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Chess Tournament



Tournament Begins: As soon as you jerks sign up (subject to delay)

Winner of the next round will receive a $50 Amazon gift card!

Losers of the next round will be humiliated, like the losers they are.


Once all the participants have signed up, each member will be paired up for the first rounds of the tournament. To play, you must first sign up at and list your username on the list below. Becoming a member of is quick and easy. All you have to do is activate your account through your email address.

As soon as everyone has joined, a bracket will be made and you will be paired with your first opponent. First, you or your opponent will need to create a game. Creating a game is simple. Just enter the name of your opponent in the appropriate section and decide on the "time per move" (preferably 1 day). You can create a game here: (you need to give me a link to your game once you make it, so I can watch it and put it into an iframe)

So, to start a game, go here:

Then, put the name of the person you're supposed to face here and click to create the game:


You can play your game at or, if you prefer, you can use one of the iframes on Chess Tournament - Games.

If you enter this tournament, you can win any one of these fine, fabulous prizes:


First place will receive this finely sculpted, golden king.


Second place gets this okay, but not as great, silver bishop.


All participants will get this inexplicably sparkling brick, whether they like it or not.
If you do not want this brick in your Elftown house, simply provide your address and we'll promptly deliver a brick through your window.

Or, you can take one of these old, less fabulous prizes: Old, Less Fabulous Prizes

For any questions, see [Mortified Penguin]! For any answers, see someone else.


PARTICIPANTS: (your ET username and then your username)

1. [Mortified Penguin] (Mortified_Penguin)
2. [All_Most PUNK] (PatricioUPMA)
3. [Sagacious Turkey] (sagaciousturkey)
4. [Baked] (rezzen64)
5. [JayLue] (JayLue)
6. [JINKS MAN] (JinksMan)
(No, I don't actually expect 25 people to sign up)


Should the next tournament be single-elimination1 or double-elimation2? Click here to vote:
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4218) Should the next tournament be single-elimination1 or double-elimation2? (Administrator: [Mortified Penguin])

Number of voters: 6
* a) Single-Elimination
Number of votes: 4 (67%)

* b) Double-Elimination
Number of votes: 1 (17%)

* c) Quadruple-Elimination (selecting this option will invalidate your vote and make me hate you)
Number of votes: 1 (17%)

1. A single-elimination tournament — also called an Olympic system tournament, a knockout, cup, or sudden death tournament — is a type of elimination tournament where the loser of each bracket is immediately eliminated from winning the championship or first prize in the event. Bracket example:

2. A double-elimination tournament is a type of elimination tournament competition in which a participant ceases to be eligible to win the tournament's championship upon having lost two games or matches. It stands in contrast to a single-elimination tournament, in which only one defeat results in elimination. Bracket example:


While you wait for the next round, feel free to play a quick game on this iframe!

User Name: Hail Lord Satan
Password: password

Just click "Show content" below and then "Join" and log in with the information above! Or don't. I really don't care. Assholes.

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You can also play one of these stupid ass chess puzzles:

Stupid ass chess puzzle:
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<iframe src='' scrolling='no' width='220' height='270' frameborder='0'>

Another stupid ass chess puzzle:
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Chess Tournament Winners
Previous Brackets
Old, Less Fabulous Prizes
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Username (or number or email):


2009-10-20 [Mortified Penguin]: [Eyden13] - All you do is join and add your username to the list up there. When the tournament starts, I'll give you more information about who to play and what to do next.

2009-10-21 [All_Most PUNK]: I'm in.

2009-10-21 [hanhepi]: i am tempted to join, but i really suck at chess. i have a feeling that against y'all, i'd really get my ass handed to me. :(

2009-10-21 [All_Most PUNK]: I'm horrible too, Han. But more people is needed, so you should join.

2009-10-21 [hanhepi]: oh, ok. as long as i won't be the only one who sucks. :P

2009-10-21 [Lothuriel]: I will have to advertise this

2009-10-21 [Mortified Penguin]: Yes... yes you will.

2009-10-21 [Eyden13]: ok

2009-10-22 [diizzydaiizy]: is there a way to hide wiki invites? :/

2009-10-22 [Mortified Penguin]: That's wishful thinking, my son.

2009-10-22 [diizzydaiizy]: -heavy sigh- yeah....

2009-10-22 [Eyden13]: some one took my name of the list, is there a reason why?

