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Christmas Poetry Competition - 2006, Page 1

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Christmas Poetry Competition


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1. Thoroughly Originally Titled: Snow

As a child they told me,
"each snowflake is unique",
but I'd have to say
that their logic is weak.

Snow's crystalline shapes
as if by God dealt
always and always
will finally melt.

So how unique
can a snowflake be
if in the end,
it's just watery?

It could even be that
as people go
we're all the same,
just like snow.

Written by [Citrine]

2. A Snowy Elftown Yule

I woke so late it seemed to me, the skies were dark,
But something had been moving in the forest there,
And the wolfdogs instead of howling at the moon began to bark.

A dark shape I spied in the deep fir trees,
shaking the snow from the branches as it passed,
and swirling ice crystals blew up from its passage caused breeze.

What I wondered could be going on? The Ogres were all at the deep den,
and the Elves were out singing on the mountain holding their StarElf rituals,
Perhaps I should go and see just what this intruder should intend.

So putting on my cape and cap, and grabbing a good sturdy staff and wand,
I set out into the night to see just who was shaking the forest near,
and ignited a frozen firefly torch to light my way across the land.

As I approached the darkness of the trees light reflected back to me,
a glitter of steel? no it was bright but happy, not the hardness of edge and blade,
Instead in the clearing beyond I saw a very large carriage and a dozen Sidhe.

They of course heard me coming and were all dancing in the snow swirled light,
Around a central figure with great bags of goodies balanced in the crystalline air,
And from his twinkling finders on keyboards dancing, said [Hedda], shaking the snow from his cap, to all a wonderful season and to all a merry night.

Written by [Skydancer]

3. A Child's Wish

Dreaming of a white
every child wishes for
that purity
on Christmas Day -

and maybe,
it means snow ploughs
and icy roads,
or endless shovelling,
but for that brilliant smile,
you wish it, too.

Written by [blu.nation]
(entry #1)

4. The Snowman

It was the season's first snowfall;
My brother and I
Ran to the front yard with sheer delight.
It didn't take long for us to decide
We would build a snowman.
"I know how!" I shouted with pride.

We gathered together a pile of snow
And pushed it around, watching it grow.
Finally, when we could move it no more
I looked at my brother
And said, "Here's where it goes!"

We started again and soon had a middle
But we couldn't lift it up;
We were both too little.

We stood in the snow facing defeat
Pieces of snowman surrounding our feet
When who to our watering eyes did appear
But Dad! "Hey, Dad, come on over here!"

Across the snow he came like a flash
Raising our spirits, our defeat smashed.
Up went our snowman; Boy were we glad
Thanks to the help of our good ol' Dad.

One of the best winters I think I ever had.

Written by [stevedoyle]

5. A Child In Winter

Have you seen the stardust
That falls upon a winter’s night?

Have you seen the stardust
That scintillates glittering white?

It is said that it comes from clouds
But it must be from outer space

For it looks like the sparkling stars
That brighten heaven’s face.

The shivering stars are happy
And magic dust scatters away

It’s sprinkled throughout space
And some of it falls our way.

From the sky it drops
And dances all around

Then it’s called “snow”
When it touches the ground.

If you make a man
From the stuff called snow

Then clap the magic from your mittens
He’ll come to life you know

It’s the stardust’s enchantment
That makes us laugh and play

And snowmen will live
If you really want it that way.

Written by [Dark Side of the Moon]

6. - removed by author's request

7. Still

Falling crystals sparkle like stars
Fluttering like confetti in the whimsical breeze
Delicate etchings carved by Nature’s fair hands
As hushed as a whisper
But summoning all to look upon it.
Frail loveliness on an earthward journey
Arriving unspoiled and chaste
Individual like fingerprints.
Child eyes glitter with desire
Yearning to re-shape them with reddened fingers
Into frozen men and strongholds
Whilst older eyes behold with admiration
The fragile gift given so generously
Gazing with pleasure upon the ornaments
And drawing them close with gloved hands
To consider its intricacies,
Their hearts blaze with fond remembrance
Recalling Christmas Eves long past,
Drinking deep of the warm cordial of friendship,
Anticipating the surprises of old St. Nicholas
With excited nerves twitching like anxious horses
And sleeping at last in the dark hours of morning
When Drosselmeier manipulated their visions
Sprinkling dream-dust upon their minds
Like the falling crystals sparkling like stars.

