms says it.. I might consider making another party >_>

2005-10-17 [Lepellier]: *Stays quite and waits for Sturms response*

2005-10-18 [Sturmi]: why me? Anyway, I think Dûr has too much work already with the 7 partys RoL has and all of his other projects

2005-10-18 [J. "dragonruler" Rouse]: I'd agree with with the webcomic you'll be workin' on...I don't advise or think you should Dur

2005-10-18 [Lepellier]: Well, all i know is that this is going nowhere fast, and there are probably some inactive chars. that should be cut, or atleast ppl with 2 chars who could drop one to let another join...

2005-10-18 [J. "dragonruler" Rouse]: meh..

2005-10-18 [Lepellier]: seriously though...

2005-10-18 [Sturmi]: why? is there a "I wanna play" waiting list or something?

2005-10-18 [J. "dragonruler" Rouse]: *Nods at Sturmi's remark.* Yeah, no kidding...

2005-10-18 [Lepellier]: Well, you could say that in a sense...I've been waiting for over 4 months...or some hoorendous time like that..but, it's been that long, so I guess I can wait a bit longer....

2005-10-19 [Sturmi]: but did you have a char? Anyway, party nº4 has been changing characters a lot... though I don't know if it will continue happening... next time there's a free spot I'll tell you then

2005-10-19 [Lepellier]: Ok, thank you, Dur should have me next on the waiting list...

2005-12-16 [Lepellier]: Hey Dur, you never updated party no. 1's characters...

2006-04-07 [Lepellier]: 1) P No7 hasn't been updated 2)Why not just call it the mages guild? :P

2006-04-07 [Veltzeh]: Lol... I haven't updated P4 up there XD

2006-06-29 [Blood Raven]: Because you guys are not the friggin mage guild :P You're more like a small part of it

2006-08-05 [Duredhel]: Update- Some parties need names! In adittion to this, I have started a "Leader" system for the parties. Party Leaders are the ones I consider are RPing the best in the interest of building up the story and establishing inter-party or inter-character dynamics. Peple who have their characters sentimentally involved with other characters within the party (could be love or hate), who post frequently, who avoid one-liners, help develop and advance the story,and get their characters involved in the storyline are candidates for party leaders. Party leaders have three main bonuses, 1, they gain more experience from fights. 2, if a character remains party leader for a while, his player gets a "Party Leader" badge and a full body drawing of his char. And last, but not least, for each party leader he plays, a player can grant one of his RoLA characters, if any, a Party Leader badge which increases the experience and GP that character earns from fights. If the RoL character stops being Party Leader, the RoLA char loses the badge.

2006-08-05 [J. "dragonruler" Rouse]: nevermind my comment on the other page ^^;

2006-08-05 [Silverbullet]: Whee! Ilvio's da leadah! *dance* As for P7's name... erm.. are we advanced enough to choose one? I mean, there's hardly been a day's worth of RP-time passed ^^"

2006-08-05 [Duredhel]: The players chose the name ^^' the characters aren't even aware they have a name, or a party leader.. or stats.. or levels, or anything for that matter :P

2006-08-05 [Blood Raven]: they aren't aware of anything? That's sucks. "Hey, whattaya know, I'm actually a really powerful archmage. Never noticed." ^__^
As for the party 7 name, we'll discuss that in the comment board.

2006-08-05 [Veltzeh]: Lol, Zahi's a leader. And he hasn't even spoken in the party yet XD

2006-08-05 [Duredhel]: Several of the current leaders are based on the character itself , since some parties have not RPed that much.

2006-08-05 [J. "dragonruler" Rouse]: Are the party leaders subject to change in terms of losing the position? In other words, does the position change to another player?

2006-08-06 [Duredhel]: Yeah.

2006-08-07 [Blood Raven]: There is a word called "mutiny" you know :P

2006-08-07 [NamelessMerc]: Aye, and there be a word called "Keelhaul" too, yeh lilly-livered son of a bilge rat! Don't be tellin' the crew words like mutiny, they got enough ter worry about remembering which way up the mop goes!

<.<; >.>;

2006-08-08 [Blood Raven]: Well, I dunnah need te tell 'em tha 'm'-word to convince them te slice ye throat an' make me cap'n...

2006-08-09 [NamelessMerc]: Yeh can try, yeh li'l bootstrap, but yeh'll never be cap'n afore they throw yer sorry carcass to Davey Jones!
That there Veltz's got an eye fer the cap'n's hat, I say!

2006-09-03 [Duredhel]: Slots open in the Desert Roses (Party Nº2, preferably a female character) and the Brute squad (Party Nº3, preferably a brute).

2006-09-03 [NamelessMerc]: "Brute"?

2006-09-03 [Duredhel]: It's the antipode of the Desert Roses actually, it's an all male-character party. Though we can probably take 1 female (since there's 1 Rose)

2006-09-03 [NamelessMerc]: <.<; >.>; Would you slap me if I submitted that lion female again?

2006-09-03 [Duredhel]: Feel free to do it, however you know the hierarchy - RoLA Players without RoL chars get preference, then non RoL players, then RoL Players.

2006-09-03 [NamelessMerc]: *Bows* As you wish, sire.

*Toddles off, whistling*

2006-09-27 [Veltzeh]: Waa, my character didn't make it D: ...I do have a chance in case someone's dropped, right? X)

2006-09-27 [Duredhel]: yah ^^

2006-09-27 [Lepellier]: Bah. don't feel bad, Vel, I got dropped to...