2009-10-23 [Mortified Penguin]: According to the past page versions, your name was never on the list. Just add it back up there... *eats ramen*...

2009-10-25 [Eyden13]: ok

2009-10-26 [The Red Baron]: Kindly stop sending me invitations to these wikis for 2 reasons.

1- Too busy with real life.
2- Not interested, not in the slightest bit.

2009-10-26 [Mortified Penguin]: Reasons why I don't care:

1. No you aren't. And it doesn't take very long at all to click a link anyway.
2. You obviously have no taste in wikis.
3. You're included in a bulk list of names. I can't remove you.
4. Eat at Bob's Diner.

Clearly, my four reasons outweigh your two reasons and, because of this, I am better than you.

2009-10-26 [The Red Baron]: Kindly do not rile me any further.

2009-10-26 [The Red Baron]: You cannot be better than me, no matter how hard you try to delude yourself kiddo.

I'd have reported you for this but have no belief in the system here whatsoever. So kindly, do not disturb any further.

2009-10-26 [Cillamoon]: Let's respect his choice Mortified, please let it be and drop it. He was kind enough to ask not to be invited anymore, even though I understand you have no control over that exact portion. But let's be nice please and get along for the sake of others that are reading this, as well as for ourselves.

2009-10-26 [Mortified Penguin]: [The Red Baron] - Oh, but I am. And I have done nothing to merit a report... yet... *eats ramen*...

[Cillamoon] - Never! I don't take advice from TRAMPS! Unless they are a particularly cute tramp... and even then I'm still a bit wary...

2009-10-26 [Mortified Penguin]: If the system is exploitable, I will exploit it.

2009-10-26 [Cillamoon]: LOL you are silly.

2009-10-26 [Cillamoon]: Hey, believe me, I've pissed off a few ppl myself by doing the same thing you did with the invites. You can't avoid it, but you can make some advertisements and spread them around to individual members instead of a mass amount. I know, it can be painful but would you rather take a bit longer to do something or get yelled at? Trust me, I am still learning this lesson myself in certain areas of ET. XD

2009-10-26 [All_Most PUNK]: Also, individual members can check the wiki, ask to not get more invitations and then stop checking it, instead of coming back looking for confrontation, as they usually do.
Also, they shouldn't threaten members with reports when there's no merit for them.

That said... Mort, behave!

And [Cillamoon] happens to be pretty cute, just so you know.

2009-10-26 [Cillamoon]: <img:44166_1164145221.gif><img:44166_1164903263.gif><img:stuff/mood22-gif.gif>

2009-10-26 [Mortified Penguin]: I would much rather get yelled at. Plus, nobody is willing to spread word of my wikis other than myself.

2009-10-26 [Eyden13]: I'll help if you need it. ^-^

2009-10-26 [hanhepi]: heck no i won't help you advertise this wiki... more people joining would decrease my odds of winning! i'm 1-6 now, not great, but placing 6th i can live with. placing 75th really sucks.

2009-10-26 [Mortified Penguin]: Aw, come on... you don't even stand a chance with me in this thing!

2009-10-26 [hanhepi]: shhhhhhhhhhhh! don't spoil my delusions!

2009-10-27 [All_Most PUNK]: Cillamoon: <img:stuff/mood17-gif.gif>

Mort: -_- Well, I'll yell at you. And I think you have your usual conspirators to do the spreading.

Han: I've lost pretty much every game I played there at So I suck.
And I sent you a friends request, accept it.

2009-10-27 [Mortified Penguin]: All those conspirators are me in disguise.

2009-10-27 [All_Most PUNK]: Yeah, but you don a disguise, so it's like they are different people.

2009-10-27 [Mortified Penguin]: I see, I see... but did you know that Bob's Diner has good eats?

2009-10-27 [All_Most PUNK]: Yeah, but I don't like the ambience. Nor the music.

2009-10-27 [Mortified Penguin]: What's so bad about death techno?

2009-10-27 [All_Most PUNK]: The techno part, of course.

2009-10-27 [Cillamoon]: Following the comments on here is hilarious! Hey, why can't I be a conspirator too???

@All_Most PUNK: Dude, that face is rockin!

2009-10-27 [Mortified Penguin]: All we need is two more people... then I can make a decent looking bracket without any annoying byes!

