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Christmas Art Competition - 2005, Page 1

Please see the rules on the main page:

Christmas Art Competition

Winners: Christmas 2005

<news:Winners of the Christmas Art Competition!>

By [Forever Equine]
By [Zardra]

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Christmas Art 05, Page 1
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Thank you to all that contributed!


Reminder 1: Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag.
Reminder 2: There is a theme. It is "What kinds of presents would fantasy races give to each other?"
Make sure the entries fit the theme, or they will be removed.


This contest is closed!


1. [Jewl] "Drax and Tom" -Basically, Tom is an Elf, so his gift to his best friend, Drax, is neat and tidy. While Drax, being an Orc, does the best he can with brown paper and twine. Almost looks like the bag is struggling... *evil laughter*

2. [Atayemi] "Ixuos, taking his candy cane present to his mistress."

3. [Elegy - gone]
a) "An, eh... interesting Christmas present."
(Click to view larger version)

b) "The Halflings Gift to his Friend the Duck" (Entry changed)
(Click to view larger version)

4. [Artemis Riddle]
The faeries got snow from the snowqueen this year:)
"From winter to faerie."

5. [Mom] What does an Orc get a fairy for Christmas?Something shiny and reflective of course.


This elven lady thinks her orc friend will enjoy this present as much as she would :p Speaks for itself I think ^___^ Click to enlarge :)

7. [Ramirez]
"A... White Christmas."
Jin and Shuichi's present to their darkly clad uncle would be a face full of snow..
(not sure if I did that right)

"A get together christmas!"
Okay this one has a elf,human,dragon,werewolf,unicorn,fairy and a sky elf okay!^^

"Something special.."

9. [Rat Hacker]
[First off I hope the image link works since I have been having trouble with that.]
This is what a Gnoll would give an Elf, a big hunk of meat! While the elf has created a nice well magical thing. I didn't want to do a dead person because I thought that it might be too grousome for here.

10."Have a very faerie Christmas" - [idyllicday]
*I used the theme as a human child giving her room to faeries for a cozy Christmas night, complete with cookies, milk, and a Christmas tree for the inquisitive creatures. The faeries give the human child the feeling of joy and wonder at the sight she is able to see for Christmas night.*

11. [Ocean Soul]
Faeries like it clean and nice, so this one decided to give her orc friend a toothbrush ;) MAGICAL!

Mice are bad for your stommac!

13. [Elisha Kelly]
Giving the tooth fairy a candycane for christmas...

14. "Gift by Moonlight" by [Paz]
Explanation: This is what I would imagine an evil demonic force of pure evil would give his mistress; something too much unexpected. She would open it up and squeal in delight and dance around before heading out to burn a village XD. This critter I created can spit acid and fire... so I guess he could help.

And with a 'Happy Holidays Slogan' >3

15. [Suzu]
Well, An Elf loves to give his presents flying wings, So they can deliver themselves.

16. [Clairey]
What does a fairy get a duck as a present? Well she doesn't know either so the tradtional bread slice seemed most appropriate.

"the peaceful gift of a sword" by [Tamel]

18. [farawaygone]
Im not sure what these are I just drew what I felt like. Definately fantasy creatures lol.

19. "Some Presents Are Simple"- [Chimes]
Well this just goes to show that somethings dont need brilliant presents they just need snow.

20. "Christmas Magic" by [Artsieladie] I think pixie dust makes a neat gift, don't you? My poem entry goes with....
For the contest I kept it to 300, but it's a little bigger in my house to see the detail a little better.

21. 'from her to her' by [Seany.] just a little pic i drew ^_^

22. 'treasury gift' by [nehirwen]
the dragon gives a part of his treasure he guards away for christmas

23. [Dr.Mandarian] A heavy orcish battle axe might be... a LITTLE bit impractical to use - for a HALFLING!


24. [Forever Equine] A man giving his elven wife a tender kiss under the mistletoe. I know mistletoe doesn't really look like that but it's my fantasy mistletoe!;)

25. [Urmando The Elfling] And the Orc said to the Elf: "Sorry, for breaking your first wand, Merry X-mas!"


26. 'Little Elven Boy's Gift' by [Master Fio]


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2005-12-19 [Atayemi]: It is pretty hard to understand isn't it? >_<

2005-12-19 [Paz]: Oh yea, it really hard but I can work somethings so it's not that bad. The only thing I can't do is draw right to the illustrator :S

2005-12-19 [Tamel]: but, i dont want to have to use a photo-manip just to make my work 'more likely to win' 

2005-12-19 [shotokan_gal]: [Tamel] - as I said above, I don't think any of the finalists were photomanips (or even if there were any in the contest). If you mean cg-ed art, well that's different, but takes just as much skill as regular mediums (I certainly can't do it).

2005-12-19 [shotokan_gal]: And don't get so hung up on winning or not winning. I'm sure everyone put a lot of effort into there work (I did, and mine didn't make it either) but there have to be final winners, and it can't be everyone - that's the point of a competition. Just try to have fun by entering :)

2005-12-19 [Atayemi]: Thats what I did ;P *claps for everyone* Nice work everyone, you all did great :)

2005-12-19 [dimmu_borgir3212]: where did mine go!?

2005-12-19 [shotokan_gal]: It was removed for not following the theme.

2005-12-19 [dimmu_borgir3212]: they were reindeer how is that not in the theme?

2005-12-19 [shotokan_gal]: If you read the more specific theme on the main page (which was later added to the top of this one), or had payed attention to the comments on this page a little more, you'd know the answer to that.

2005-12-19 [iippo]: The theme was fantasy creatures giving pressies to each others.

2005-12-19 [moira hawthorne]: the theme was gift giving... niot just holiday images...

2005-12-19 [Paz]: The theme is 'What would fantasy races give other fantasy races' yours was just a picture of reindeer, it did not follow the theme

2005-12-19 [dimmu_borgir3212]: nevermind... damn i did not see that. uggg. well i'll try next year.

2005-12-19 [moira hawthorne]: but didnt you submit it last year to this same contest?

2005-12-19 [dimmu_borgir3212]: no i had a diffrent one,

2005-12-20 [Elisha Kelly]: who did a photo manip? mine was a sketch inked and coloured on Gimp... where did the whole photo manip com from?, :( I thought yours would have been a shoe in [Mom], I really liked it.

2005-12-20 [Charybdis]: Photomanipulations were allowed this time, but I don't recall seeing any :)

2005-12-20 [moira hawthorne]: fun that... I was thinking O might have done one.. but than I didnt so that was fine..

2005-12-20 [Elisha Kelly]: oh... I think I knw what [Tamel] mean't... the reason I do most of my art on the puter for Elftown competitions is because 1. my paintings are to big to scan... and photos don't give the same quality as a scan... and 2. because my drawings can be messy, so it is better if I ink and colour them, and 3. It is challenging, and easier to fix if you stuff up :). Remeber that most cg art starts out as drawings... but colour really adds a whole new dimension to an artwork... though it still all comes down to design and skill. :P

2006-01-10 [Nicoline]: WOW! those are really good.. Keep up the good work

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