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The Christmas Image Competition


Winners: Christmas 2003

Christmas Poem/Image Competition Winners

                   By [Bratt]!
           By [TheRogue]!
          By [Calico Tiger]!

      By [silverflagon]!
     By [Skydancer]!
                        By [LazyJenny]!

All submissions: This page.


Thank you to all that contributed!


As you all know, Elftown is a community where many different artists meet and post their creations. Therefore, nobody should feel surprised if we announce that we've decided to create a special Christmas-image/Christmas-poetry competition.

During the last two weeks of December and first of January we will be posting a Christmas-poem with Christmas related images on MainStreet for all Elftowners to enjoy.

Since this is a contest, images have to be added here in order to participate, even though winners will indeed be featured on MainStreet. What we mean is, if you have your images nominated by a friend on Daily Art they won't automatically take part on this contest since it's a different project. In that case, you'll have to paste them again here yourself... no nominations for this contest.

Images must be created by Elftowners and posted here by the original author. Which means, no matter how much you might like a particular image on somebody's house, you are not allowed to add it here without the artists permission.

Submissions for Mainstreet will not be accepted if they feature violence or disturbing actions.

What will we be expecting? Creativity of course! We want to see the Christmas spirit in your artworks! ^__^

How to post it here:
Add the image link after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write it's title and the your Elftown username (Drawn by...).

Since the chosen images will be featured on Main Street and might be included in the poems, we wouldn't like them to be too big... Be creative but please keep that in mind! ^_^

Closing date:
On December the 21st we will consider that there has been enough time given and will accept no more entries.

The Christmas poems will be picked out by the Daily Poem Team among all those presented and a surprise awaits for the winners.

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1) [Skydancer] - "Naughty or Nice?"

2) [No more here] - "Tomte berry"

3) [BlueCat-CJ] - "Happy Holidays!"

4) [teptep] - "Christmas dragon"

5) [Paine] - "Last Christmas"

6) [, , , , , , , , ,] - "Snowflake"

7) [Dil*] - "Candy Cane!!"

8) [squink] - "Santas cutbacks"

9) [Dragon of Fate and Destiny] - "Santa has gone to dragons and unicorns"

10) [silverflagon] - "Wizard Snowman"

11) [I dont need you] - "Hug or Be Hug"

12) [Luna-P] - "Lillyfred's Christmas"

13) [3L] - "You fell asleep?!"
...three words: it's jpg's fault.

Since there are way too many fine lines pertaining to copywrite rules, especially in this case, I have taken the liberty of removing this image from both this and the front page contests. Let it henceforth be known that any art I do HAS BEEN DRAWN by another artist, and merely COLORED by me. I was under the impression that that was ok for this contest, but apparently I was wrong. So I just will remove them, accept my "absolution" and do as Anonymous has requested of me. Which, by the way, starts now, as the members I have reported of late were just out of boredom, and not pertaining to this incident.

14) [Iced Tears] - "Christmas Devil"

15) [Adnama] - "Merry Mousy Christmas"

16) [iaenni] - "Santa's Little Girl"

17) [Paine] - "Evil Christmas"

18) [I dont need you] - "Happy Holidays"

19) [shudson] -(no title)-

20) [Lilya] - "Chibi Christmas"

21) [Calico Tiger] -(no title)-

22) [TheRogue] -(no title)-
(orig. file name):

23) [May-lea] - "gift from Altaïr the amnesic centaur"
I had to... A small "gift from Altaïr the amnesic centaur". Done in 3Ds Max ;)

24) [I dont need you] -(no title)-

25) [Calico Tiger] -(no title)-
This time with the intention that it might make for an illustration for [Vitani]'s Xmas poem, "Temporary Peace". How? It's as she says. Everyone should find peace, happiness and love. Especially regardless of color or anything else ^_^ Sorry... too much talk!

26) [Mintaka.error] - "Holiday of Colors"

27) [LazyJenny] -(no title)-
This is what happens when you eat too much candy before going to work.

28) [Karis] -(no title)-
It is me.. as a pirate.. drunk.. on Christmas....wishing everyone happy holidays.

29) [Forestchild] - "Merry Faery Christmas"
Just a little something I did, Not expecting to win, lol. Everyone's pictures are so beautiful. I blame it on my's a good excuse why I'm not as talented as you all u_u...Whats up with that poll? I don't think im talented enough, but why should that stop you? I'll stop typing now, sorry ^_^.Good job everyone and Merry Xmas elftown!

30) [Cristina] - "Ice Queen"
Ok, so I never had the intention to create anything... it's just that after reading [Oscura]'s poem "Beside christmas" on the Christmas poem competition it inspired me... so after a couple of minutes sketching this is what came out. X_X duh

31) [Bratt] - "Maybe next year"
The tiny elf tried so hard to stay awake. All she wanted for Christmas was to see Santa putting presents under the tree.

32) [The Blonde Witch] - "Christmas and Wizards"

33) [Firalcar] - "Gandalf and the Shirefolk"
The True Occupation of Gandalf and the Shirefolk.

34) [Lavender girl] - "Mistletoe Mahem"

35) [catwings] - "My Christmas Neopet"

36) [aerni] - "christmastime"

37) [Sunny Silverunicorn] - "Ouch! You cought Me!!"
Santa has been having a busy time checking on all the houses so he has asked her youngest daughter to help with some of them. But as She is still not as professional as her father, she has been caught, and .... It seems like she's not really sad about it!!! After all this was the final house, and maybe she could stay!!!