2009-10-27 [Ravendust]: I suppose I'll play the part of one of those, I'm bored and looking for a challenge.

2009-10-27 [hanhepi]: Punk: accepted.

2009-10-27 [All_Most PUNK]: There, I challenged you to a game.

2009-10-27 [hanhepi]: oh damn.
ok, game on!

2009-11-01 [Mortified Penguin]: Come on... we need one more person!

2009-11-08 [kamisch]: Today's technically the it too late? I just got back from hiatus!

2009-11-08 [Mortified Penguin]: Nope! Not too late. Sign up.

2009-11-09 [Mortified Penguin]: Tournament temporarily delayed until the 13th, since I'm going to be out of internet connection range for a day or two...

2009-11-10 [kamisch]: Ok, I'm up...Hope I don't get toally creamed at this lol. I'm only...okay at chess.

2009-11-10 [Eyden13]: nah. I'm horrible at chest, but I joined. ^-^

2009-11-13 [Mortified Penguin]: Let's go with these four match-ups:

[Mortified Penguin] (Mortified_Penguin)
[Sagacious Turkey] (SagaciousTurkey)

[Ravendust] (Ravendust)
[All_Most PUNK] (PatricioUPMA)

[hanhepi] (hanhepi)
[Eyden13] (Eyden)

[Thunder Cid] (thundercid)
[kamisch] (Kamisch42)

If everyone is even still here, do you all know how to challenge your opponent to a game? If so, go ahead and start. If not, ask me.

2009-11-13 [Ravendust]: I've sent my challenge out.

2009-11-14 [All_Most PUNK]: Got it.

2009-11-14 [Thunder Cid]: I can't even find my opponent.

2009-11-14 [Mortified Penguin]: Kamisch42? Is the name wrong or something?

2009-11-14 [Thunder Cid]: I looked for the name, but there was no one by it.

2009-11-14 [Thunder Cid]: Got it now.

2009-11-15 [kamisch]: Ok Thunder...when you're ready...I'll be here :D Because it says white goes first, right? I'm black.

2009-11-15 [Thunder Cid]: Alright my move has been made.

2009-11-15 [kamisch]: WoO! Let the game begin!!! :P

2009-11-15 [All_Most PUNK]: Ravendust, what happened? The game was aborted. I sent you another challenge.

2009-11-15 [Ravendust]: I don't know, that's weird *frowns* I made my move though...

2009-11-15 [Mortified Penguin]: Hanhepi? Eyden? Either of you still here?

2009-11-16 [hanhepi]: i'm still here. eyden is too... she messaged me about setting up a time. we're still trying to work one out.

2009-11-16 [Mortified Penguin]: A'ight.

2009-11-16 [All_Most PUNK]: Ravendust: No, you haven't. Did you click "Submit move" under the chat window? If you didn't, then the move wasn't done. Right now there's no move from you and the game has just started.

Han: Why do you need to set up a time? Play offline with a 1/2 days limit for the move and each of you plays when you can.

2009-11-16 [hanhepi]: that's what i was thinking too.

2009-11-16 [Eyden13]: I totlaly forgot about that. Hm. I've never done it before so I'll see how it goes.

2009-11-16 [Ravendust]: [All_Most PUNK] I actually didn't know that so I guess I didn't, I'm going to now though ><:;

2009-11-17 [All_Most PUNK]: The game has really started now.

2009-11-17 [Mortified Penguin]: Anybody want to give me a link to their game, so I can laugh at your mistakes?

2009-11-17 [All_Most PUNK]: What do you think?

2009-11-17 [Mortified Penguin]: Yes?

2009-11-17 [All_Most PUNK]: Errr... Added you as friend over there <---

2009-11-23 [All_Most PUNK]: Ravendust lost on time, never again played. What do we do in that case?

2009-11-23 [Mortified Penguin]: I guess you advance to the next opponent.

2009-11-23 [Mortified Penguin]: ...which is me. I'll send you a game invitation.

2009-11-24 [Ravendust]: yeah, sorry, been wicked busy... and my pc has been in and out of commission

2009-11-24 [Thunder Cid]: I won via checkmate against [kamisch].

2009-11-24 [Mortified Penguin]: You'll be playing either [hanhepi] or [Eyden13]... if they ever even got around to playing each other...

2009-11-24 [hanhepi]: we're playing. we've made 3 moves so far.

