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Christmas Today

It is just you and I
We have been tighter
For so long
Yet this is the first Christmas
That will be just us alone

The room is too small for a tree
There is no money for the gifts we want
Let alone for the things we need
The stockings are empty
The cupboards are starting to go bare.

I need a job
You are over worked
We are both exhausted
Life can be difficult
With so much need

And Yet…

We hold this small happiness
It is Christmas
The season of love and hope
Hopes that tomorrow will be better
And knowing that it is true

After all
Having little money
Is better then being sick
Unable to enjoy the day
So we sit talking into the night

In the morning I bake a chicken
You make the stuffing
It is not much, but we are together
Holding each other tight
Our love shall keep us this way

Written by: [pegasus1000]

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