Written by [Dark Side of the Moon]

8. First Snowfall

She looks out the window,
Sees it falling to the ground,
They carry her outside,
As the flakes float around.
They land in her hair,
Her eyes get wide.
The nurse smiles at her,
As happy as the girl inside.
She makes snow angels,
Rolls around in the blanket of white,
Giggles as the nurse joins her,
Playing in the dying light.
She lets out a laugh,
As the snow dances and swirls,
Nothing can take this moment,
The first snowfall for a sick little girl.

Written by [Flisky]

9. Winter

Out in the cold,
Where no leaves are gold,
The icy flicker of ice,
Seen for a bitter price,
The day is done, as the sun,
In the blizzard, I’m the only one,
The star's shriek pierces my brain,
As I try to stay alive and sane.

Still in the cold,
The frost forms a mould,
‘Flakes dance on my face,
Laughing at me in this open space,
Frigid crystals, shine at me in spite –
In the darkened, pale twilight,
The anger of winter, in the storm,
Throwing snow at my frozen form.

Written by [Doormat]


The weather turns cool as summer turns to fall
A full moon passes bringing winter at its heels
The days grow short as the nights grow long
The clouds grow grey with the promise of rain
The land grows cold bringing forth the first snowflakes
The streets turn white as the storm passes by
Tiny stars glisten bright on the snow covered ground
Snowflakes melt breathing their last breath of life
There mission is done the snowflakes one by one
Become part of the whole to create this Christmas wonderland

Written by [Morningstar Rising]

11. Freshly Fallen Snow

Smooth, frozen, sky-Ice,
Shimmering, shining, soothing-
Freshly fallen snow.

Falling smoothly from heaven-
To the frozen winter ground
Crisp clean cold and pure

Virgin snow, pure white-
Lies peacefully on the ground
Freshly fallen snow.

Written by [Danse Macabre]

12. Snow made rose

I found him lost in the world
Stripped of everything and lost to all
When I went near him it was something magical
He disappeared into the newly fallen snow
Nearly as if he was never even there
As I turned around to walk away
Thinking I had seen something that was
Truly not even there and just as suddenly
He reappeared right in front of me, with an inquisitive expression
His skin white as the snow with a touch just as cold
He looked at me for a moment not saying a word
Then soft words shuddered from his lips
I reached out to touch him
Just as I did his hood fell back
He had ears of a great point, and as if that had frightened him
He Jumped and drew back a small bit turning his head
I turned away thinking I did something wrong
Then he swiftly turned around with an object within his hand
A solid white rose so softly crafted
He reached out and handed it to me, whispering in my ear
“For someone as soft as the snow, and as sweet as a rose”
I looked back at him, as he handed me the rose
It was made from the snow,
He reached for my hand and then
After grasping it he started to walk away pulling me by his side
As he and I hand and hand walked away
With each step snow crunched under our feet
We walked for miles just he and I
Far into the white wonderland that lay before us

written by [Diiwica]

13. Jack

Sitting alone on the cold stone bench
Watching the clouds roll by overhead
Feeling the wind cold upon my face
My hair loose, whipping in the air
Suddenly all the world stills
As a man sits next to me
We smile and watch, waiting to see
Who shall speak first, And it is me
Please tell me if you know
If this Christmas season there will be snow
Or if it shall merely be cold
Silently he waits, and I go on
For I wish for a white Christmas sir
As retold in the song
Please Sir, grant me this
Still as a statue he sits beside me now
Watching me with eyes that are grey
as the clouds that seem to wait above
And a smile warms his face
Waving a hand the clouds let loose
Their white snowflakes the size of quarters
And he says wish granted my dear
I'm Jack by the way, See you next year...

Written by [Tranquil Insanity]

14. "Winter Face"

Like tears falling from a person’s face
Each snow flake has its own unique grace
Like a gifted hand carved each one
And blessed our earth with the snow
Each flake has something
Bewitching, and Unknown

Holidays and cheer summon the clouds
The merry morning where children
Never seem to frown
A blanket, sometimes a frost
But snow never fails in the cold winter spots

Some who have never seen this beauty
Have never truly lived
Until you’ve played outside
In the cold wintry wind
The snow causes a feeling
When it’s cold all around
For a warmth to spread through you
The snow causes the smiles

Written by [~*Lonely Wanderer*~]

15. Joy in Snow

Looking through my window watching snow
Falling swiftly on fields and trees below
A pure white blanket forming deeply all around
The crystal flakes float on air without a sound.