2006-09-27 [Veltzeh]: I don't actually... well, much :P I like to be hopeful while not expecting anything. >_>

2006-09-27 [Lepellier]: Yeah...I try not to expect anything any more...last time I expected something...I ran head first into a steel door.

2006-09-27 [Veltzeh]: The last time I really expected something, I ended up hating a movie to all eternity. XD

2006-09-27 [Lepellier]: Just riddle me this...was it Brokeback Mountain? XD

2006-09-27 [Veltzeh]: Gladiator.

2006-09-27 [Lepellier]: Ok, good, I was a bit worried.

2006-09-27 [Veltzeh]: How come? Never seen Brokeback mountain...

2006-09-27 [Lepellier]: I haven't either, but I heard it wasn't good...never planned on seeing it either.

2006-09-27 [Veltzeh]: I've heard kind of the opposite... but still, I wouldn't go see a movie about romance unless someone paid me. X)

2006-09-27 [Rizzen]: why'd you hate gladiator?

2006-09-28 [Veltzeh]: Because I expected some things of it that it didn't have. It's been so long that I've forgotten the details, though.

2006-09-28 [Rizzen]: ah, I suppose that's a valid reason. Personally I loved the movie, but to each their own.

2006-09-28 [Duredhel]: I loved that movie too ^^

2006-09-28 [Veltzeh]: Later I also realized that I just dislike the genre in general. So horrible. It's almost a miracle because I usually like all movies I see >_>

2006-10-16 [Silverbullet]: Oi Dur! Party N.7's name has been decided. I'd've guessed Blood would have told you already.. but it's been some time now ^^'
"Secrets of the Arcane" be the name!

2006-10-17 [Blood Raven]: Yeah I told him, t just never really got through I guess... ^^"

Oh, and gladator fails to be historically correct on almost every detail :P That might have been an issue with some people.

2006-10-18 [Rizzen]: yeah, but I don't think the movie ever claimed to be historically accurate

2006-10-18 [Veltzeh]: Yeah, that was one of the things that seriously irked me, heh. I don't know where I got the impression that it was supposed to be realistic, but that's what I expected and that's why I suffered. >_>

2006-10-18 [Rizzen]: ah, so it was a matter of misinterpretation over what the movie was supposed to be. Completelly understandable.

2006-10-19 [Veltzeh]: Yeah, but that was just one thing, even if the main one.

2006-11-06 [Rock Thine World]: Don't forget to change it so that Uthgar Wulfvald joined party No6

2006-11-06 [Rock Thine World]: And Tir has been killed off from party No7

2006-11-07 [NamelessMerc]: =[ *Sheds a tear for a lost comrade*

2007-01-04 [Veltzeh]: There's a spot open in Party 4! ...Except not, it's taken!

2007-05-09 [Blood Raven]: I'm already in that one.

I'm searching for two other players who wish to join me in a small party which will involve alot of travelling around Lemire, and getting into trouble. Anybody interested? I'm thinking of starting on level 11 (So everybody has an advanced class), so we can immediatly begin with some tougher stuff (which will be more interesting to play with).

2007-05-09 [Lepellier]: o0o, I'm in!

2007-05-09 [Veltzeh]: Dang, I want to play, but I kinda feel like it'll be just the same people playing again if I do...

2007-05-09 [Silverbullet]: I'm also tempted, but should probably leave the spot for other players ><

...Gimme a yell if ever you can't find anyone though ^__^

2007-06-01 [Lepellier]: Ok, so. It's time to sort this out....What parties are still going? P. No. 7 is still running, who else is still around?

2007-06-01 [Silverbullet]: P4's a-going too.. That's all I know of >_>

2007-06-01 [Lepellier]: Master, 6, and 3 all died, for sure.

2007-06-01 [Silverbullet]: Master is trying to resurrect..

2007-06-01 [Lepellier]: slowly...2 died as well though.

2007-06-01 [Silverbullet]: Slowly is still something! :P

2007-06-01 [Silverbullet]: Except for P6, every 'dead' one stopped in January..

2007-06-01 [Blood Raven]: P6 was trying to resurrect with [Orey] as GM, but we haven't spotted her in a while...

2007-06-01 [Duredhel]: As much as I think Orey could do a good job as a GM, she simply isn't reliable enough in her ET prescence, I recommend you find a different GM and consider it carefully before giving Orey any more administrative duties(either in RoL or RoLA)in the future.

2008-01-27 [Blood Raven]: ATTENTION PEOPLE
Party Nº6 is being restarted. We are looking for two more brave seamen to do pirate stuff with. Anybody interested to join us?

2008-01-27 [Veltzeh]: I'm not!

2008-01-27 [Blood Raven]: okay, be a landlubber then, that's cool with me. even though a 'lubber' sounds like a used condom, but that could be something that only my mind assiociates it with :P

2008-01-27 [Veltzeh]: Ew? :P

2008-01-28 [Lepellier]: *raises hand* Maybe!

2008-03-22 [Blood Raven]: Alright people, the spot in Party Nº6 is taken!

2008-03-26 [Earoluim]: * looks around *

2008-03-26 [J. "dragonruler" Rouse]: I'll be trying to regather party 2.

2008-04-01 [Earoluim]: * Bows head to Rouse*

2008-04-01 [J. "dragonruler" Rouse]: Hey there, Gun!

2008-04-02 [Earoluim]: Hello there .

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