2009-11-24 [Mortified Penguin]: What?! 14 days between each move?!

2009-11-24 [Ravendust]: you never gave a specific end date to the competition, so technically they can take as long as they want/need.

2009-11-24 [hanhepi]: i figured 3 would suffice, but she set it up. and she's only got 10 days left to make her move, so 3 would have been bad.

we did discuss finishing it up today though, since i'm going out of town for the next 5 days. hopefully we can both manage that.

2009-11-24 [All_Most PUNK]: Next time we are putting more specific time rules :P

2009-11-24 [Eyden13]: Sorry, I knew the holdays were coming up so I wanted significant time, but i agree 14 was a bit to much. Wont happen again.

2009-11-24 [hanhepi]: it's ok. we don't have to use all 14 days between moves. lol.

2009-11-24 [Eyden13]: ^-^

2009-11-25 [kamisch]: I am a looooooooooser :(

Good game though Cid!

2009-11-25 [Thunder Cid]: You too ^^

2009-12-08 [Mortified Penguin]: You people finish that match yet?!

2009-12-08 [Eyden13]: By Friday.

2009-12-09 [hanhepi]: yes, Friday. *tents fingers* excellent. </mr.burns>

2009-12-11 [Eyden13]: Congradualations to [hanhepi] for the win ^-^

2009-12-11 [Mortified Penguin]: [Thunder Cid] and [hanhepi]! Get to playing!

2009-12-12 [Thunder Cid]: Challenge sent.

2009-12-12 [hanhepi]: challenge accepted. :)

2009-12-17 [Thunder Cid]: [hanhepi] won ^^

2009-12-17 [hanhepi]: oh snap, i did? damn! i'm on a roll!

2009-12-17 [Mortified Penguin]: Challenge sent... *eats ramen*...

2009-12-17 [hanhepi]: damn, i bet my odds of you conceding defeat or letting time run out are slim ain't they? i might actually have to play on this one.

wouldn't it be a real hoot if i managed to win this in the same manner as my other dramatic wins though?

2009-12-17 [hanhepi]: challenge accepted by the way.

2009-12-17 [Mortified Penguin]: suuuuure would... sadly though, I plan on crushing you. Violently. With six queens. Two of which will go in your nostrils.

2009-12-17 [hanhepi]: XD suddenly i'm very glad we aren't playing chess in person.

2009-12-17 [Mortified Penguin]: That's what you think!

2009-12-17 [hanhepi]: er... yeah! queens in my nostrils sounds somewhat painful!

2009-12-17 [Eyden13]: I can't wait to see who wins ^-^

2009-12-17 [Mortified Penguin]: Well, after I beat [hanhepi], I plan on defeating each and every one of you that hasn't played me as well.

2009-12-17 [Eyden13]: *gulp*

2009-12-17 [Mortified Penguin]: *cracks knuckles*... *runs out of knuckles to crack*... *cracks Cid's knuckles as well*...

2009-12-17 [Thunder Cid]: I actually needed that.

2009-12-18 [hanhepi]: ooo i like having an iframe on here. now i just gotta come here (already on et all day anyway) to move. awesome.

2010-01-18 [Mortified Penguin]: Sign up again, jerks! ...and [hanhepi] lost on time. Not that it really mattered, since I was about to checkmate her anyway...

2010-01-18 [hanhepi]: hell, i thought i still had all of today to make my move... i just moved on saturday i thought. :(

2010-01-18 [All_Most PUNK]: -_-

I strongly suggest we implement the 1 day movement regulation :P

2010-01-18 [hanhepi]: :( that's tough to stick to, cause i have to share the computer with randy on the weekends.

the live chess would be better.

2010-01-18 [All_Most PUNK]: HOw long does it take to make a move?

2010-01-18 [hanhepi]: well, i'd usually stay on there for an hour or two, but mort wouldn't move while i was on, so i'd close the page and check it the next day i remembered. by then he had moved, so i would move. 

the real problem was remembering to check every day.

2010-02-01 [Sagacious Turkey]: Three people so far?

2010-02-02 [kamisch]: Oh sorry...mine's the same name as before...I forgot to put it up again :D

2010-02-11 [Sagacious Turkey]: Four people so far?!