I run outside wrapped warm with face aglow
My boots crunch as I walk on path of snow
I scoop a fluffy ball within my covered hands
Then roll it on the ground till fluffy ball expands.

The body made I make a smaller mound
And make a head that’s firm and nicely round
Two stones for eyes, an acorn for the nose
A mouth of twig that’s curved in smiling pose.

I lean a broom along his side to rest
And put more stones downwards upon his chest
To give a coat that makes him look so warm
And shelters him from snow cascading storm.

I place my scarf around his neck with care
And put my woollen hat upon his head so bare
I then stand back and o’er his frame I scan
And smile with joy at my complete snowman.

I dance around and kick the snow so white
And scoop it up and throw it into flight.
I laugh with glee at such a pretty scene
Of snowflakes covering all that once was green.

Written by [Misty Lady]

16.The Snow Story

The blows came fast
especially the last.
Woosh bam
woah slam.

I knew I must keep low
as not to get hit by the snow.
I couldn't stay hidden forever
but to hit them I had to be clever.

So as a distraction was made
all our ammo would fade.
As I hit them all
watching them fall.

So until the next day
when again we could all play
I was declared the winner
I then noticed it was time for dinner.

Written by [The Warlock]

17. falling snow

The snow falls down
So cold and calm
It fills the streets
Without a sound

People rush by
Not taking a look
At the beautiful scene
Not knowing the effort it too

The days grow short
As winter falls
The cheer starts to grow
And soon Christmas calls

The fireplace glows
As they watch the gorgeous sight
Of the snow falling down
Curled up so warm and tight

The snow falls down
So cold and calm
It fills the streets
Without a sound

Written by [fangirl]

18. Cold Bones

The cold is a shunned by the old.
Their bones a creak and crumble like mould.
They huff and puff, and grumble and stumble.
All about in an angry bumble.

Heat they say! They shout and spout.
"We need it now or we'll never get out!
This snow, this ice, we'll break our hips!
It's time to go to Florida! We have to, we must!"
So they all jumped on a train shouting, Florida or bust!

When they arrived, they shouted in glee.
My bones, my skin, I am hot yipee!

So they disperse, this massive mob.
Leaving there children saying, "Ma, Pa?"
To go find homes, apartments, and such.
So they can set up there new life's.

Months go by, and spring it comes with summer to follow, and down it rains!
The heat, it swelters, and welters the old.
"My god, I am melting on my bones."
The humidity steals the breath from there chests,
as they run to there homes and lock the doors.
Cramming the crank, of there AC they thank.

Yet familiar this feels, ”Déjà-vous!" they say.
The dials of there thermostats they do remember,
and stuffed inside there houses all winter.

"My god, what have we done! We've left our families on the run!
To be stuck indoors all the time some more!
Return we must, it's true, it's true! New York is better then you!"
And with a tornado chasing them out, and a hurricane on the way. They left Florida’s cockroaches, crocodiles, and ant's behind that day.
There kids, and grandkids, smiled in glee.
Mi-ma, and Poppy are back, whippee!
Until a 7:00 am call after a snowy eve,
Brings the kids over to shovel and heave.

"We figured it out, I say, let's go!
Just make the kids do all the work in the snow!”

By [Fizban]

19. Christmas Snowfall

Fire crackled playfully,
as if the flames were sparked by demons.
They whispered songs cheerfully,
As if they summoned Morning near.
I cherished the warmth of a crisp flame,
Gazing out the window to an eve of white.
I beckoned for the winds to end,
So I could see the snow again.
I closed my eyes and sighed.
There was nothing like this Christmas time.
How then, could I see it?
The blue moon and the snow.
A wave of passions then.
A maple smell aroused the children,
leading them away.
To bed and dreams of Christmas cheer,
Leaving me alone.
Alone to watch the snowfall,
From my window and inside my warm haven.

