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2007-06-09 12:43:18
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thought we could use this page for comments and stuff, for some reason i never liked the green piece below where the comments should be written....
so here we can write what ever! ideas and stuff

...where are the rest of our writers? 7 characters so far and less than half have written...?

Well to the modern feel....well its 2007 like i said, so its modern yes...but as magic is different, you can look midevil if you like...

and to the meeting place, i thought we can meet up at greenland at the small building, and go from there...

ha ha i think im talking to myself.

Added a new pic

Hey my friend scott joined yay!!

now my friend from on here is going to join yay go me!

love the pictures, they very cool.....think we are finaly starting to get somewhere! :-)

YEah i think so too my and [Rook] are already fighting lol she is very good

the page is getting long now, so shout if anyone wants me to make a new page! :-)

Why is everyone being mean to Lucien he is a sweet heart :( oh well i think the other two like each other lol shiva seems shy

Oh I have to appologise on my apsence (and spelling) from the journey to ardor! I went to Africa for a month and then i was on a cruise for about a month! But im finaly back in the UK and back with my trusty interent line! Thanks for not abandoning the story! :-)

Ok i got a rough idea on the whole story line for this story, but I would love ideas from you guys!!!!!

Im gonna get two new people to join us, but they wont be part of our group .....

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2007-06-30 [Wednesday]: Does anyone think the role play is a bit confusing ?

2007-07-16 [Lolli Love]: i do

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