2010-02-11 [Ravendust]: I can't stand having games last for a long period of time, I prefer to play games in one sitting, especially since I don't always remember to log on and do the moves for long ones ><;;

2010-02-25 [Sagacious Turkey]: *cough*

2010-03-06 [Mortified Penguin]: This tournament could probably use a few more people...

2010-03-07 [KnightAngel]: Shouldn't there at least be a third place? :P

2010-03-07 [KnightAngel]: Do you have to be a member on

2010-03-07 [Mortified Penguin]: Third place would be hard to determine with a single elimination tournament...

2010-03-07 [KnightAngel]: *shrugs* No matter how then there is still chance of third place unless it goes by odd rules ^^

2010-03-07 [~*~Music Junkie~*~]: I would join, tho i am going to be starting school in april. Will not have much time for elftown. ^^

2010-03-07 [Mortified Penguin]: That's a terrible excuse! It isn't that hard to make a move in a game of chess once every three or so days...

2010-03-07 [~*~Music Junkie~*~]: Actually, no it really isn't. Concidering, its a heavy class. The town is in the middle of no were and small, the library is the only available internet connection. The only time its open when i am not in class is Saturdays.

2010-03-07 [Mortified Penguin]: No excuses.

2010-03-14 [Hobbit teen]: I would like to join :)

2010-03-14 [Mortified Penguin]: Go for it. Just do whatever it says in that first paragraph thing up there at the top of the page...

2010-03-14 [Hobbit teen]: alright ^^

2010-05-14 [Mortified Penguin]: Well, while we wait indefinitely, anyone up for a game of Risk?

2010-09-02 [Sagacious Turkey]: *COUGH*

2011-01-06 [Mortified Penguin]: I hate you all!

2011-03-31 [Evolution X]: I don't have a thingy...

2011-03-31 [Mortified Penguin]: You could make one if you like. It's free, quick, and easy to do.

2011-03-31 [Evolution X]: hmmmmm...

2011-03-31 [AuroraLumos]: CHESS! I used to be awesome at chess... at under 8 level anyway, now not so much but still. IT'S ON :D (I'm going to lose no doubt now I've said that XD)

2011-03-31 [Akayume]: I suck at chess. :(

2011-03-31 [AuroraLumos]: I'm not so good anymore, went to chess club my friends ran for the younger years in 6th form and got beaten by kids 5 years younger than me.
Embarrassing much ^^'

2011-03-31 [Mortified Penguin]: Even if you suck, you should still join, so us awesome people can get in some practice.

2011-03-31 [Akayume]: But you wouldn't get practice because you would beat me. :P

2011-03-31 [AuroraLumos]: Practice is practice, and you might get lucky if you're against someone who isn't paying complete attention to the board (me more than likely, I can never concentrate on one thing at a time, possibley why I fail at stuff a lot XD)

2011-03-31 [yamisango]: this sounds interesting but i'm really bad

2011-03-31 [Fallen Child Athena]: I suck at chess :(

2011-04-01 [AuroraLumos]: I don't think it's about showing how good at chess you are but a pretty awesome way of socialising in a minorly competative environment (go me talking out of my ass again XD, chess can be fun even if you're not good at it though) :)

2011-04-01 [Fallen Child Athena]: Yea it can but I still suck

2011-04-01 [beastman]: Is there a way to stop getting wiki invites like this?

2011-04-01 [Mortified Penguin]: Stop using Elftown?

2011-04-01 [Monochromatic Sight]: Hmm... Sounds fun. I've been looking for people I can play against but mind you I just learned how and I've played less than a dozen games total.

2011-04-01 [angelofwar]: hi

2011-04-02 [Monochromatic Sight]: Done. By the way, how many players are you trying to rope in?

2011-04-02 [Mortified Penguin]: Ideally... 1,600. But I don't see that happening, so as many as possible. Maybe a nice, even number like 8 or 16.

2011-04-02 [All_Most PUNK]: 1600 is way too much. 1598 is the correct number.

2011-04-02 [Monochromatic Sight]: hahaha with one move happening every day I wonder how many years it would take to get through 1,598 players? XD

2011-04-02 [Mortified Penguin]: No, no... 1+5+9+8=23, so that's out of the question. No numbers that can be linked back to 23 should be allowed. Maybe 1596 would be a more suitable number.