Written By [Amos the Flame]

20. Christmas Memory

I sit here and I can't help to think
about my Christmas memories
all the time spent with family and playing in the snow
all the kids gathered around happy as can be

I wish to Santa a happy ending
but all I got was painful memories
I lost a sister and a grandma too
and now all I have is you

in the future I pray things get better
our kids don't have the same Christmas as i did
having their whole family instead of painful memories
to love like we did back then before it died

going out on Christmas day to play in the snow
the birds singing happy as can be
then right then you know everything will be alright
because love is what Christmas is all about

Written by [Heather Thomason]

21.Snowflake Oh Snowflake...

Snowflake oh snowflake where ever you go
whether to melt on a tongue or fall to the snow
and when snow melts in summer remember me so
Snowflake oh snowflake where ever you go

Snowflake oh snowflake sail through the air
and land in sweet young Mary’s dark auburn hair
and grant her luck cause she has only been fair
Snowflake oh snowflake sail through the air

I hope this poem puts a smile on your face
I've done my work if you are in a good place
and when you look back on this day I hope a snowflake you taste
I hope this poem puts a smile on your face.

Written by [Blakkduv]

22. A Snowflakes Masquerade

Tiny white diamonds falling from the sky.
Hearing only the winds gentle sigh.
Like an intricate of design in finest lace.
or a blooming flowers fair face
It's like the dew what to spiders web cling
Oh, what a wonderful thing
It's the lustre of an ocean of pearls
Or just rain drops in disguise
Creating a twinkling ballroom in the skies
Dancing it's masquerade,
Graceful steps of twirls
Becoming a perfect dream
Embracing the city agleam
Winter in it's prime.
It's a magical moment frozen in time.

Written by [Once upon a dream]

23. The snow sang to me this morning

three inches deep
cold icicles, a billion
a trillion a zillion of
flakes of iced breath
sent down by God to
soften the world and tone
down the confusing echoes,
to remind us of the beauty
hiding under all the slime
our ugly angry hurting words
leave, that existed before
the great red raw gashes of
war streaked like lumpy
bleeding paint among us
God is breathing the
breath of life
into us once again.
Stop, pause, look up;
the soft folds of eternity
will hold you for a moment
and the same stars that shone
down on Him so long ago
might remind you
of the soul you forgot
you had, and that
that soul is not alone
in the world so much
after all.

Written by [little flag]

24. No Snow

There's no blanket of white powder, no snowmen or snowball fights
There's no catching snowflakes on our tongues or chilly Christmas nights
But there's also no stopping Christmas, nor Santa and his sleigh
For the scorching heat of Down Under won't scare Kris Kringle away

There might not be crisp and frosty flakes, not a mitten on a single hand
And snow might be a distant concept that we don't really understand
We might not be drinking eggnog, instead replacing it with beer
But it doesn't stop the Christmas spirit, the carols or the cheer

There's no ice-skating children, for our lakes don't ever freeze
And no icicles are hanging from our eucalyptus trees
But the sound of reindeer hooves on the tin roof let us know
That Christmas doesn't stop simply because there's no snow.

Written by [Lady Chaos]

25. Bleak Christmas Eve (abridged)

I remember the sick warmth, rash
& callous, in that winter night
(as the thick frost scattered like ash
upon Boreas borne, a blight
of cold & blacks & whites) seeping
into my very bones, & the
sad singing -- always the ringing!
of my heartbeat tick-&-tocking the
passing minutes, when for the first time
in my young life I heard the clock
strike twelve.

It was a late December night,
a dreary, bleak December night,
by cough & by fever racked I
dared not sleep for dreams were fire.
Whatever chill wind outside there was,
whatever icy, screeching buzz
went unnoticed

for inside the storm was strongest,
never abating. There sickness
reigned; my brow was the pale likeness
of a snow-covered lake, nay! Of
white heated iron! I know not
who beat my mind in this warped form
upon fever's forge. Was it a ghoul
of evil fame? The kukuth of war-
torn white lands? Aeolus extending
his dominion into the heads
of broken children?

“What ruptured then?” I wonder still;
every snowstorm feels hot & ill.

