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Christmas Poetry 11, page 1



Please see the rules on the main page: Christmas Poetry Competition

This contest is closed!

Congrats to winner [MyAlterEgo]!


How to post your entry:
Add your poem after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag. Don't forget to write your username and the title of the entry:

Written by [insert user name]

There is a theme: Christmas


The Christmas bells are calling
The chimes we start to sing
we are all waiting to here the sleigh bells ring
we all can't wait until Christmas
I hope you have a good one to
So have a very merry Christmas
To all of you

Written by: [kians mummy]

2. Deck the Malls
Christmas shopping is such a pain.
(Are they out of that Elmo thing?)
Crazy drivers and crazy shoppers,
(I wonder what store has the best offers?)

Displays of green, displays of red.
(When did Bratz become the undead.)
Three hour lines of kids seeing Santa
(Does Lily still like Hannah Montana?)

The decorations have gone through too much flocking.
(Gotta remember to fill the stockings.)
I hope I can finish my shopping soon.
(Next year, I'm starting in June.)

Written by: [Lord Josmar]

3. Christmas almost cancelled
They hear those sleight bells ring,
so why don't you come sing.
For it's Christmas time in the city,
and the snow fall is pretty.
Everyone waiting for Santa to come to town,
Children all smiles and no frown.
A bag filled with Christmas joys,
filled with all kinds of toys.
Down the chimney comes Old Saint Nick,
with his goodies in his bag and a candy cane stick.
Milk and cookies on a table for him to enjoy,
as he fills up the stockings, one girl and one boy.
Children hear prints on the roof a rat a tat tat,
one awakes with a surprise, "Oh what was that?"
They rush downstairs to see Santa Claus,
but once at the door they must pause.
For Santa is gone but with a flash,
but doesn't get far for soon he does crash.
The children rush to see if Santa is okay,
he is a bit shaken up but totaled is his sleigh.
They help him to his feet and the reindeer too,
they gave them more cookies and they all did chew.
Santa fixed his sleigh and got off all the grime,
and Christmas was resumed just in the NICK of time.

Written by: [FamousPanda]

4. Inmate's Poem

What a rotten day to have Christmas Eve.
There will be no visitors for me this week.
No mail, either.
Friday will be my Christmas.
Not allowed in the kitchen
to make cookies
like I do every year;
no one here
that I'd want
eating them anyway.
My cookies "too hazardous" to send out my...
All I got is this phone
and some hope
that someone picks up.

Written by: [Leb]

5. All I Want For Christmas

Lights resting on rooftops,
Red and green aglow.
Icicles hanging from eves,
Everything covered in snow.
Reindeer on the front lawn,
Children in the back.
Santa in his big sleigh,
With elves and a red sack.
All these cheerful sights,
What Christmas seems to be,
Are not what makes a
Happy Christmas for me.
My family and friends,
And a warm, bright fire,
Hot chocolate in hand,
Singing carols with the choir.
This is what I want,
Santa bring it my way,
I look forward to family,
Celebrating Christmas day.

Written by [Flisky]

6. The Saint of Christmas

In the darkness of the night
They know he's coming to their delight
He sits upon a sleigh of dreams
Delivering presents to all it seems
And now he sees the hopes of all
Their pure hearts will be his call
As he reaches all his stops
He smiles brightly and slowly drops
Down the chimney with no care
To bring the presents he wants to share
To the kids of every theme
He'll always live inside their dreams
And they will know to never fear
Saint Nicholas this Christmas year

Written by [Koho Ai]

7. Christmas Magic

Lights aglow,
Amidst holiday decor,
The awe of innocence,
As snow falls near,
Troubled days,
All but forgotten,
As earth turns white,
And air turns sweet,
As love abound,
And gifts appear,
Joy envelopes those who wish,
To spread cheer and good will,
Celebrations galore,
To sing and declare,
"Merry Christmas",
"Happy Holidays",
To you and yours.

Written by [Ravendust]

8.Santa Claws

The terrible children.
Get Santa Claws,
Bursting through their windows.
Covered in red,
Speckled with snow,
Christmas colours.
Talons for the kicking and screaming.
Santa Claws is coming,
The furnaces are ready,
To make some fresh coal.

Written by: [Doormat]

9.A Child's Christmas

Colorful lights brighten the room,
Mommy's wearing a new perfume.
Cheerful music everywhere,
Lots of cookies for us to share.
It's starting to get cold outside,
Dad keeps the heat cranked way up high.
People rush from here to there,
Letting in the cold night air.
They tell me Santa is coming soon,
He'll fly high above the moon.
Making stops from house to house,
Everyones asleep, even the mouse.
He'll leave presents beneath the tree,
It's all lit up for him to see.
He'll finish quickly, it's time to go,
Merry Christmas, and ho ho ho.

