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Elftown Christmas Competitions


Please see the rules on the main page:
Christmas Photography Competition
 - Christmas Art Competition
 - Christmas Poetry Competition

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Winners: Christmas Photography Competition - 2008

<news:Crafty Fairytales' & Christmas Photographers' Winners!>

First Place:

By [Jitter]
Also *Crew Favourite*
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Second Place (tie):

    By [moira hawthorne]    By [Tynuka-Rhytishy]

All submissions: This page.


Thank you to all that contributed!


How to post your entry:
Add your image after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag. Don't forget have your proof photo, to write your username, and the title of the entry:

1. [insert user name] - "Title"

There is a theme: Christmas Decorations
Make sure the entries fit the theme, or they will be removed.


This contest is now closed!


1. [FamousPanda] - Nets

<img300*0:stuff/Nets.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:img/drawing/185126_1229402573.jpg>

2. [Chrysilla] - Green glitter

<img300*0:stuff/Green_Glitter.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/chrysgloproof.jpg>

3. [Thistlewood] - "Lights and Stars"

<img300*0:stuff/Lights_and_Stars.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/christmas%20deco%20003.jpg>

4. [FamousPanda] - Opaqueness

<img300*0:stuff/Opaqueness.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:img/drawing/185126_1229402979.jpg>

5. [Rebulous] - "Birds are my friend"

<img300*0:stuff/Birds_Are_My_Friend.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/z/186551/Rebulous%2520Wiki%2520Photo%2520Index/i1229621314_2.jpg>

6. [moira hawthorne] - "Rebith of Light" yulelight hollyskull

<img300*0:stuff/Rebirth_of_Light.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/yulelight%20hollyskull%20proof.jpg>

7. [Xuan.]- "God Child's First Christmas"

<img300*0:> Proof: <img100*0:>

8. [Xuan.]-"Precious Gift"

<img300*0:> Proof: <img100*0:>

9. [Alexi Ice]- 'Magic Lights'

<img300*0:> Proof: <img100*0:>

10. [Alexi Ice] -'The pumpkin and the black Christmas tree'

<img300*0:> Proof: <img100*0:>

11. [Heather Thomason] "Santa's Little Raindeer"

<img300*0:> Proof: <img100*0:>

12. [Heather Thomason] "My Skinny Christmas Tree"

<img300*0:> Proof: <img100*0:>

13. [Tyrana] - "Peeking Around the Wiseman"

<img300*0:stuff/Peeking_Around_the_Wiseman.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/aj/35530/patwmProof.jpg>

14. [Jitter] - "Christmas Lights"
<img300*0:stuff/Christmas_Lights.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/P4090028.JPG>

15. [Jitter] - "Christmas Ship"
<img300*0:stuff/Christmas_Ship.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/P4090026.JPG>
In Greece the tradition is to decorate ships instead of trees. too bad almost noone follows it nowadays

16. [blu.nation] - Origami
<img300*0:stuff/Origami.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/IMGP0221.JPG>
A non-traditional christmas decoration, made out of wrapping paper.

17. [Tynuka-Rhytishy] - Shine Through
<img300*0:> Proof: <img100*0:>

18. [Rice] - Red Star.
<img300*0:stuff/Red_Star.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/aj/87488/1230391219.jpg>

19. [Rice] - Cold Tinsel.
<img300*0:stuff/Cold_Tinsel.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/aj/87488/1230391347.jpg>

20. [CrazySierzant] - Night, candles, wine....
<img300*0:stuff/Night%2c_candles%2c_wine.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/aj/186646/nightcandleswineproof.jpg>

21. [Hedda] - Tomtebacke (Santa Slope)
<img300*0:stuff/Tomtebacke.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/Santa_Slope.jpg>
My mother makes these every year. A little different and more mini-Santas every year.

22. [nehirwen] - Stuffed Animals at a Christmas Tree

<img300*0:stuff/Stuffed_Animals_at_a_Christmas_Tree.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/NehirwensChristmasDecoration2008Proof.jpg>

23. [Grandamelf] - Father Christmas
<img300*0:stuff/Father_ChristmasDecorationsContest.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/proof_of_photo_2decorations.jpg>

24. [Mortified Penguin] - Hail Satan
<img300*0:> Proof: <img100*0:>

25. [Able Insane] - "Angel-Time" (25th of December) 
<img300*0:> Proof: <img100*0:>
These are handmade holiday decorations made by my aunt!