Written by [Mekashef]

26. The Stars are Falling


gently, oh so gently

dropping from a sky so black
where no stars twinkle
like diamonds on black velvet,
no pewter plate rests on an ebony table,
only snow

glittering flakes—six points each—
in the light of the street lamp
where I stand,
head bare,
as they land in my hair,
on my lashes,
melt on my cheeks and on my lips
as I gaze skywards,
watching the stars leave their home,
depart from the depths of blackest space,
     at my feet,


Written by [Priscilla Primkin]


Come one, come all to Snowville Land
We welcome you with open arms
Snowville is the place to be
To run, to play all through the day
Come watch a snow storm, build a snowman or two
Watch them come to life just to play with you
Have a snowball fight that you never lose

Come one, come all to Snowville Land
Where we welcome you all through the night
Make snowangels that will last for days
Take a reindeer drive on an open sled
Sing some songs of joy with your family and friends
Watch the snowpeople dance trying to catch snowflakes
Watch them melt in your hands as they turn to rain

Come one, come all to Snowville Land
All are welcomed here all through out the year
Where the snow never stops and the snowpeople laugh
Where there are songs to be sung and loads of fun to be had
Where a blanket of white covers all the land
Where the snowpeople wait for your magical touch
To come to life each day and each night

Welcome my friends to Snowville Land
Where we greet you all with pure delight.
As we dance in the snow all through out the night.
Singing songs of merry, making lasting friends
As we drink hot chocolate by the fireplace
Have the time of your life that you'll never forget
Here in Snowville Land with your family and your friends.

Written by [Morningstar Rising]

28. Don't Cry, You'll Melt The Snow

the snow fall because that's where your troubles should lay.
IN the bustle of work,
or getting caught up
IN the day.
Blankets of white cover graves of your loved ones, memories of past Christmas's spent


Soon rushed back with the viewing pleasure of the



Tears are not allowed, because snow is not something to spill over.








[blue cavalier]

29. The Missile

That snowball that I saved,
proof of last winter’s bounty
sealed in a zip-lock bag,
stored against summer’s heat in the freezer,
between the lambchop and the frozen peas,
awaiting the hot bare neck
of an unsuspecting victim,
the perfect target for deployment,
ice crystals melting into rivulets of cold
running down sweaty back, moist cleavage,
over burning shoulders,
is gone,
less than a handful of dirty water
in a zip-lock bag,
the victim of power outages.

Written by [Priscilla Primkin]

30. Broken

What's the worst thing I've endured? Abuse.
Peaceful. One winter's eve when it was cold,
dark except for the moon's soft glimmer. I stood in the garden
with my head held high, just
watching the world go by. Until midnight.

It was then I saw him, small but
fierce looking. He looked at me,
up and down, concentrating. First I was beheaded,
I felt no pain. Just one swipe and
"Thump". It lay on the ground.

It took the children all day to make me. A work of art,
which used all their strength and imagination.
Yet in minutes I was no longer there
Their dreams shattered, like thin ice crumbling.
I was one of a kind, irreplaceable. Me - sigh

My world was upside down. He tried to recreate me,
but was unsuccessful. My eyes squint and mouth crooked,
a shadow of my original self. There was sadness in his eyes.
Disappointment. He kicked me. Repeatedly. Until. Until
I was no more but clumps of snow. No trace of my existance remained.

Confused. Stealing was his hobby.
His only happiness, maybe he wanted to be like
other kids. Have their freedom and sense of fun and
laughter. Maybe he just wanted to be normal.
But I don't know why he chose to steal me, do you? 

Written by [Papa Don't Preach]

31. The last flake to fall.

It floated courtiously
To the ground the others were to fall
The one to lie the others in peace
To honour the christmas call.

It shimmered with beauty
Like a mirror on the wall
It seemed so threatening but harmful
To end the christmas call.

The others started to die
No more they are a ball
But there it was, still standing high
To present the christmas call.

It's voyage was ended promptly
The start of something more?
It too began to float away
To end the christmas call.

Written by [X-TheDarkened-X]

32. Winter is here

The first cool breeze
That sends chills through your spine
You feel cold
Like you dont belong.
Like a camel on ice.

The first little snowflake
You catch it on your tounge
The joy you feel inside
Your a little kid again

The first flurry falls
Kids hoping for a snow day
You are all polar bears on sliding ice
Loving the new discovery.

