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Week One




Week Two


My vintage 1950s Royal typewriter. One of my most prized & valued possessions.


Week Three


Shells, enough said. :)


Week Four


Fruit For The Chocolate Fountain (along with marshmallows ^_^)


Week Five



Week Six


Link To The Past, Taken at Lost World Caverns, about 200 feet underground, in West Virginia


Week Seven


Taken at the beautimous Beartown Park in West Virginia


Week Eight


The Muse Shines Through, Inspiring The Artist, Of Which They Reside One In The Same


Week Nine


Extracted From Wikipedia: Fictional dystopias are commonly urban & frequently isolate their characters from all contact with the natural world.


Week Ten

Empty / Grave / Last / Seeds / Wound

The last seed taken, her wound fatal, the empty grave now beckoned...


Own Theme 1 - Search

The Eyes Are The Searchers Of The Soul


Own Theme 2 - Sky

Clouds From Above


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2009-04-07 [Linderel]: Please also include a link to the Portfolio Contest. :)

2009-04-07 [Cillamoon]: Wait, Linderel did you post the comment prior to me adding the link? Or do I need to do a different link?

2009-04-07 [Linderel]: I posted it before you added the link, I believe.

2009-04-07 [Cillamoon]: Thank you! ^_^

2009-04-07 [Chimes]: What's the font you used for 'Spring'? *is a font whore* XD

2009-04-07 [Cillamoon]: I believe it was Little Lord Fonterloy, or however you spell his last name....

2009-07-17 [Chimes]: All of your html is broken. o.o

2009-07-17 [Cillamoon]: I am seeing this and fighting with it.

2009-08-18 [*micky*]: Oeh I love clouds and the sky!! ^^
Nice portfolio you have here:)

2009-08-18 [Cillamoon]: YAY! Thank you! I took that picture in the airplane flying over Arizona on my way home. ^_^ Thanks Micky!!! :D

2009-08-18 [*micky*]: Hahaha I was already wondering if you could fly^.~
You won't tell you took it out of a window...Very good I guess!

2009-08-18 [Cillamoon]: Thanks! I know, you can't even tell I took it through those thick plexi windows! XD I love it! I have a few others too that you would like, let me go find the link really quick. brb....

2009-08-18 [Cillamoon]: *wonders why we don't have a relation yet.....*

2009-08-18 [Cillamoon]: Okay, so apparently I haven't uploaded them yet! Shame on me! lolz. But here's the link for my sky pictures, which the Arizona ones will be added to: Cilla's Sky References

2009-08-18 [*micky*]: woohoo awsome^^ I'll go check it out!

2009-08-18 [Cillamoon]: Whheee!!! XD

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