Username (or number or email):


2008-12-24 [Tyrana]: That is gorgeous. How does it work? Do you live in a coastal area, or do lots of people have ships in their yards? Does one find a ship every year, or have like, a "christmas ship" that they keep in with the decorations?

2008-12-24 [CrazySierzant]: hell yeah it does! ^^ especially it has my fave shades of blue there x) in my opinion the winner is known already :) or maybe... nah I'll better save it for myself. :P Mitsuki's 'magic lights' , Rebulous' 'birds are my friend', and Tyrana's 'peeking around the wiseman' got very to my liking :]. Really fantastic pics ! great job, people! *laud applause*
P.S. Jitteeeeeerrr.... could you shoot a pic of that large one for meeeeee ? 8D

2008-12-24 [Jitter]: I do live and lived in a coastal city but nowadays the ships are usually made of lights in town squares like this one^ It seems people are trying to ressurect this custom ^^ In islands they decorate the fleets etc but in houses they usually have miniature ships like this: I did put up a ship as well this year :) It's a frigate :3 I'll try to snap a pic when I'm back home.

I do hope I'll manage to be downtown at a time I can catch the big one alight. I only have 3 days, then I'll be back home :/
This is a pic I found of it online: there are people for size comparison too ^^

That's Aristotelous (Aristotelis's) Square, all the big gigs in Thessaloniki happen there :)

2008-12-24 [Tyrana]: That's so cool!!! The lit-up ones are beautiful!

2008-12-24 [Jitter]: I borrowed my brother's camera. He has a nifty 9mp one. Mine died and he gave me his old one but I haven't been able to make it work so far. I think I should blame the batteries >_> Anyway, I took a lot of great pictures today but I think the blue ship one is by far the best ^_^

If you google image "Christmas ship" you get lots of nifty pics :)

2008-12-26 [Artsieladie]: Very good, [Heather Thomason]! Thanks! One year I had a skinny tree, too. ;) [Tyrana], it's nice to see a photo depicting the true meaning of Christmas. I put up a nativity scene every year as part of my Christmas decorations. :) [Jitter], I have to agree with others. That ship is awesome! O..O :)

2008-12-27 [Heather Thomason]: thank you

2008-12-27 [CrazySierzant]: I've also thought of something... what do you think ? :)

2008-12-28 [Tyrana]: [Artsieladie]: Thank you!
[CrazySierzant]: Ooooh, pretty!! ^_^

2008-12-28 [CrazySierzant]: <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2008-12-28 [*Phoenix*]: oh geeez....look like I need a better picture. I will upload the one I got but so many are so much better....O.o

2008-12-28 [Jitter]: [CrazySierzant] O_O pretty... shiny... must... touch..!

2008-12-28 [Artsieladie]: Very pretty, [CrazySierzant]! I like candles. They can really enhance an atmosphere, whether it be for Christmas, and/or romantically. :) You're welcome, [Tyrana]. :) [*Phoenix*], you know artists are their own toughest critics. It may not be as bad as you think. *thinks and scratches chin* Hmm... let me see...Who was it that told me they just received a scanner for Christmas? Hmmm.... *giggles*

[Hedda], that's similar to a scene I like to set up every year. Nice! However, I was wondering if "Santa Slop" was the correct term/title. So I Googled "Tomtebacke" and this was the first that came up:

The "tomte-backe" (Mini-Santas/gnomes slope). <img300*0:stuff/z/1. [Hedda] drinking Christmas coffee..." 


I'm thinking then that you mean "Santa Slope", instead? <img:stuff/sa-gif.gif><img:stuff/cheshmak.gif>

2008-12-28 [moira hawthorne]: Hedda love yours! soooooo cute!

2008-12-28 [Hedda]: I'll tell mother! <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2008-12-28 [Rice]: I really like yours Moira!

2008-12-28 [moira hawthorne]: thx u.... its abit different than everyone else... very pagan themed

2008-12-28 [moira hawthorne]: I love yours [Rice] - Cold Tinsel.

2008-12-29 [Artsieladie]: Ooh, [nehirwen]! Wubs Christmas plushies! *cuddles them* :D

2008-12-29 [nehirwen]: ^_^ Thankies. My mom made the big one, and it's wearing something I used to wear as a baby. xD

2008-12-29 [Rice]: Thank you kindly Moira.

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