The first blizzard arrives
Parents dread this day
Something about it makes everyone happy
As each
Joy is arriving.
Winter is here.

Written by [Tawnee.]

33. - removed by author's request

(The cry of an African Boy)
Oh! Snow
How I wonder where thou are
Up above the mountains high
Or around the poles you may say
How I wonder your temperature
Might be colder than I ever thought

How horrible it is to face the sun
All round the year without break
How I long to experience thee
A weather more harsh than the Harmattan
The one I Know.

Written by [Lakayana]

35. Claus
Removed for not following the theme

Written By [EmeraldGrizzly]

36. Shirahime-syo - Snow Princess

I rest my head upon the world
weary, the locks of white hair
spreading like a blanket
and when I cry
the tears drift, fall on the ground
far below as snow
covering villages and forests alike
in a shimmering veil of comfort
and I fall asleep, still weeping
embracing the snow-covered land
like a loving mother
my gentle smile
bringing warmth in the cold

Written by [Linderel]

37. Snow

There is a mystic magic
That is cast on us each year,
Just about the time
Of jingle bells and cheer.

Each and every object
That is set within the scene,
Glistening and white,
A beholding sight, serene.

As the magic little crystals
Tumble to the ground,
Thousands upon thousands
Are dancing all around.

It changes our world
From a dreary, lifeless place.
Everything is whitened
Bringing wonder to a face.

As the gathering increases,
All the kiddies shout hooray.
All sorts of winter toys
Are brought out for display.

If you look around you'll see,
All the glowing, happy faces,
For they know that it is time
For winter fun and places.

So, what is it exactly,
Do these words bring to your mind?
Did you say, "It's snowing!?"
Ooh! The snowmen-making kind!

Written by [Artsieladie]

38. The Lantern (aka, Mean Old Snow)

When I awoke, I was walking in white
Blinded by snow, where was I going?
Ice had frozen away my sight,
But still, I hoped the lantern was still glowing

My breath came in short, heavy gasps
Was it worth it, did I dare continue?
Only one idea could my mind grasp;
I had to make my way back to you

Couldn’t think, couldn’t scream
Just making myself take another step
And then, like being stirred from a dream,
Frozen tears came to my eyes, and I wept

In the distance, I could see a glow
Perhaps it wasn’t real, perhaps a delusion
An imagined flame in an imagined window
Just some cruel illusion

Yet, as I drew closer, my spirits did lift
A tiny light flickered, encased in glass
Santa couldn’t have given me a better gift
And as I stumbled through the door…
    I was with you again at last~

Written by [Canvas Confessions]


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2006-12-28 [fangirl]: no i didnt mean you! im sorry if you thought that!!!!! *shakes her head frantically* i ment my chance of winning.... this is the second one... thats all i ment. im sorry tht you took it the wrong way.i really ment my poems.<img:44166_1164145197.gif><img:45154_1117568632.gif>

2006-12-28 [Morningstar Rising]: Congrats to the winners, see you all next year. <img:stuff/mood-gif.gif>

2006-12-28 [GoneGone]: I've had an unusually awful day; I think I'm still a little high-strung from it. Ugh. I feel like an over-sensitive idiot right now. I hope you can accept my apology...I'm going to go delete my previous comment now...

2006-12-28 [Linderel]: Umm, can you tell me why you want them removed? Just curious.

2006-12-28 [stevedoyle]: Wow, thanks everyone.

2006-12-28 [GoneGone]: I don't want them publicized any longer. Contest's over.

2006-12-28 [Linderel]: Alright, I guess that's fair. Done and done.

2006-12-28 [GoneGone]: Thank you.

2006-12-29 [fangirl]: thank you [GoneGone] for the apology!

2007-01-02 [Once upon a dream]: do the participants get a badge thingy?

2007-01-03 [Papa Don't Preach]: yeah, i have one from this

2007-01-11 [Once upon a dream]: Can I just take one from here? Or does it need to be given to me or something?

2007-01-11 [Sunrose]: It has to be given to you, it's already on your house.
You were notified of receiving it: <gb:891733>

2007-01-16 [Once upon a dream]: Yeah, I kinda noticed that after I posted the last comment. Excuse my stupidity. Haha, but thankyou<3

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