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"Reality is for those who lack imagination" - anon



Theme One: Spring


Rated: G
He's not always wrong, is Il Ogdan.


Theme Two: Value


Rated: PG-13
Not caring how she earned her money but how beautiful she was...


Theme Three: Shell

Sirens and Cell Doors

Rated: PG-13
In one ear and out the other...


Theme Four: Fruit


Rated: G
It's like the apple...


Theme Five: Rituals


Rated: G
Locking them up and shutting all of the doors...


Theme Six: Link

Between you and me

Rated: G
Eyes meet


Theme Seven: Rock


Rated: G
The walls are gone


Theme Eight: Muse


Rated: G
An idea is...


Theme Nine: Dystopia


Rated: PG-13
Knock. Knock. Door opens.


Theme Ten: Empty / Grave / Last / Seeds / Wound


Rated: G
The wound was deep...


Theme Eleven: Innocence


Rated: G
Of happy endings and evil-be-gone


Theme Twelve: War


Rated: R
He could hear them calling to him now, asking him to come home.


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2009-04-24 [Chimes]: LMAO XD

2009-04-24 [Duke Devlin]: ;)

2009-04-26 [Chimes]: Odd girl :P

2009-04-26 [Duke Devlin]: Not in the slightest! >:)

2009-04-26 [Chimes]: You so are.

2009-04-27 [Duke Devlin]: No I'm not. >:(

2009-07-20 [Duke Devlin]: I dislike that Anonymous quote. >:(

2009-07-21 [Chimes]: :P It was the best imagination quote I could find at the time. XD I may have another search to see if I can find a better one.

2009-07-21 [Linderel]: I sorta like it :P

2009-07-21 [Chimes]: I like it... but I wanted something more... wooshy. XD

2009-07-23 [Duke Devlin]: I think it's mean. :( Reality is wonderful, and people who do not do artistic things do not necessarily lack imagination. >:(
But yeah, my opinion. :P

2009-07-23 [Chimes]: If you find something wooshy... send it my way ;P

2009-07-23 [Duke Devlin]: Will do. :)

2009-07-23 [Linderel]: How about this?

'To know is nothing at all; to imagine is everything.'

2009-07-23 [Chimes]: Oooo... It has some woosh... and it's pretty... *ponders it*

2009-07-23 [Duke Devlin]: That's nicely worded, but I'd still find it offensive. :( (But again, that's just my opinion :P) <3

2009-07-23 [Linderel]: 'Tis by Anatole France.

2009-07-23 [Linderel]: You've got to have humour, Duke!

2009-07-24 [Duke Devlin]: Oh I do have humour.. XD Just sometimes I get tetchy about things that say that those who do not do things of an artistic nature, are boring, or unknowledgable.... etc. :P Oh well. XD
:) That one is a nice quote, but I wouldn't agree with the first part, is all. :P

2009-07-24 [Linderel]: Duh, I have a thing for knowledge. It's fun to know even obscure stuff. But knowledge alone can get lonely... it's what you do with it, using your imagination, that counts.

2009-07-24 [Duke Devlin]: Aha! Very nicely put. >:D

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