38) [Arany] - "How crazy are the elves on Christmas Eve"
This year Santa will visit Elftown in his new griffin slay or maybe some weird hybrid between snow-leopards with lion tails, falcon wings, reindeer horns e.t.c. All the elves are hard at work filling up Santa's bag, while he gets a treat from his elven wife. Use a magnifying glass to see how crazy are the elves on Christmas Eve...

39) [WestFactor] - "Super Santa"

40) [Beautiful Mess] - "Jessica Taylor and her reindeer"
Jessica Taylor, my infamous succubus, and her...reindeer. I had this done on the 20th, but I couldn't get it up due to my demanding work schedule. By the time I got it up, I was only 3 hrs into the 21st. This IS a better version, and I apologize for being so lengthy, but I feel it needs explaination. I don't really care if it's in the contest anymore, I really just wanted to display it to the public and wish happy holidays. (Though if it was in the contest still, that'd be shibby.)

- [CalleStar] -(no title)- 
I had this drawn on my window for two years already so I figured I'd enter this.
**Note** As this was entered 2 days after the contest closed, it isn't eligible for winning. But will remain here so that people can enjoy the beautiful picture.

- [Devil Doll] -(no title)-

Username (or number or email):


2003-12-27 [Nita]: Don't you people ever visit the Mainstreet? Four poems and four pictures have been chosen so far... :P

2003-12-27 [Beautiful Mess]: Whenever I go to mainstreet, I see the same old stuff. No contest results posted.

2003-12-27 [Nita]: *sigh* Inside the Daily Poem box...

2003-12-27 [LazyJenny]: It is possible to scroll down a bit to read everything on the mainstreet too. I often forget that too. :D

2003-12-29 [Mintaka]: That was odd... *restores herself* I painted #26... any way to keep the credit on the wiki? >_> *pokes Elftown carefully* Looks like I asn't the only victim?

2003-12-29 [LazyJenny]: Deleted user?? I thought that wasn't possible? Was that your drawing, Mintaka?

2003-12-30 [Mintaka]: Apparently when Elftown went down, some users were eten, and I was one of 'em. O_o Yeah... that's mine. ^^ Fan issues cause havoc. :o

2003-12-30 [Sepharin]: Ok, first off, [Sepharin] is a groupie, but only to deserving folk. Second off, yes, there were some members who's files and houses were lost in the database crash. [Hedda] did his very best to keep this from happening, and I think he did an admirable job as only maybe 15 out of 25000 were lost. >.o And third, to reclaim your right to the picture, all you have to do is retype your name where the old one was. It will insert your new user number from the database, and the link will work again. And fourth, the reason why there's a "deleted member" page at all is for when certain members, for not following major rules, get banned. Okies?

2003-12-30 [Sepharin]: And why the hell was I talking about myself in the third person???

2003-12-30 [Nita]: No, banned members don't disappear like that :P

2003-12-30 [Sepharin]: I'm going off what I was told... anyhoo, don't mind this next part... I dont have a clipboard on my old ass computer, so I'm posting this here foe ready access as I make my web page... oO I'll delete that part when I get through... ALL OF THESE IMAGES BELONG TO KATHERINE DAWN OSBORNE AND MAY NOT BE USED WITHOUT HER PRIOR EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION.

2003-12-31 [Mintaka]: Deleted member is for people who also leave Elftown too, I assume since it says "delete" but ti just won't drop all info. *shrugs* I knew about the member losses... I resigned myself back in assuming of a glitch that ate me. *shrugs* As for editing... didn't want to eb presumptuous to edit myself there. o.o Didn't want to be yelled upon.

2003-12-31 [Calico Tiger]: You all should try pressing the delete button sometime. No, I'm not trying to trick you into deleting your account. That'd be pretty messed up of me :P Push it and you'll see that you can not delete yourself from Elftown. The deleted member things you all are seeing are from the system glitch that wiped out some members. In no way whatsoever can you delete yourself from Elftown and Hedda won't delete you even if you ask. The button goes to a joke page and shows Hedda's feelings about people who want to delete themselves.

2003-12-31 [Sepharin]: LOL, I know... I tried it once for kicks with a wimpy character... XD

2003-12-31 [WestFactor]: It's Aethe, the groupie! Ah ha! I hereby make you an honorary WestFactor groupie! Congrats! XD

2004-01-05 [Calico Tiger]: Would the artist of number 14, [IcedTears], please send me a message? Your name isn't working and I need to know what your correct name is. Thank you ^_^

2004-01-05 [Nita]: It's [Iced Tears], I guess ;)

2004-01-05 [Calico Tiger]: Well heck. I shoulda figured that out myself. Hehe, thanks *slobbers on Nita*

2004-01-05 [Sepharin]: -pulls callie off- BAD kitty!

2009-06-05 [Calico Tiger]: Why was -(no title)- added to a bunch of these? It makes it look ugly, imho :-/ If there's no title, a lack of one seems to indicate that there is no title (people don't need to be told there is no title). It makes it look like the entrants entered incorrectly when they most certainly did not.

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