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Christmas Poetry 09, page 1

Elftown Christmas Competitions


Please see the rules on the main page:
Christmas Poetry Competition
 - Christmas Art Competition
 - Christmas Photography Competition

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Contest Began: December 1st 2009
Contest Ended: December 25th 2009

Contest Closed

Thank you to all that contributed!



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[pegasus1000] - "Decorating"

City lights
Shining bright
Drowning out
My starry night

A little tree
Filling a small
Corner of my
Little home

Tinny lights
Shinning bright
Bring a twinkle
Back into the night.

Snow falling down
All over town
What a beautifully
Wondrous sight



How to post your entry:
Add your poem after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag. Don't forget to write your username and the title of the entry:

1. <b>"Title"</b>
Written by [insert user name]

There is a theme: Christmas Lights: What Lets Your Light Shine?


1. First Christmas

Staying lit
Flashing bright
Green, red, blue
And snowy white

Gazing at them
With fresh eyes
Seeing the lights twinkle
Like the stars in the sky

A visual sensation
Like he's never seen before
Left a look on his face
That all could adore

His first Christmas day
Full of wonderous sights
All he will remember
Is those beautiful lights

Written by: [Lord Josmar]

2. A Christmas Haiku

To see the face of a child
Light up with great joy
Is the dearest Christmas gift

Written by [Nioniel]

3. A New Set of Lights

It had been so long
Since he'd heard that song
That one on the piano
By his mother and sister

It had been a while
Since he'd seen that smile
Upon his father's face
That let him know he cared

This Christmas he was here again
Since only God knew when
Into the doorway
Lit with blue and red lights

Into the arms of family awaiting
And presents, he did bring
The present of their love
He recieved and it was enough

To see those lights,
To hear that song,
To feel the warm embrace
Of Christmas once again

And he found his new set of Lights

Written by: [Mediocracy At It's Best]

4. The Wife's Words

Something cold,
Something white,
Someone’s fate foretold
In the starry sky tonight.
It’s Christmas Eve,
Let’s take this time
To let go and to grieve
For those serving on the line.
Baby, you’re my light,
You melt the tears away
Baby you’re my warmth,
When the snowflakes take flight.
You’re my joy on this day
Even though you’re away.
Solder mine,
You’re my light.
I love your valor;
You always do what’s right.
Something cold,
Something white,
A valiant warrior so bold,
Saved my life tonight.

Written by: [sweet.tx.tea]

5. The Soldier's Reply

Out on the front lines, it’s cold.
I close my eyes and I can see you.
They’re extending my deployment, I am told.
That means, this year my Christmas is blue.
Baby, you’re the one I’ve waited my life for;
You’re the reason I still believe in blessings.
You’re the one reason I defend a country that war-tore;
You’re the reason I love without guessing.
You keep me going and you are always with me
Though there are fewer gifts this year, under our tree.
Be with me, Lord, through the loud and quiet nights,
Bless my wife, the one and only light of my life.

Written by: [sweet.tx.tea]

6. Electric Wonderland

Wintery lights!
At night, alright
Amidst that wintery chill.
Dazz'ling in colors,
Strings of sprites,
Woven through the trees like twill.
And who would've thought
As I turned down this street,
This dark and lonely street,
That wintery lights would so invite,
My soul to stand so still?

Sometimes the glow through the window
Is in shades of golden white
It begs the mind to stare at it
And dream with all its might.

Beautiful lights!
So right tonight
That my soul should lose its will.
Wonderful wonders,
How they ignite
A warming, enchanting thrill.
I'd never have guessed
While the world was so bleak,
A dreadful, dreary bleak,
That wintry lights would so delight,
My heart to beat like Lille.

When you know of the rainbow's show
It can soothe the harshest fright
No need to care why it is lit
Just that it stay alight.

Written by: [kamisch]

7. Decorating

City lights
Shinning bright
Drowning out
My starry night

A little tree
Filling a small
Corner of my
Little home

Tinny lights
Shinning bright
Bring a twinkle
Back into the night.

Snow falling down
All over town
What a beautifully
Wondrous sight

Written by: [pegasus1000]

8.Shine Bright

What ho!
Look there,
Upon thy shimmering light,
So bright!
Twinkling in the night,
Red, Green,
And everything in between,
A season of color,
A season of valor,
To Give,
To Recieve,
To be,
To exceed,
Such spirit,
Shine bright,
And light the night evermore.

Written by [Ravendust]


Bottled time and swirl around your head,
I’m patient and protruding this light from my breast.
Bedazzled oh say! –
designed to capture infant’s breath and bring
glory to the greatest king.

Hold Grace! My sweltering skin; I’m soon to be dead.
Dead, dead. Oh dead!
Feed me your polished smile.
Just once, once more let me capture your pupil-
It’s my delight.

Deer child, together we are the Christmas light,
the one on the end who’s mild.
Hold fright! Well advanced in years, this is indeed the end.

Written by: [Lhung Eruva]

10. a night of spirits

oh how the alcohol seems to make me turn green,
it makes me happy, sad, sometimes obscene
even though I have these thoughts in my head
the bringing of Christmas makes me turn red.
and though the thought of the soldier deployed turn me blue.
The thought of them being reunited with family makes me feel a bit renewed.
and the brightest light that shines with the most life.
is me spending Christmas with my wife

written by [Ihsahn]

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2009-12-01 [Artsieladie]: Optional: 60 letter explanation about what the page is about: Filled in.

2009-12-01 [Kaimee]: That's great, next time please give a heads up to one of the crew contest moderators about any changes you'd like to see made, and we'll take care of them :)

2009-12-05 [Alexi Ice]: [Lord Josmer] - Just a suggestion, on the second to last line, I think it should be 'are' instead of 'is.' Wonderful poem, though!

2009-12-05 [Lord Josmar]: Thats what I thought when I posted it. But the proper use of the words "is and "are" usually throw me off from time to time.

2009-12-05 [SilverFire]: That's not surprising, [Lord Josmar] - they confuse everyone at some point. On a very technical level, we all know the rules is=singular, are=plural. However, one set of Christmas Lights (which is, I presume, the 'lights' your poem refers to) is a singular, even though 'lights' has a plural. I'm pretty sure "Christmas Lights" would class as a mass noun phrase, which are always singular, so 'is' would be right.

2009-12-06 [Alexi Ice]: I wasn't sure either. Lol. I just thought it sounded better. ^^'

2009-12-15 [kamisch]: Are we sure we don't want to seperate each poem with HRs? They're kinda looking ajumble. Lovely entries so far though!

2009-12-15 [Alexi Ice]: I was thinking the same thing...but it isn't my section...

2009-12-16 [Kaimee]: That's a good idea, I'll go ahead and do it :) It does request people separate them with the <HR> tag already... :P

2009-12-16 [kamisch]: :D

2009-12-18 [sweet.tx.tea]: Wonderful entries, everyone!

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