2011-04-02 [All_Most PUNK]: Well, the tournament I'm currently playing has been on for 45 days or so. 60 players, 12 persons groups, 22 games. And some people are still playing the groups stage (I already finished all my games, finished second on my group, waiting for everybody else to end to play the next stage).

2011-04-02 [Monochromatic Sight]: All things considered, 45 days isn't that long. And with fewer players, the results would come in even faster... Either way, I look forward to when this starts.

2011-04-02 [All_Most PUNK]: It's far from over, though.

2011-04-02 [Mortified Penguin]: I don't know if [kamisch] will be around for it though. She doesn't seem to log in very frequently.

2011-04-02 [Monochromatic Sight]: That could be a problem. I wonder if she's just been busy or if this is a habit of hers...?

2011-04-03 [Araglas]: Lol wow, I love chess! Though...I haven't played ever in a tournament

2011-04-04 [Mortified Penguin]: I haven't either, but that hasn't stopped me from winning any of the numerous tournaments I've been in.

2011-04-04 [Hiro Kitaki]: how does this work?

2011-04-04 [angelofwar]: idk lol

2011-04-05 [beastman]: I actually don't use it all that much however I didn't ask for a smart ass remark I simply asked a question to anyone that may know, and your answer may have been simple and smart-assed yet still doesn't answer my question technically. I do not wish to get invites to wikis at all.

2011-04-05 [Mortified Penguin]: I'm not sure, but I figure blocking me might stop invites from me. Then again, it may not. As for blocking them altogether, I don't think there is a way.

2011-04-05 [Mortified Penguin]: And [Hiro Kitaki], you just make an account on and add it here. Then, whenever we start, I'll make a bracket and you'll play against whoever you're assigned. If you lose, you're out of the tournament. If you win, you advance to the next round.

2011-04-06 [Hiro Kitaki]: hmmm...k. im game.

2011-04-06 [Hiro Kitaki]: done lol.

2011-04-07 [Chishio]: .>
i'm no good at chess

2011-04-07 [Mortified Penguin]: So you gonna join, [Hiro Kitaki]?

2011-04-07 [Araglas]: Im hoping I'm good enough to win one match, lol

2011-04-08 [Monochromatic Sight]: Me too XD

2011-04-08 [yamisango]: good luck everyone.

2011-04-08 [Araglas]: You too Yami~

2011-04-09 [yamisango]: umm thanks if i join

2011-04-09 [Araglas]: lol sorry assuming is a bad habit I have ^_^ tryng to work on it

2011-04-10 [ScottJo]: Hopefully this little shindig will begin sometime before December 2012 mwaha

2011-04-10 [Mortified Penguin]: It's a possibility.

Right now, I'm waiting to see if Hiro is going to enter and if Kamisch is going to come back. If he is and she isn't, I'll just replace her with Hiro, so we'll have a nice, even 8 entrants.

2011-04-10 [Fallen Child Athena]: Nice thinking Mort.

2011-04-10 [Mortified Penguin]: Unless someone else wants to join. Then someone will just have a bye one round...

2011-04-10 [Fallen Child Athena]: yep

2011-04-10 [Araglas]: ^_^

2011-04-11 [kamisch]: Hey, you guys talkin' about me??? :P
I'm all up for another game. I was on vacation all of March. Usually I check in every night or at the very least once a week - I work at night, and the nights are loooong!!!!! But I've been spending the first weeks back at work playing catch up as I was almost completely off the grid.

2011-04-11 [Monochromatic Sight]: Welcome back, Kamisch.

2011-04-11 [kamisch]: So...we starting a new tournement or what???

2011-04-11 [Mortified Penguin]: Yup. Now we gotta see if Hiro is joining or not.

2011-04-12 [Hiro Kitaki]: i am.

2011-04-12 [Mortified Penguin]: Alright then. I'll probably start this thing next week or something.

2011-04-12 [Hiro Kitaki]: very well. i shall chek it occasionaly

2011-04-12 [Monochromatic Sight]: Excellent. I'm looking forward to this.

2011-04-12 [AuroraLumos]: :D this is going to be awesome.

2011-04-14 [Hiro Kitaki]: phear my chess rank of class A!

2011-04-14 [Mortified Penguin]: So should we make this tournament double elimination or should it be single elimination like the last one?

2011-04-15 [kamisch]: Depends on how fast we want to play! :D I'm not all that good, so...the faster the better so I can play again in the next tournament! lol

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