Written by: [MyAlterEgo]

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2011-12-06 [Nioniel]: Huh?

2011-12-06 [Alexi Ice]: I hope you have a good one too
So have a very merry Christmas
To all of you

IDK, I'm terrible at grammar, but I think that should be 'too'

2011-12-06 [Nioniel]: Yep, you're right.

2011-12-07 [Lord Josmar]: Ok, I misplace them often.

2011-12-07 [Nioniel]: [Lord Josmar]; your "too" was correct, you should change it back. Alexi was referring to Sammie's poem.

2011-12-07 [Lord Josmar]: specific next time Alexi!

2011-12-07 [Alexi Ice]: I even quoted it. Lol

2011-12-07 [Lord Josmar]: I thought that was an example of how to use the word properly to show my mistake.

2011-12-07 [kians mummy]: I have separated all the poems for you

2011-12-23 [Ravendust]: Really enjoyed reading your poem, [Lord Josmar]. Very well written and the flow works for it. :)

2011-12-23 [Lord Josmar]: Thanks. It was a pain in the rear to find working rhymes and 100% recognizable references, lol.

2011-12-24 [Ravendust]: lol I bet, I'm not so big on rhyming in my poetry, if it does rhyme its usually by accident unless I REALLY put some effort into that... xD

2011-12-25 [Lord Josmar]: I'm usually at my best when I dont have to think about what comes next (kind of a inspirational flow I guess) andbthose poems usually dont ryhme. But if I am forcing myself to wrote one it usually falls into a rhyming scheme.

2011-12-25 [Ravendust]: I usually let my poems flow too... :)

2011-12-25 [Avaz]: Funny, because I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum. I simply don't get the whole "freeform" poetry thing. I feel like if the lines don't rhyme, it shouldn't be considered a proper poem, it's just "prose with random line breaks". Of course, this is my personal opinion and YMMV. :P

2011-12-25 [Lord Josmar]: Lolz. I used to believe that way, but in all honesty I dont know the difference between a poem and a prose.

2011-12-25 [SilverFire]: That's a very narrow idea of poetry indeed. Very modern English-language. In other languages, rhythm is way more important; they don't care if it rhymes as long as you have the right short & long syllables in the right place. Of course, in the English language rhyme isn't always the most important thing either. If you read something like Gawain and the Green Knight it's alliteration that's key. No offence Avaz, btu I find this whole "waaah, must rhyme" attitude really... old-fashioned and... almost snobbish? Like those people who are all "waaaah, modern art isn't art, if it's not paint on canvas or wood/stone sculpture, it's not art. How dare you be creative in ways other than those of which I approve, waaaaaaah." It's just so... conservative. <_< How are poetry and art ever supposed to evolve if we're only allowed to carry on doing what's been done before?

2011-12-25 [Avaz]: Silvie, I totally realize I came off as snobby. I should mention that a poem's cadence is arguably more important than rhyming. So I do agree with you in that, and no offence taken. :) But really, the freeform stuff that has absolutely no structure is what I can't fathom categorizing as a poem. If a "poet" isn't going to take the time to put the work into arranging words into a structure, then don't call yourself a poet. Use those same words, take out the line breaks and call it a short story instead.

Of course, the inherent problem with ALL art forms, poetry included, is that it is 100% subjective, so you can't expect a person to like everything they read. :(

And if people think this opinion of mine makes me a snob, then I guess it's on them. :/

2011-12-25 [SilverFire]: "But really, the freeform stuff that has absolutely no structure is what I can't fathom categorizing as a poem."

Sometimes when you push boundaries, it doesn't work. But you never know until you actually try and see if it will work or not. I dislike a lot of modern stuff, but I appreciate the work they're doing in exploring how far things can go. And, well, some of them do things like that precisely to make you think about what you consider poetry, what's important about it, etc. Much like Duchamp did in art. Whether you like it or not, it makes you think about the form, and is at least therefore successful on it's own terms. It's not really about whether you ultimately decide that that specific piece is poetry or not, but about making you think about WHY it's (not) poetry/art. 

2011-12-25 [Koho Ai]: Good luck everybody and great job on your poems!!!

2011-12-26 [Alexi Ice]: Whoa o.0 what happened here?

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